Test and trace or track and control?

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  • I have seen in France ( especeially in Brittany ) a certain anarchic mentality towards the virus as if it is the people saying screw you to the government,but it is not the government that they are disrespecting really it is the virus and only a fool should disrespect the might of nature.co- Incidently,Brittany had a lot of cases too !!!!

    Had a couple of friends drive accross France into Spain a month or so back -- according to them, as soon as the crossed the Spanish border, it was like a different world; people wearing masks, sanitiser everywhere, taking it seriously and a general feeling of safety. As opposed to France where nobody seemed to give a shit.

  • The older and maybe somewhat wiser generation are treating it with resoect, though it would appear that very few under the 40 to 50 year bracket give a damn and then a lot of the peasants too which there are many of.

    If there ar laws layed down then most of them would listen to them, though not to save spreading the virus but moreso not to get a fine.

    Talk to any pissed up french person leaving the bar and getting ready to drive home and their concern is never if they are safe to drive or if they may kill someone,it is always more of on concezrn that they do not see the gendarmes for risk of fines or losing their license.

    I Love living in france as it is an amazing country full of beauty and easy to be off grid in as well as camper van friendly , but the french really do get my goat.

    Bless their little cotton socks as they laugh when they say why have I stayed in France for so long and I respond becaus it is a very beautiful country spoiled only by the french !!

    There is a very high percentage of thoughtless people here and even twenty years down the line they still amaze me with their acts of thoughlessness !!