Past lives/ reincarnation

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    That makes it seem like each day is not connected with the last. Yeah, I agree a good night's sleep makes you feel better in the morning, but it's not a new life. Repercussions of what you did, of what happened, are still there. Even if you aren't held down by them and feel much better about everything, the scars are still going to be there.

    not a new life...but a new way of looking at things...

    a new perspective...

    like the changes that occur when youve been suffering from an illness or disease, when you get better it is like a see the world through new found eyes! :)

    or you've let go of old negative patterns or ways of reform redeem a process of redemption is like a rebirth, not an entirely physical one, though i am sure on a very subtle physical characturistics...

    such as a smile on your face instead of a frown, a peaceful disposition rather than an angry or frustrated one...

    all i am saying is this dreamlike experience we call life is always subject to change! from minuite little changes to huge ones from little waves to great tsunami's :) :(

    some days are good and everything run's smoothly others are like a terrible nightmare...where a whole load of shit hits the fan...

    like buses :lol:

    just do it!
    just say it!
    just be it! It might be fun, you might even enjoy yourself!

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    Do they make you horny ?.. yeah baby yeah...

    i quite enjoy watching trains go into tunnels :lol:

    just do it!
    just say it!
    just be it! It might be fun, you might even enjoy yourself!

  • interesting that film, he looses his mojo, then finds it again, another word for labido innit? and is that the full driving force of conciousness, the prana energy, the 'chi' the free energy and isnt all this death and life and rebirth stuff all incorporated in eastern sexual/spiritual things like tha karma sutra...? and this is the same thing as western christianity has tried to suppress...being this uncontrollable sexual labido force desire that is the real reason why we came back to experience the full heights of sexual and spiritual extasy in human form?

    is the reason why we are all hung up on sex is because of the way our western religions are almost totally preoccupied with sex?!and the morality or immorality concerned with this thus tho i mean is it a sexual regulation society we live in?

    I mean the manuals of moral theology in the roman catholic church...techinical books of all kinds of sin, for the advice of confessors, arranged around the ten commandments, but the 'I shall not commit adultary' part spans over 2/3 of the book.

    sexual pleasure seems to be singled out for religious people to be particulary frightened about, not just in the west, in the east, there seems to be an idea that states, if you want to gain spiritual heights you must refrain from sex. ...

    do what you may life is 'sexual...' its natural and everyone of us is the result of it...!

    anything in Christian writings pre 1860, its like sex is a bad thing...

    all the writings of the church fathers any of the leaders of catholic spirituality, sex is sin, sex is dirt...

    there is however no way of making sex more interesting than to repress it..

    there has been a problem with humans with pleasure, sex is pleasure why should there be a problem. The problem is, that the physical world is impermanent, and so are our end up feeling cheated after...then why set your heart on mortal beauty and worldly hope when all is to turn to ashes...why not set your heart on more spiritual goals hence not being identified with the body something to be sucked away into the void of all transcient things...! this detached attitude is found in so many institutions...

    if God is responsible for the existance of creation? and we are part of it, no more or no less than the colours of a bubble or a twig on a tree...the relationship to our body is like a rider to a horse. we are a rational soul in a animals is still our horse

    but we strive for physical permanance not spiritual...we refuse to accept that life in itself, that we are part of, is in a continual motion of birth death disease and decay...

    timing is of the essence, life only become regrettable when we didnt do things at the right time...

    or um....came too soon??? we become to anxious of physical pleasure..when we cannot get what we got first time, we have to keep repeating things and trying new things to gain that wodnerful experience....

    this is where the real attachment in its 'evil' form comes into play

    to have life to have its pleasure you must at the same time let go!

    to be able to let go of the attachment to any pleasure is to experience the pleasure as something new the next time it happens to arise via its natural course... the natural course being the force that is not generated by our egocentered mind that focuses to much on the attachment of sensual/physical desires!

    so after that, it is not sex in itself that is bad, it is the horses desires overiding the morality of the rider who may be more concerned about more serious things! such as the rate of inflation or whether the latest lunar modual has recieved any info from moon bats yet...ect ect...

    just do it!
    just say it!
    just be it! It might be fun, you might even enjoy yourself!

  • I'm really, really late coming into this one and it's my first post here so here goes...

    IMO in the beginning there was only energy, before the universe was cool enough for matter to form. In this time all of what was to become life was one single, unified being. As the universe grew and cooled, energy became matter and in so doing caused that single universal being to be separated into an uncountable number of parts.

    These parts are still irrevocably connected and part of the same being, but to maintain themselves and the universal Gaia they caused what we now consider to be organic chemistry to form. Life predisposes itself to exist. When the living universe broke up it segmented into a pyramidal structure, with more complex patterns of energy at the top, occurring less frequently to simple patterns at the base, occurring in incredible numbers.

    So simple life evolved to become more complex life, so that more complex beings could support the higher patterns. When the whole pyramid was filled the universe was at full health. Bursts of evolution and slowings in it's pace reflect gaps appearing in the pyramid which need to be filled or the reverse.

    Our soul, or spirit is an eternal fragment of a much greater being. When we die another like us will take our place and use our essense to survive and ensure the continuation of the living universe.

    That's what i think anyway...

    When I'm on my death bed am I really going to wish I spent more time in the office?

  • :o Thanks, I always forget to introduce myself... i'll do that now.

    When I'm on my death bed am I really going to wish I spent more time in the office?

  • " I met a Buddhist teacher who said reincarnation was like when a pool ball hits another. Nothing of the first ball is transferred to the other but the energy and direction."

    "while we cannot choose our rebirth we can most certianly influence the outcome of our rebirth. Thats is, this life is the effect of your actions in your previous life and your actions this life will determine your rebirth in your future life/lives. It's all your own responsibilities. Heir to your kamma, born from your kamma."

    "In at least the Vajrayana (Tibetan) tradition, the high Lamas chose their own rebirth or more precisely reincarnated. There are many documented cases in that tradition that "traces" the death of a lama to a new being. eg 13th Dalai Lama reborn as 14th Dalai Lama, Lama Yeshe reborn as Lama Osel, Lama Luowado became Lama Zopa etc. These highly trained Lamas(aka bodhisattva) is able to chose where they wished to be borned. Hence except for 1 HHDL (born in Mongolia), all 13 HHDL were born in Tibet. (And in all likelihood, the 14th HHDL will chose not to be born in Tibet under Chinese occupation)."

    in buddhism there are different 'dimension' of rebirth and that depending on your karma you can be born in 6 different realms.

    Deva realm

    The Deva realm is the realm of bliss and pride.
    The Deva realm is sometimes also referred to as the gods' realm, because its inhabitants are so powerful that, compared to humans, they resemble the gods of Greek or Roman mythology. However, while the Devas may be referred to as gods, they are not immortal, omniscient, nor omnipotent, and act neither as creators nor judges at death, so they are notably distinct from the monotheistic concept of God.

    Human realm

    The Human realm (also known as the Manuṣya realm) is based on passion, desire, and doubt.
    Buddhists see this realm as the one in which homo sapiens live. It is described as one of the more conducive realms to achieving enlightenment because of the possibilities that it offers.

    Asura realm

    The Asura realm is the realm of the demigods. They are here because of actions based on jealousy, struggle, combat or rationalization of the world. They may be here because in human form they had good intentions but committed bad actions such as harming others. The Asuras are said to experience a much more pleasurable life than humans, but they are plagued by envy for the devas, whom they can see just as humans can perceive animals.
    The Asura realm is also sometimes referred to as the Ashura realm, Titan realm', Jealous God realm, Demigod realm, or Anti-God realm. Asura is also sometimes translated as "demon," "fighting demon," "those without wine," or "frightened ghost," which can cause confusion because beings of the hell realm are also sometimes referred to as demons.

    Hungry Ghost realm

    The Hungry Ghost realm (also known as the Preta realm) is based on possessiveness and desire.
    The sentient beings in this realm are known as "hungry ghosts" because of their inability to enjoy food or drink. In Tibetan versions of the Bhavacakra they are drawn with narrow necks to represent that condition.

    Animal realm

    The Animal realm (also known as the Tiryag-yoni realm) is based on stupidity and prejudice.
    Buddhists believe that this realm is home to the nonhuman animals on Earth, though humans can see the animals in the same way that the Asura can see the Devas.

    Naraka realm

    The Naraka realm, or "hell realm" is based on hatred.
    The Buddhist view of the Naraka realm differs significantly from that of most monotheistic religions in that those being punished in this realm are not trapped permanently. Rather, they remain there until their negative karma is used up, at which point they are reborn into another realm.


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    matthew, What realm appeals to you most ?

    The one that 'appeals' to me most i think is the human realm... as boring as that might be... sorry.

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    dont i get any thanks either?

    What for asking me a question.. no my friend. Only people that think that my choice is not boring.

    I will thank you to refrain from asking for such compliments in future.