Mooncup/ re-useable Sanitary stuff

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  • Well, the ones I've ordered have just arrived. They're not as thick as I'd expected, but fingers crossed they'll be good and effective. Now I just have to wait for my period in order to test them out, then I'll post a report about them...

  • Without sifting through the entire thread, I thought I'd just post my experience with the mooncup. I got one a few years ago. I absolutely love the idea of it but it ALWAYS leaked. It was so frustrating - I ended up having to use pads as well which totally defeated the object of having it. I then fell pregnant and didn't have a period for over 1 1/2 years. They have recently come back and I dug the mooncup out again to give it one last chance. Well I think I've cracked it!! I have actually found that pushing it in as far as I possibly can is the answer. It kind of moves around and finds it's own place as you go about your day. I just thought it may be worth putting this up here as I contacted mooncup and read through so much stuff about leakage. The weird thing is that since having my baby, my periods are heavier than before. It starts to leak in the morning when it's been in all night and is full but it's worked so well for the last two cycles that I would definitely be confident enough to go swimming even. I've not tried any other the others but I imagine they're pretty similar. :)

  • I have been swimming and done some scuba diving on my heavy days with my moon cup in. It is brilliant, and I have felt pads that keep me safe from mess in the night. I think I have saved a small fortune in the last few years.

  • I used a Mooncup for years (also cut off the stem) but found I kept getting thrush after using it.

    I did find that to be a problem for a while too. My problem is that I have really long periods (can be up to 2 weeks), and if I use the mooncup too much I think the constant friction causes irritation that seems to lead to thrush. Now I only use it on my heaviest days and just use my re-usable pads the rest of the time.

    My cup keeps travelling right up :rolleyes: does this happen to anybody else ?

    I've never found it to be much of a problem if it travels up, it's when it's not in far enough that it causes problems (leaking, and feeling like I need a pee all the time!). When it's far up I can't even feel it, and leaking's not much of a problem.

    I still get worse cramps with it in though, that hasn't ever gone away :(. And I can't wear it to work all day if it's really heavy, because emptying it at work is a right pain in the arse. And trying to work with a full mooncup is the most painful, uncomfortable, thing ever.

  • Have you trimmed the stem? I had to chop mine right off for it to be comfortable. It sounds as though it might have to go a little higher. I found it fiddly to get out to start with, but you do get used to the technique eventually. Try not to get too stressed, it took me quite a while to get used to using it. At first I was so frustrated with it I actually gave up on it altogether for quite a while!

  • I would say if you feel like you need to pee and its leaking that you have not fitted it correctly, when in correctly you can tug the stem and it not coming out, you have to break the seal for it to come out.

    Never heard of it going too far up, perhaps you have the wrong size?

  • I would say if you feel like you need to pee and its leaking that you have not fitted it correctly, when in correctly you can tug the stem and it not coming out, you have to break the seal for it to come out.

    Never heard of it going too far up, perhaps you have the wrong size?

    I have the size for over 25 ,for women who have given birth , even though i have had three c sections :rolleyes: . it seems to have stopped leaking now and moving up :).

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  • I used my mooncup for the first time last week. I tried it mid period so it was easier to use. The first day there were no leaks, but overnight it did leak. It turned out to be a bit high and I don't think it had "popped" out and sealed. After that I didn't push it quite as high and made sure it was all "popped" out and sealed and it didn't leak again. Hopefully it'll go OK next month too.
    It's different after using tampons, but should get easier to use with practice. I've also been swimming with it and it was a fine :)

  • Nothing to be scared of! It's a safe and lovely way to deal with periods. I got mine at the grand old age of 17 and after having an UID fitted an gutted I can't use it.

    No harm in trying :)

  • Use mine with a coil with no problems at all. Best tip I ever got was taking a bottle of water into the loo with me to rinse it. No more trying to reach the sink from the loo.

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  • I've tried and tried with my Mooncup,it's just to painful! I had the same problem using internal sanitary wear in the past but I thought it may be different. Sooo I'm looking into reusable sanitary pads. How many would I need initially,obviously a wash and a wear but do I really need night and day pads or can I get away with a heavy flow pad for both?

  • Moonmum, I use washable pads. I have 5 I think, but I usually use them to give my foof a break from the mooncup, so not for the entire moontime.

    I need more. I got mine from Eco Rainbow (through Facebook), she makes them to order or has some ready made bundles. I tried others, and they were shit. Hers are amazing - they don't stain, they hold a lot (I have heavy moontimes) & i asked for rainbow stripes on mine, they're attractive. They have wings that popper, and unlike the more expensive ones I tried through Wikaneco, the absorbent innards don't move about inside the outer casing.

    I've just ordered two new cups, which together including postage, came to less than my original mooncup did about six years ago. I didn't know back then, about other brands. My mooncup expired after a very long life.

  • I've been using reusable cloth pads for about a year and a half now.

    they are much better than disposables! the night ones i use are really good, no leaks! I have got all my from a website called 'honouryourflow' so far, keep meaning to try another brand but have enough pads right now so haven't needed to.

    you can try different fabrics, some are more comfy than others in my experience.

    I am a bit scared to try a cup, I never liked tampons so i'm not sure i'd like a cup!