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    Those 'laws' were never implemented, although well-intentioned.

    They never will be implemented, however clever the robots become.

    Humans will never implement them because one of the biggest sales of robots - of all kinds - will be to the military.

    The robots themselves will never implement them because humans will eventually become little more than an unnecessary nuisance.

    True, a drones not much use if it wont kill!

    all your breathing in is water vapour with nicotine. there are no harmful chemicals. without the additives there is no damage. thats according to research. the eu recieves a billion euros a year from cig manufactures who lobby against it.

    Just watched a documentary "A Billion Lives" on the lies being told about E-cigs by the who and countless charities like cancer research, heart foundation etc. im sitting here slightly shocked. worth a watch if only to see how far the lie goes. new zealand banned them until a their cbinet saw the film and did a u-turn, stopping all gov funding of smoking lobby groups instead. its on many streaming sites and torrent+ obviously to pay and view :whistle: this is the best i could find on youtube..........

    :mad: found this too

    not sure if i should have posted in couch potato or here..... this doc made me see red, well put together .

    Seven people are striving for better lives in countries where the top 0.1 percent owns as much wealth as the bottom 90 percent.

    By connecting their stories, the documentary ‘The Divide’ reveals how most aspects of our lives are controlled by one factor: the size of the gap between rich and poor. Wall Street psychologist Alden wants to make it to the top one percent; Leah from Richmond, Virginia works at Kentucky Fried Chicken and just wants to make it through the day; Jen in Sacramento, California is unable to even talk to neighbors in her gated community - they’ve made it clear to her she isn’t “their kind”.
    By weaving these stories with news archive from 1979 to the present day, ‘The Divide’ creates a poetic, psychological and tragi-comic picture of how economic division creates social division. The film was inspired by the best-selling book The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. _______:cursing:

    just watched netflixes the punisher the most violent 13 episodes i have ever seen, but a decent enough story. shows the effects of ptsd in a clear way while the lead kills hundreds of bad guys. :insane::thumbup: . away to watch series 2 of stranger things. thank god for free streaming sites .......;)

    Aye , its a tad dated, he brought a new version out this year which is a lot better constructed, but costs £3+ to view on you tube.i downloaded via torrent and have to say it swayed me towards believe.


    2017 ‧ Documentary ‧ 1h 40m. its on some streaming sites and a lot better than the older one!

    i used to be a binge drinker, getting drunk every friday/sat, then "discovered smoke in my mid 20's. i found i was a better person on it than drunk. smoked only for a decade before giving it the boot. had 3 pints last xmas + 2 nips and floated home! that was the first time in years. i have to confess that i started toking again a few years back, but very infrequent . xmas/birthdays tends to be it these days. though i hate the stuff they refer to as "High grade", i dont enjoy the effect it has and only get the milder old school stuff, age and restraint comes to us all. didnt bother at my birthday, so nearly a year since the last gram bought/smoked. still room for improvement in this ageing hippy i think! :wink3:

    I see no evidence - as yet - but the sea by my eyeballs - curves around me while I stand here on the beach near the Lindifsarne. I trust what I see.

    i too see the sea curving from the beach+ i can see lindisfarne from my bedroom window! waves at Oromis :waves:

    had a "great" experience with social years back. was working for small printer when i got letter from tax office demanding tax. took my pay slips too them too prove my boss was taking tax. told he wasnt passing it on so i was liable. zeroed my code for 4 years.then the n.i demand came in. same problem he wasnt paying what he told me he was going to be shut down for fraud, both tax and vat and informed me i should leave before i got caught up any further in the mess. i did, they suspended my benefit for 6 months! i argued that i was doing what they had told me, yes, but the law states you quit you get suspended. bunch of tossers hated them ever since!:eek:

    Would just like to add that, clearly its not a good idea to remain friends or be friends with other drug addicts still...however giving up my entire friendship group whilst remaining in Nottingham seems a bit like mission impossible. I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place right now. Do I continue seeing my friends and having to battle continuously not to slip back into a lifestyle that I know is massively damaging and I want out of?...or do I distance myself from my friends and therefore become lonely, withdrawn and unhappy...making the want to fall back into said lifestyle pretty massive.I tried the distance thing...made me unhappy all the time...i miss them all too im trying the friends thing...which is currently making me unhappy a fair bit of the time but is giving me a fair few moments of happiness...i feel a bit stuck.

    i left nottingham for similar reason. was only herbal i was stuck on ket wasnt around then. all my m8s smoked and i was in a mess. had lost 5 stone and spent every available penny on it. i got up one day, packed a bag and left town. was hardest thing iv ever done, but if id stayed my life was going no where. as at atomic says, you need to put distance between you and any temptation . though with your friend so bad that will be hard.

    i envy your life style david , youve got the freedom i crave and miss. i hit the hills in my early twentys, backpacked for 6 months. loved the freedom it gave me. then the money ran out +winter arrived, moved back into the norm. hope you can keep your dream alive, good luck.:waves:

    nicely worded. ive lived with depresion most of my live. traced back too my father dyeing when i was 18 months old, over time ive accepted it and learned like you to consider it an old friend. respect. :thumbup: