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  • WHAT a very strange year this one has been so far with all its ups and downs.

    How has it affected us all? What did everyone do during total lockdown and how did it make you feel - how are you feeling now?

    Did anyone discover hobbies or ways to offer help to others?

    ..........what a very odd date today is - 10.10.2020


  • On the positive side:

    Learning more about DTP and how to edit and put a simple newsletter for our community shed together.

    Finding me and the O/H get on just as well together cooped up most of the day as when we are out and about doing our own thing.

    Learning about Zoom and even taking part in a few such meetings. Giving people PC advice at a distance using Team Viewer, something I hadn't done much since I retired.

    Having fun with trying out Linux on different old scrap computers people had given me.

    Being asked - because I had the time - to do repair jobs of varying complexity on stuff around the place, or build a new this or that out of scrap pallets and pallet wood, often with - for me! - surprisingly good results.

    Having time to read books bought with good intention way back, and never read before now.

    Time to teach myself patience in gradually getting over a bad back, when I could no longer bend to touch my toes or pick up a full kettle with one hand, to now when I'm almost back to normal after three months of careful exercise and positive attitude ("I effing well will get there!").

    On the negative side:

    Being unable to give friends or relatives a hug now and then when we met in the street.

    Being unable to meet many friends and colleagues at the community shed; although we could chat over the phone, it's not really the same.

    Losing the spontaneity of being able to say: 'Lets go to so-and-so place today, or how's old so-and-so getting on, shall we drop in when we're passing?'

    Missing occasional visits to relatives we don't live with.

    Hearing the BBC inflate the pandemic news every day (my O/H is a news freak, and must hear it from the Beeb at least twice a day).

    Wondering how, and when, and if it will all end....

  • Hugs and kisses are created by society anyway young keith. I have always been happy to bump fists or just say hi here in France so not to pick up flu's and colds. In the scheme of things I think that it is great that I can now offer my elbow to say hello without offending the touchy feely locals.

    People may laugh at my ways but I have always been the fella without a cold or the flu and have been in good health. Health is everything :-)

    Why do we shake hands and hug anyway ?

    Its only because society has dictatated that is the way !!!!

    Have got a good excuse not to get invilved in sweaty cuddles to and that can only be un-complicated and positive :-)

  • Fly, you disappoint me!

    A strapping and relatively young chap like you wanting to avoid hugs! :shrug:

    Mind you, I suppose some of those French chaps can come over a bit enthusiastic at times, but I figure that sort of thing is just the way some people are, and if they make to hug I always reciprocate, and usually enjoy it.

    And of course it's not a society dictated thing; It's a natural thing! Haven't you ever seen other primates greeting each other:D? Some of them go quite a bit further than just hugging, you know....:boing:

    When I first worked on markets it took some time to get used to some nationalities coming right up close enough to smell them before they started speaking, and that was a little unnerving at first. But you kind of got used to it, and so long as they weren't offensive, you didn't mind. But I did have to have a quiet word with one or two of them doing it with women working on my stalls at times, because understandably it could be unsettling.

    So far as getting colds or 'flu is concerned, it had never occurred to me! You sure as hell can't catch a cold by giving someone a hug, unless your immune system is in a compromised state, or you exchanged a long passionate French kiss as well! You have to be in a closed environment with someone for some minutes before there is even a chance of picking up a cold, and that goes for most types of 'flu as well. We all have a certain level of immunity to small doses of these viruses, through constant exposure, and I figure it will be the same with this corona virus too, given time. :thumbup:

  • True,some people need hugs more than others and physical contact too. I have had my share of hugs and kisses living in France and I think that it is nice and friendly and when you go into a bar and shake hands with everyone in there it adds to the good feeling. I was down in a village bar in languedoc a couple of days back and fist bumps and elbows were being passed around but very little in the way of kissing whereas pre covid most of the guys shared three kisses on meeting up. They have adapted quick enough though and the feeling was the same as before :-)

  • About 3 weeks ago a guy I 'know' locally and chat online a bit dropped in on me and Chloe. We were sat in the garden when his car pulled up, he almost ran up to me and hugged. NO, no, no, I didn't like it one bit. It was the way he literally invaded my space before even taking time to gain eye contact! For many years now the only person who has hugged or kissed me is my daughter, the only person in my world that I love unconditionally.

    I don't trust people who invade my space.....I DID trust my old biker friend Norrie, hugs and French kisses were always on the menu with him! :boing: