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    Been dismantling two enormous ramshackle sheds that blocked the view from the cottage we are doing up.. going to weigh in the big pile of corrugated iron tomorrow and have a mountain of wormy wood to saw up and bag for next winters firewood.
    Ongoing work in the polytunnel weeding and watering. Got Peas Onions Tomatoes Peppers Lettuces Radishes Carrots and a grapevine growing at the moment and tons of other veg propagating and being potted up.

    I don't have a lot of time so make red wine from kits ( Cellar 7 from Creative Winemaking online) It purports to be ready in a week but more like two or three weeks.
    It works out at around 90p a bottle and is as good as a fiver bottle from the supermarket.

    Just knocking down some old sheds at the minute and refurbing an old cottage so a regular at our local tip. In the past few weeks have had a load of tools, spanners, pliers and two spokeshaves, plus a rocking chair , 3 bird nestboxes, a teak garden table and various folding garden chairs. also a big bag of flower potsThey let you take as much wood as you like as it costs them a bundle to get it recycled, so you can keep your woodburner going for nowt all winter :)

    Just caught up with this thread. We have a house with a 1 acre field and have a polytunnel chickens and ducks on the last medieval strip fields still being farmed in Wales. Recently the one and a half acre pasture next door to us has been bought for £27,000. You can't tell me that the purchaser has paid £18,000 an acre to graze sheep on it.
    They are speculating that at some stage they will get planning permission to build on it.
    Right now I have an uninterrupted view of the Irish Sea across open fields. Were it to become a housing estate then I and all the other people that own these ancient strips of land (called "Strangs") will sell their land as building plots and move away on the profit.

    Don't bother with the top one-My brother in law has been. It's a part repossession and the guy that owns the rest of the land and the next door house owns all the access he is pretty pissed off so he only allows access on foot. You'd be buying a very large garage with no way to get a vehicle in it!

    IMHO it really does depend on who you're with. There have been times when I have been half way through it and wished I'd not bothered starting ;)

    We have a polytunnel on the West coast of Wales about 400 metres from the sea and we get a lot of wind!
    After seeing other peoples attempts at covering them we paid a guy who does nothing else but put up polytunnels to help us put the cover on.
    It was the best £100 I've spent! If you don't know what you are doing you wont get the cover on tight enough and it aint gonna withstand the wind.
    Also both doors open or both closed is a good idea!