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    French Whale Fan and I went to see The Good Liar yesterday. With Ian McKellen, Helen Mirren and Russell Tovey in the three main roles it would have been quite a feat to turn this one into a turkey. It did not disappoint. Great performances and, even though I guessed which way the plot was heading, there were still enough surprises to make it a worthwhile trip to the cinema.

    As an aside, it was a big auditorium with five in the audience. A couple had booked the seats immediately in front of us and talked the whole way through. Why? They could have sat in the bar and had a chat or gone to one of the overdubbed showings if it was proving beyond them to read subtitles in French over the original language onscreen dialogue. In the end I moved so I could focus on the film. Good job there were plenty of empty seats.

    Considering most farms in the UK are owned by massive business interests such as insurance companies, drug companies and the Mormon Church I'm not sure how much say farmers actually have. The farm next door to me used to belong to the CoOp, but now it has been sold off to The Wellcome Trust.

    ... and have nothing to hide to feel the need to use them.

    Everyone has the right to make that decision for themselves, just as we have the right to carry or not carry so-called "smart" tech of any kind. While we may not feel we have the need to hide our activities we are entitled under existing human rights laws to freedom and privacy. The NSA, the CIA and the security services in the UK are interested in collecting as much information as possible about us and in being able to devise the means of storing such data in perpetuity. They are working on the basis that interrogating such colossal amounts of data will become easier as technology advances and there is progress in artificial intelligence. If data is stored it is accessible. MI5 may not need my bank account details at the moment, but some hacking genius might find them useful. It doesn't take much of a change in the national mood for the person I am to become a legitimate target for prejudice. We have seen very recently how easily we are manipulated into forming negative views against people of overseas origins, single-parent families and so on. Whilst I don't think I am a full-on conspiracy theorist I do believe that if our data is available someone, somewhere will find a way of making money from it.

    ... Nothing pervy though,so dont worry people :-)

    None of our business, man!

    Thanks for the link oldkeith. Although loads of VPNs were tested the one I use wasn't, so I couldn't compare mine with the tested data.

    I find VPN also useful for accessing BBC radio without signing up to BBC Sounds (I log on to a foreign server). I also use it for reading articles in a US newspaper that is in the process of conforming to European data protection law, but hasn't yet got round to it and is otherwise inaccessible. I notice that some VPNs in the list allow Netflix. My one doesn't.

    So, 2 cases of contaminated meat & one mother who was quite obviously a fuckin danger to her child whatever the diet, hardly an argument against meat is it? ...

    One might say the same for your argument against excluding meat ...

    This didn't happen in some poor ass 3rd world dictatorship tho did it? Surely the parents know how to feed their kids, fucks sake they had 4!

    Yes, medical checks should have been done & someone dropped the ball somewhere but that still doesn't exonerate these 2nd rate parents....

    Sorry Bb67, I don't follow the logic of this argument. Getting pregnant and bearing children is much, much easier than caring for them once they have miraculously arrived. We all know that parenting is not easy and involves often exhausting slog. If you re-read the comment to which you are replying I am not seeking to exonerate the parents who in this case were very clearly not well enough equipped to be actual parents to their poor kids beyond just providing the egg and sperm. Did these people live in the middle of a desert with no near neighbours? Someone, somewhere must have noticed something was wrong while there was still time to act. Yes, the parents must bear the full responsibility for their laziness or wilful neglect, but there's a reason we have evolved to live in communities.

    Fascinating discussion so far. As usual, zendaze has taken me to unexpected territory, for which insight many thanks. My experience of the NHS has mostly been good. Fifty years ago I spent three months in an NHS hospital (I didn't know there were any other kinds at that age) and received good care for a difficult to diagnose illness. These days I have treatment for some ongoing conditions and, while the treatment is good, check-ups tend to be further apart than I would like. For example, I was invited to a respiratory and sleep clinic annual check at a new out-patient facility. Unfortunately I knew I was going to out of the country for the appointment and when I called to change it the first one available was five months later! Apart from that I stay clear of doctors and nurses as much as possible. My personal experience of GP services is that they generally pretty good. It is after that that things sometimes begin to fall over for the patient.

    One of my kids is a dentist in the USA. He sees all kinds of failings with the system there. Every few months he gives a couple of days of free labour and he says the queues for people who have not been able to afford insurance go out of the building and round the block. At these times he and his fellows work very long days. I cannot get an NHS dentist in the nearest town, there isn't one. I tend to put off treatment. The problem I see comes back to Mrs. Thatcher's idea that there is no such thing as "society". My parents experienced life before the NHS and knew how to use it and appreciate it. They understood the alternative and that losers would die, usually in great discomfort. Where "society" organises its priorities to give something I see the receiver having reciprocal responsibilities to make best use of the gift. Somewhere there is the disconnect that zendaze experiences daily. The problem of a something-for-nothing culture appears ingrained. The state as provider of services has been grossly and wilfully misinterpreted. Somehow there has to be a way out of this rotten situation. I don't see the solution being to kill off our health service, allow the vultures in to pick the bones clean and then hike the prices out of the reach of the people for whatever replaces it. That amounts almost to genocide.

    Somehow, we need to get to an understanding that there is such a thing as society and that members of that society have a responsibility to use available resources with wisdom. We may be too late, but many more people are at least discussing the primary resources the planet provides. I can't help thinking that as with all things, including the NHS and the people who have the skills to help us through tough times, we need to take more personal responsibility, consume less and make the best use of what we have. I would hate to see us continue along the path towards an ideologically imposed American health-care system. It fails far too many people.

    I don't know how long this film will be available on YouTube before it is spotted and pulled. This is an important documentary and a warning about how much more we have been lied to than I thought and where the road we are being forced to travel. I urge you to give it some time. You'll need a couple of hours.

    By no means would I seek to deny that the parents have committed the most terrible wrong against their children, but I can't help thinking that there are countries in the world where people aren't afraid to contact the doctor when they need advice over a health issue. If I had to count every penny before I even thought of phoning the doctor I might put it off too. Free health checks and regular support might have picked up that there was a problem before it became too late.

    This is a systematic problem as well as a crime against innocent lives.

    I've not found a cheese substitute that I like, so I don't bother with any. Initially it was cheese that was THE sacrifice in moving from a vegetarian to a vegan diet a few years ago after fifty years of the former. I buy local, organic, fresh and in season fruit and vegetables whenever I can. Having a high boredom threshold (and not much interest in actually cooking) I generally eat a lot of raw salads and steamed vegetable meals with rehydrated pulses, which is just a case of remembering to soak them overnight (in the huge, empty gherkin jar I use specially) and cook them up before I actually need them. I generally prepare two or three days supply at a time and they keep for a few days in the fridge. I throw seeds and nuts in everything. I treat myself to fleur de sel and some tasty pepper for seasoning (not all salts and peppers taste the same) add some olive oil sprinkle on some yeast flakes. Organic, fair trade, non-dairy 85% chocolate is my main treat of choice. I haven't died yet.

    Many thanks for pointing at this website. I have ended up reading several of these thought-provoking essays and have also bought one of the books recommended by one of the essayists.

    I would add this one to the list likahamadoolihan posted.

    I may lean fairly strongly south-west in the left libertarian quadrant of the political compass, but I have seen and heard Jeremy Corbyn speak several times and he has always seemed to me to be basically decent. I have tried to understand why some of my Jewish friends do actually fear the possibility of a Labour Government and this article probably explains the dilemma as well as any I've seen so far.

    Respect has to be earned. I'm totally unaware of anything he's done to earn respect from ordinary people. What have any of them ever done? Stick them all in a council flat or better still with a Rhackman style landord who won't get the heating fixed or the damp mould on the walls for a year and let them get by on minimum wage or beg for benefits when the money won't stretch. None of what they have is earned. It was all stolen by their ancestors. God help us if they are the best we have to represent us abroad because we truly are in dire straits.

    I can't argue with any of that. My point was rather that, to the best of my ability, I decide how I treat people and, until they prove in their dealings with me they should be treated otherwise, everyone gets common courtesy. That is not the same as deference or unearned respect.

    I didn't see the interview, don't intend to watch it and have had no dealings with the man. His ex, though, quite a different matter - even at arm's length :cursing:

    I can't help feeling slightly sickened by the way this thread has twisted about. I'm not a fan of the royals or of any elites. To my mind everyone should start with basic rights, but beyond that should have to prove their value, not be born into such privilege that they are above question. I still have a hope, though, that the Article 11 rights I wish for myself, namely innocent until proven guilty, only mean something if they apply to everyone. I have no worries about a robust criminal trial procedure if it is clearly fair, balanced and accountable, but too much of what I've read here is none of these things.

    We live in times when the main streams of media information are owned by billionaires who pressure their editorial staff into conformity to tell the corporate story, the one that advances a selfish agenda. Unfortunately this often bears little resemblance to anyone else's truth. However, whatever I think about the parasites or the perjured should be irrelevant until there has been full investigation and disclosure, the evidence has been properly aired and assessed and the probability of guilt firmly established. Maybe trial by keyboard is our way of trying to claw back a little power in an increasingly oppressive world.

    If I was depressed before, I feel worse now.