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    Hi All,

    Just wondered if anyone else on here was a viewer of content on the website? I was introduced to it a year or more ago, but I seem to have really increased my veiwing of late. I find Rick Archer is just the most fantastic interviewer, and some of the interviews really resonate with me. One of the latest with Sri M was fantastic. I found the UK Steve Ford one personally interesting too.

    anyone else?



    Not all hippys live in LA LA land nor have most of us.Once upon a time someone would have invited him to go live on a hippy camp somewhere or told him where to go live or even driven a bus to his house and picked them up and took them to a squat or commune and problem solved ...but that hasnt been an option for quite some is completely different.
    Most hippys live in a house run businesses or have careers and do van life /festies at weekends or holidays but wouldnt even consider offering someone in Simates position a place to escape to and sort out his issues calmly with help if needed... everyone has to sort their own crap on their own mostly and if you want help then you need to be open to listening to advice and considering the options.No hippy life aint what it used to be,(dissppointingly so in my opinion) welcome to the 21st century.

    How sad

    It's like that if people choose for it to be like that. Plenty of people are still open and supportive, have means and empathy, and lack judgement.

    I generally think of hippy as being anti global capitalism and perhaps also anti establishment. Doesn't have to mean it's naive and impractical.

    Did I say that it did mean that?

    You seem very angry and very judgmental... To my untrained eye.

    Perhaps you have your own stuff to work out?

    It's the bit about using the land, and sleeping in the council car park that interested me. :)

    It sounds feasible, but I'm not 100% on the small-print rules when it comes to the council car park. I suppose you're venture is at the mercy of that car-park then though.... and you can bet your bottom quid that they will try and find a way to get rid of you once they clock on to the plan.

    the book "field to farm" has a few ideas in it for this sort of thing, but is mainly aimed at creating a smallholding. One of the key things to the justification is having something which "births" all year around. So sheep are no good, but pigs / cows / fowl are handy. Otherwise, securit is a factor, but hard to convince on that alone.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again.... facebook is a raft of people posting stuff yet saying nothing, and a raft of people viewing your posts, yet not reading any of them. At it's core, it's pretty aimless. More like a mass-distraction technique.

    I came off FB a week before my 30th birthday... sort of a "put away childish things" type sentiment.... I ended up re-joining in the early hours of new-years morning this year, in order to arrange a "FB event" for my partners new years eve birthday bash. I didn't want to re-join, but recognise that lots of peope we knew would double book unless they could manage their bookings through FB. I cannot wait for the new year to come, and be off the bloomin thing totally.

    I'm not sure there's an answer per se.... these things are cyclical though.... this too shall pass.

    Oh wow. Erm... well it'll be screwed to a gate, so one sided only. Just the name is fine, but if it could be the name and then a nice bit of tree-of-life type graphic that would be amazing. Font... no idea, but something that's readable from the road, for deliveries.

    The text itself, I'll pm you. :)

    Hi All,

    I wondered if anyone here was able to produce a wooden sign for our new smallholding. Just the farm name itself as a basic option, or something more creative if that's your thing... Something that will last well, so hardwood and carved preferably, not painted.

    Many thanks


    a series 2a marshall ambulance might do the same job, but for less fuel money, more standard parts, etc etc - plenty of tdi conversions about.

    they're not cheap either, but similar money to a 101FC I think. I've had my eye out for a while, but I'm banned from buying any more landrovers until my 110 defender project is finished.

    standard 101FC is 3.5 V8 with carbs isn't it? not the most sociable of engines when you're sat on top of it.

    Thanks for that oldkeith - yeah that'd scupper it... not sure I could implement another mini ice-age just to satisfy my curiosity.

    One thing I will now do is conduct some research into the latest energy efficient refridgeration options. It'd be nice to get to the stage where a decent area could be fridged and freezered and run by PV and small-scale wind.

    I quite fancy having a victorian ice fridge. not sure how practical it is without staff to collect ice all winter. also not sure how long it stays effective through the summer.

    I can appreciate all of what you have written, but please understand that this is not what I read in the thread. I'm not a mind reader.... sadly.

    I would happily take up the challenge if it were my calling, but I'm afraid it's not... I have other plans.

    am I being thick, or does it seem to anyone else that the owner not paying for the materials shouldn't be the end?

    get this community set up, then a plan to use the labour to generate a small income... this income can pay for materials. Just make sure it works for the community. don't sign up to any daft timescales aroun the renovation. you need to have a carpenter come and live with you for a bit, then a sparky, then a plasterer... etc etc. bit by bit, slowly slowly, and the longer the resto takes the better it is for the community I'd have thought.

    another question that I keep getting different answers to over the year's is can I have a shotgun cabinet in a caravan fixed to the chassis or barn fixed to concrete floor for certification if I don't have a legitimate dwelling there. I guess not it's normally bad news right?

    I know people who've had permission to do it with a barn before now. The key is having a good chat with local firearms chap.

    The vehicle cases are deemed as "temporary storage" I believe. I doubt you'd get away with anything longer than a weekend away.

    Gave up my 12 bore when we left our rented land. Will get one again once the smallholding holding purchase is complete. Got an old bsa meteor air rifle with a mini scope.

    it may not be vegetarian or vegan, but it doesn't mean it's not hippy. If you eat meat, you may as well be the one pulling the trigger.

    Even the Yoga Sutra's talk about using a deer skin to meditate on, and eating meat in cold climates.

    how does a thread about minimalism end up 50% about shooting??!?! gotta love the internet huh. especially copy n paste gun laws!

    anyway, I'm not anti killing animals for food, but I would rather talk about the minimalism thing...

    I like the vid, like the sentiment, etc... lets face it, this is pretty much all-spiritualist-teachings-ever. The noteable thing for me, in a slightly negative way, is that it's american and has to be "a thing".... this whole "I'm a minimalist"... it's another ego-hook identity. It just seems more reasonable because it doesn't come with a gothic church. How long is it before there's a list of rules, and someone offering paid "services" to support the lifestyle.

    maybe I'm just a cynic.

    the scott expedition survived (for a while) on lard mashed up with bone marrow, as apparently this was the highest energy density food they could find at the time. expanding on the theme a little might lead you to confi-food (slow cooked in lard/fat) and bone-marrow mash / gravy.