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    they do burn your mouth a bit but to avoid burning your fingers too, wrap the handle with thick string and tie it securely :)

    i've seen them in the pound shop but bigger ones can be got for not much more

    thanks pantheist, i eat tonnes of complex carbs and veg/fruit every day :)
    i have a toddler for whom i need to stay awake to look after so i've had to weigh up the pros and cons of getting back on the caffine...whats gonna give me a quick boost to get stuff done...cabbage or caffine, cabbage or caffine....:rolleyes:

    with reference to the toddler again (and a mini practising kick-boxer in my uterus), thats what wrecks my sleep! and 'me time' is unfortunatly a thing of the past. the lady at the CFS clinic i've been to said that resting when i felt tired was what i needed to do -i dont think she has kids :)i get the odd bit of time to myself when my hubbys not working and he takes the little 'un out of which i am very grateful.

    did you or your ex ever try kefir? did it help with fatigue at all?
    i'm gonna get some as soon as i can and give it a whirl. we can all drink it, and hopefully it will give me the boost that i need


    any suggestions with regards to having some energy back would be great :)

    i've probably had CFS for years but it was only when my little 'in was about 8 months old, that i really noticed the pains and weaknessess in my muscles. i didnt have a viral infection or anything tho at that time my daughter hadn't been well...i was also a veggie at that time too.
    it took a long time to get my diagnosis, as any doctor i saw said that i was tired as i have a small child...i was well aware of that making me tired but this was totally different, i was in quite a lot of pain, amongst other symptoms.

    i'm now 24 weeks pregnant and *totally* shattered! i've resorted to drinking caffine again to get me through the day but i've recently heard about this Kefir. i need to do more research into the stuff before i buy some and was hoping that someone would a bit of 1st hand info....but like i said, any info would be warmly welcomed


    Its supoosed to be really good for you anyway but other sites i've looked at have linked in help with Chronic Fatigue.

    Has anyone used it? If so is it best to buy it fresh and then grow it on, or buy it freeze dried?
    I'm prepared to give anything a try as i'm just sooooo tired, what with having CFS, a busy 2 year old and
    I'm 24 weeks pregnant...

    It doesnt look to appealing but there are receipes for it, the main one that looks good is making it into a fruit smoothie..yum :)

    So, any recommedations / expereinces / receipes please?
    Thanks muchly

    tis very important...i had to have a 'letz' treatment when holly was 8 months old which if left, would have been quite disasterous...and i had been regularly since my teens too. so much can change up there so its best to go as often as needed.

    (a letz treatment is where they have to 'lazer' out pre-cancerous cells from your cervix with a very hot wire loop thingy, after poking up there with one of those long needles similar to when you have anaestetic at the dentist - not a nice experience at all but a very neccesary one...the only thing that made me vaguely smile whilst i was there, was that the dr wore a head torch and looked like she was on a mining expedition)

    some leisure centres will let you just use the shower, i've been allowed in at some for free, and some just a couple of quid ...
    worth it for a leisurely shower when your really minging :)

    some leisure centres will let you just use the shower, i've been allowed in at some for free, and some just a couple of quid ...
    worth it for a leisurely shower when your really minging :)

    Plus I like the idea of a relaxing bath as a treat...

    some friends of mine used to have a 'bush bath'... a proper size bath, i cant rememeber exactly what it was made from and voila!but it definitly wasnt a tin bath...anyway, it was raised up on bricks/slabs and they heated it with a fire underneath! put fire out obviously when its hot enough, one of those camping roll mats in the bottom so you didnt burn your arse, and voila! hot bath under the stars

    we used to have 2 solar shower bags, and either leave them inthe sun when the weather was nice enough, or jsut fill them with nice warm water when we were ready...tis a very slow shower tho!

    oh, also used to have one of those 12v car showers and run it off an inverter? they do power through a lot of water but were more like a proper shower.

    or go swimming and have fun with the kids AND all get clean at the same time

    if your just using yr van in the summer then butane is fine, but if your gonna be an all year rounder then propane (orange ones) is best as it doesnt freeze. we used to carry 2 x 20 summin kg cylinders about with us, one for use and one to get filled when the other was nearly empty. we had a huge bus tho which had a belly box for storing them but it would only fit one of the bigger ones on its side. just had the other inside whilst travelling.

    store them outside when you using your van (obviously). ensure the valve at the top is off when moving it about inside yr van. you shouldnt have any problems as long as your sensible.

    is you're gonna buy propane then find a roofing suppliers to get it from as they were always cheaper than calour gas, best we ever paid was £22 for 19 or 20 kg (cant remember) and lasted us for weeks doin most of our hot water and all our cooking for 3 of us... AND they used to take any make of cyclinder, some places will only sell you a full one of a certain make for an empty of a certain make.
    we had a calor and a flogas, so we could get a refill from anywhere. worth remembering if you cant afford to go to camping shops for your gas


    we went the year there was a mini tornado that blew the stage away...
    it was ok, not very big then so it didnt take long at all to walk round it and see
    all there was to see
    but it sounds like its got a lot better
    terrorvision are playing this year, how very 90's and pretty cool :)

    you do however need to own the friend is now 7 years into his 10 years ...he does however make his living from the land and the council know that but still will not grant residential permission so its not always as easy as it may sound

    on the other hand, he knows a couple who ended being granted a certificate of lawfulness for a piece of land as no owner could be traced! they spent 4 years living in what looked like a tent, tho inside it was a fully insulated 3 roomed dwelling with wood burners.

    any attempt to live on any land takes careful thought and research so if anyone (most likely the council) questions you, you dont sound like a pillock trying to take the piss. dog walkers are one of the biggest enemies as they will run to the council will any complaint before you can say 'get off my land'...

    it can be done, you need to be resourceful, polite, quiet, a bit clever, and very very patient

    me thinks i've been an idiot.....:rolleyes:

    once i've mixed my yeast with warm water + sugar, am i supposed to leave it to bubble...???

    i've been chucking it straight in, tho my dough has been rising well, maybe thats why the bread isn't as
    good as i'm sure it should be



    ooo julian, get you and your 'own milled' flour :)
    that must make the nicest of bread!

    i think i'm maybe not adding enough yeast as the bread is coming out a bit dense but its hard to measure a small amount, eg 15 or 20g on scales that arent too accurate.
    i prove mine in a bowl next to the radiator and it raises well, gonna try leaving it longer

    the loaves ive been making havent been in a tin, just been doing 2 sausage shapes out of a lb flour recipe
    so when they have their 2nd prove they got fairly ish but grow to about 2.5 times the original size....:)

    different ovens seems to make a bit of difference too, mines pretty crap which probably isnt helping, tho i'm lucky coz the little tiny oven on the bus was barely capable of cooking anything let alone bread so its much better than nought!

    cooking a large onion, per loaf of bread, in a frying pan and chucking that in with the dough makes a fresh loaf even more bloody 'ansome btw

    any other tips that anyone has would be great

    oh, and i've found with freezing the yeast, that as soon as it thaws it goes quite runny?? so it needs using quite soon after coming out the freezer

    happy bread making everyone


    Im not biased but if unkle joo joo makes it then your very silly if you get it from someone else! :D I asked him about a burner with an oven back in the summer, he said yes let me think, i said ok but need to fit my pot and pizza in! Went to fcllect and fit it and me and kids fed the night before, then on fitting day the wonderful vik collected the kids and took them swimming, and fed them all day, we was then all fed and watered before being allowed to leave! This is def what unkles should do :D

    how lovely, just lovely

    bet the burner/oven is a shithot masterpiece too

    what wonderful people they are :)

    well, dumbass i was, u cant keep it 'growing' but its blimming cheap to buy, well it is round here anyway
    stores ok in the fridge for a bit but can be frozen too

    my local bakers sells a big brick of it for 2.50 :thumbup:
    bread comes out much much better with proper yeast rather than the dried stuff :)

    *off to start on some onion bread dough*