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    What twister said..

    I live in a converted luton with my two kids - in devon - mostly at the side of the road and never felt safer. Never had hassle, or felt vulnerable (bad weather sometimed made me feel a bit uneasy but i just moved the van then) had the best of times. We have just gone onto a camp site for the summer and thats even better. Now i dont want for anything! If you want to get in touch pm me and i will send you my number. Would be great to meet another nomad. We home ed too.


    I've had a few but one that sticks in my mind was getting back my van at 10pm on Boxing Day. The van was extremely cold and I was tired after a long shift, and I ran out of gas. Went to change the gas bottle only to find the spanner I had didn't fit. It was the first time I cried and a lesson learnt !

    Oh blimey.. i feel your pain!

    Oh no!

    Commiserations.. had the same happen in my old van a couple of times and got so fed up with it that i only have a glorified bucket with a plastic loo seat affair in my current van. Plus its wee only. Cos im also the only fool who empties it! I cant have two small kids poohing in the van everyday, it would smell and id be constantly emptying it.. coupled with the fact we are rarely on campsites and i drive the van daily its all a recipie for disaster.. ive always found loos nearby to utilise and if im in the middle of nowhere well... ive got a spade but its rare ive had to use it lets say! Can you maybe do without or just have a wee only policy?! Too many other van disasters to list...

    But still love van life mostly.. hate it rarely.


    Its a funny thing the bystander question... speaking from the ambulance perspective, i find that bystanders are generally well meaning in that when asked for help they will gladly give it.. any ooglers are quickly spotted and asked kindly to bugger off. Persistant ooglers will get flicked with vomit or accidentally walloped with a large piece of equipment.. but what i do see that i find annoying is people being generally dismissive of the homeless/drunken tramp passed out in the street or the person having a very public mental health crisis.. in fact i have had bystanders actually laughing at mental health patients which i find wholly callous and bound to garner an inapropriate response from me! (Its generally considered bad form to abuse a m.o.p whilst youre in uniform.. mores the pity sometimes) if we get called to a young lady who has fallen in the street and done herself a mischief you can bet your arse there will be a crowd around her. Get called to the mad old man drunk half naked and covered in shit and there will be no one there!

    And whats also astounding is the lack of first aid knowledge amongst the younger generation. "My mate was choking on his own vomit so we sat him up and tried to give him a drink..." did you really.. that might be why hes stopped breathing now then..

    And yes youre right.. generally the ones who boast are usually the worst in a crisis.. your story of the carpenter guy is classic. Theyre a nuisance as they double the workload due to them fainting at the sight of something... unsavory looking..!

    Never too old to do anything mate. You could do nowt and then in 10 years time look back and think what a tit i've been I should have done that all those years ago

    What he said..

    I never really bothered coming out, im only half gay anyway (not sure which half) and it was more fun keeping people guessing..

    You could just spray "im gay" on the side of your van when you hit the road therefore killing 2 birds with one stone?!

    Just thinking practically...


    Hmmm.. well i live in the country in a big red luton van and no one seems to notice us or give a crap really. And we park up all over the place. If youre considerate and nice, people dont mind you parking up around and about. In my exerience anyway. Ive not lived on the road long though.

    Ive managed 20yrs in the ambulance service without ever being bullied, if it rears its ugly head we generally gang up on the bully until it stops. Theres loads of mikey taking though. humour is used as a coping mechanism and rarely is anything ever taken seriously. Over zealous managers are usually good targets or anyone who does something really stupid. And theres consistancy so you know where you are and what to expect, there is no discrimination either - all minority groups will be included in mikey taking either giving or receiving so we truly are a tick box service..

    :waves:yoohoo zoe am just home:Dxx feeling elated;the whale and dolphin conservation society tell me that theres been a ban slapped on japanese whale slaughtering in the antarctic:clap:..

    I saw that.. the japs were trying to claim australia (who bought the case to the courts) are just trying to change something that is part of their culture.. hmmmm..

    I have very similar anxieties when I think about moving to somewhere quiet.

    Clearly it's all in my mind, but in London I think I can be anyone, look like anything, and nobody will even bat an eyelid ... I can shave the sides of my hair, grow a moustache, wear stupid specs, order soya with coffee, and nobody gives a shit. When I'm outside London it's like I'm expecting to be challenged by the middle classes, questioned about my eating choices, looked at funny or simply not taken seriously as a person. In London I'm just another anonymous loon who'll be forgotten about the moment I turn the corner.

    Then clearly youve never been to devon?!

    I spent most of last monday wafting around in my pyjama bottoms and nobody batted an eyelid..

    Agree with you over the soya thing tho, a friend of mine just takes her own.

    Another one yay

    Threads like this are v exiting.. so good to see youve made the decision and moving forward with it before the warmer weather kicks in.. are you planning to do camp sites or park ups?

    Best of luck coder, no advice to give you other than enjoy!

    We coppiced our chestnut in the late 80s (the hurricane did about a quarter of it for us!) The council said its part of our garden and as we arent selling it to go ahead. 5 acres. But of course it may have changedsince then. It needs doing again actually so may ring them at some point to see wht the go is. Shall keep you posted AW on what they say if youre interested.