Pixie Kitten - 10 weeks photos pg 3

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  • How about "Atomik"? cos then you can post stuff like "Atomik has pissed on the carpet again" :p

  • Quote from Darkflame

    How about "Atomik"? cos then you can post stuff like "Atomik has pissed on the carpet again" :p


    what a beautiful kitty.
    my dog would like to call it supper.

  • The ears sure do stand out.....

    Something with a poi connection and a UKHippy connection, erm let me see...

    Whirly.... no...when you call for her at a festie evryone'll get it wrong & go 'Where's Wally' & confuse her

    Is your cute puddy a he or she?

    edit: Chazz uses eyes -


    Looky what I got and she needs a name!

  • Well if she is anything like any of the kittens I've had for the first 2 months she'll be called "Oooo you little ratbag!"

    She looks just like one of the kittens my cat Em had, and strangely enough she was named Beth by the people I homed her with. She was homed with her sister, who they named Lizzy.

    All my cats have had long silly names so I better not suggest anything or you'll end up with a Lady something or other. You see all my cats are of noble birth (or at least they behave like they are). I'm just their maid!

  • awww.. heh. Yeah 'poi' sounds cool? Our kitten is called 'Timmy' (think of Southpark: TIMMMMYYY!!).. or maybe Mr. Hipper or Joe.. for some reason that kitten looks like a 'Joe'.. heh.

    Ok nvm me it's early :)

  • She's still being really shy, hiding behind stuff most of the time.

    I got her from a rather horrible farmer who is a neighbour of one of my friends. He just wanted rid of her and her brothers and sisters. I wish I could have taken them all! I don't think she has had much human contact as she seems really scared of me and doesn't want to be handled yet. She has been playing with toys, especially an octopus on the end of some string. We have been playing tug of war!!

    I'm going to get some flea and worm treatment for her today because the conditions that she was kept in were rather horrid and she seems a bit itchy.

    I :wub: my kitten!

  • She is 8 weeks old.
    She was the smallest there and was pretty excited to see food when I got her home so I think she might not have got as much to eat as she needed. The farm also fed them mostly on dry food but she is too small to eat much of it.

    The farmer said that the other kittens had been reserved by people so they should have good homes to go to hopefully. I am a bit worried though because they didn't seem to care about them and asked me no questions when I went to pick her up.

    I will take some more photos later, she's rather camera shy though

  • Quote from Roach

    Her eyes remind me of ice. I'd called her Blizzard or something simular

    Blizzard? Reminds me of lag more than of kitties ;)

    And I think cats can be on their own after about 6 weeks.. but yeah they are real fragile and needs lots of attention at that age so.. yeay for this lucky one to go home with Starpoi :D

  • Quote from starpoi

    awwwwwwwwwwwww mannnnn!!!!! i want one i want one gimme gimme gimme........

    she looks like a gregory call her gregory:)