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    Johann Hari wrote an interesting article about population growth in The Independent about a month ago, and whilst he discussed the view that humans are a "parasitic infestation", and concluded that reproductive choice is one of the main issues in controlling such phenomenal growth -


    The UN Fund For Population Activities has calculated that 350 million women in the poorest countries didn't want their last child, but didn't have the means to prevent it.

    He also highlighted what I feel is the most important answer to this question -


    To be responsible for as many gas emissions as one British person, a Cambodian woman would need to have 262 children.

    Quote from Crackdown

    Is having a large family an eco-crime?

    A large family does not necessarily have a devastating impact on the environment, but the choices they make do. A large family in the Western world, who live a 'typical' lifestyle, will have significantly more impact on the planet than those who have fewer children, and those who live in a more eco-friendly way.

    Me! Off to Sheffield too, Politics :D
    I'm another one that hasn't filled in the finance forms yet, wobble!

    Got a long, hot summer of festivals :happydanc ahead of me though, not too excited about university yet!
    (Pharmacology sounds difficult, Pixie :S)

    I usually go to a quiet place by the river, or lie on my roof, and concentrate on breathing and letting my mind go blank... what happens after that varies, but practising is definitely helpful! The first few times it didnt feel like anything happened, but as I got more and more into it, and meditated more frequently, it definitely had an effect on my state of mind and my attitude towards life!
    Everyones meditation is different, but try here and here for a starting point :)
    Good luck!

    "your wish is my is you just placing your order with the Universe"

    I'm only about a third of the way through watching it, but I think they forgot something - individual responsibility! What happened to the need to care for the environment and the people who share the world with you?
    Ecchoing what most people have said on this thread - its very focused on money/possessions etc. And positive thought for car parking?!

    Jon Stewart for President!! At least the State of Union address would be entertaining :)
    I voted for Gore... that guy knows his stuff :)
    And won in 2000, so y'know... Its probably time he got to do the job he was elected to do. ;)
    Hoppi.... who gets your vote?

    Same here...
    Are you finding it hard to sleep at night too? But then its impossible to get up in the morning :(
    A few of my friends have had similar over the past few years, only lasted about six months for each of them - reckon the hormonal imbalancey thing is probably it.
    Good luck :)

    :worthy: Cant say better than this.
    If it feels right, go for it. You both sound like you've got your heads screwed on right, and years before you actually have to do it! Plenty of time for either meeting the right guy, or deciding this is what you want. :)

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    What do you do then? Just go around hitting people with sticks? ;)

    I love you! Had no idea what my hitlist was actually for, but sticks is a most excellent idea!:topic:
    Darkflame - I agree, it needs a name!!!

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    No one is to let anything remotely dangerous anywhere near her :eek:

    Ummm... for some reason our magnetic knife-rack thing is right above the computer! *looks up* :eek:
    But I told you, its a good hitlist! Not evil stabbykill sort of thing, I've got another one for those people :)

    Oooooh, so pretty!
    Thats bumped you up to near the top of my hitlist :o
    Better take me and Meg for a ride when you pass your test...

    Have any of you heard this? BBC News link
    In aid of policing the 2012 Olympics, police are supposedly going to introduce microphones in the streets - to pick up private conversations as much as 100 yards away.
    If an aggressive or scared sort of voice is picked up, it will direct CCTV cameras to film that area - but assuming this is to prevent crimes between people from different countries, wouldn't they need interpreters for each language?
    Will this prevent violence/intimidation at the Olympics?
    Do they just want to use it then, or as an everyday part of the increasing "surveillance state"?
    Apparently this technology is currently used in prisons, government offices and benefit centres - if it becomes more widespread will the police be able to use the microphones to focus on specific words, such as terrorism etc?

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    laptoppy stuff...

    You big geek :harhar:
    Glad you're feeling happier :) and yay Radiohead!
    I cant listen to them when I'm really down either, but when in a good mood they really make you think.

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    Aww man my music is crap at the mo and the people i meet arn't so cool really.

    Well from what everyone else thinks round here, you're pretty bloody good! And there's always new people to meet... Dont give up :)