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    Take your time. If you aren't ready to have it done tomorrow, that's okay, it's entirely your decision, and you're in control of the situation. I'm not surprised you don't want it done, smear tests are really horrible, it always makes me laugh when people call them, 'quick and painless':rolleyes:, they're painful, invasive, and the wait for the results is terrifying. Unfortunately though, we're all supposed to just get on with it. You coped the last time, though, and you coped with the puncture skin biopsy, too, so you can do this!

    Try taking some rescue remedy and some painkillers beforehand if you decide to go ahead with it, and remember to tell the doctor/nurse the minute you feel uncomfortable. If it comes back as 'abnormal cells' again, make an appointment with your GP and discuss it, he/she should be able to put your mind at rest. A lot of smears come back as abnormal, yet the majority are nothing to worry about.

    All raged out,in tremendous amounts of pain and torn between the peace of my decision that today was the last medical appointment I'm ever putting myself through and concern over how realistic that is in the longer term coz wtf do I do now? :S Or rather 'later' coz 'now' me and my body are throwing up the barricades and remembering what is was like to be 'a person'.

    Thinking of you, M. :bighug:

    Wast, thanks for posting here, never feel like you can't use this thread to open up and access some support. I can empathize with your wife when it comes to repressed trauma, but there is help out there. I'm glad your wife is getting the support she desperately needs, you sound like a wonderful rock to her, I really hope she is able to work through things and learns to be happy again. The NAPAC is a great charity in that it runs local support groups for survivors of abuse (all types of abuse) to get together and be there for one another, it's worth looking into for when she comes out of hospital and is on the path to recovery.

    I don't know the circumstances of the infidelity, but I know when you're depressed (particularly if you've been abused and are struggling to confront those memories) you're in an unbelievably vulnerable position, you aren't functioning properly, you're desperate for the horror of everything to end, and it's easy for others to take advantage of that.

    Thinking of you both xx

    I've always believed in 'innocent until proven guilty', but in the case of Jimmy Saville, he was investigated six times while he was alive, with the first investigation as far back as 1958. One underage girl in the 1970s committed suicide and left behind a diary where she claimed she was fed up of being "used" by celebrities, and she directly mentioned Saville in the diary, but police officers at the time said that extracts from the diary were likely to be fictional. That is possible, as there's no 'evidence' to prove otherwise, but then there rarely is evidence in sexual abuse cases. Bearing in mind that in the same decade, nurses reported Saville for interfering with young female patients, but again, there was no investigation. Now, decades later, some of those patients have started coming forward and speaking out. That's enough evidence for me personally, to conclude that it's likely that he was an offender :shrug:. I highly doubt that all of the women who have come forward are jumping on the bandwagon because they want some cash from the BBC, though that may be the case for a few.

    Apparently 60 people have come forward claiming they were abused by him. Lots of people knew about the abuse, several people reported it, but nothing was done. It just goes to show that if you have money/power/celebrity status, you can get away with anything:(.

    I know what u mean i aways had that feelin that somethin waz not right bout him. But.whats the point now what good can bee done.

    The point of investigating and exposing this now, is to hopefully lead to support and closure for all his victims who were probably too scared to speak up while he was alive, or did speak up, and were ignored. He might have got away with it while he was alive , but that doesn't mean that his victims should just continue to have to pretend that what they've been through never actually happened.

    This is gorgeous!:wub:

    It's so sad that people are blaming the parents :(. How were they supposed to predict that their daughter was going to be taken off in a van by a psycho while she was playing with friends in the street? This guy took her on a fishing trip during the summer, he'd clearly been grooming her for a while, and was looking for an opportunity to take her. If he hadn't taken her this week,there'd have been another opportunity, or he'd have eventually taken another child. Her poor family are likely to be living with the guilt of letting her out to play, for the rest of their lives.

    Hearing a guy from 'The Valleys' reality TV show respond to criticism from Welsh people that the show makes us look stupid. He said it doesn't make us look thick, saying (quite seriously) "I'm not an idiot, I've got a good shoulders on my head"... *facepalm*

    Welcome back! I've got a couple of friends with BPD, I'm glad you've been given a diagnosis and you're on meds and showing an improvement, that's awesome:).

    i have arrived at the conclusion that i am too stupid to live.

    You aren't stupid at all, you sound like you're making the best decision you possibly can for Sky, you can't do any more than you are doing. I'm so sorry you're going through this, I know it's so painful as pets are such a part of the family:(, have you got people who you can turn to for support?

    I've read that they've arrested someone with a van similar to the one described. I really hope the little girl is found safe, I've been thinking about her all day :-\.