How Are You Going To Stay Happy This Winter?

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  • Well lets face it this winter is not looking too good and the year has been interesting!,

    so what are you planning to stay happy?, I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my new partner in either mine or her bed all warm and snuggly :wub: in our Van's.

  • Well, I'll probably continue editing our local community Shed members' email PDF newsletter every month, which is most of the social contact with each other they've been getting since lockdown, as we are not allowed to get back together yet. Lots of people sending in pics and little articles on what they've been doing in d-i-y at home, so we can put together between 10 and 14 pages every month, which is not bad for about 40 members. The local county archives even asked me to keep sending them a copy every month to put in their covid period records - what fame!:angel:

    Apart from that, I find myself recently doing more of the cooking, and enjoying it, so I'll probably continue with more culinary adventures until I get stopped.... I love baking bread in the winter, it soon warms the place up and makes it smell delicious!

    Being retired, grey winter mornings are a great time to be having a little lie-in with two mugs of tea now and then; you don't get the nagging conscience like you do when the sun is shining outside!

    I should be able to continue doing a bit of woodwork on fine days down in the yard, and down in the little shared hall below at weekends when there's no nosy council officials about...:whistle:

    Also time to catch up on reading up stuff I might have an interest in, but haven't got around to yet. Lots to do outside, garden, allotment, winter walks in pleasant weather.... and in bad weather, there's always the loft to (try) to tidy up and (try) to select stuff to chuck out...:)

  • I'm happy when I'm busy ,,,, and I LOVE the cold! Not in a Northern Scottish Calvinistic Dour & Miserable way but in an I have much more energy than summer way!! It must be something about living 58 degrees north.

    I've got some lovely people coming to stay in their van at the end of next week. We will be building a fire pit, outdoor kitchen and putting no dig beds in place to the van dweller space. They will have their own little bit of woodland and a paddock. So I will have neighbours albeit a five minute walk away.

    I'm planning on Jam making, country wine tasting and lots of home made apple pies and bread making.

    And,,, I will spend the Winter re-evaluating my work as Covid has sort of wiped out this year.

    And, I will be stacking enough logs to last until Summer solstice.

    I've loads to do outside. Winter walks in the woods with the dogs.

    The development of a longer term plan of a community farm.

    I've got a big huge new notebook and will be sitting planning by the log burner.

    There is something so satisfying and so full of potential in opening a new notebook and writing out ideas and plans. I treated myself to a beautiful hard backed one.

  • Well lets face it this winter is not looking too good and the year has been interesting!,

    so what are you planning to stay happy?, I'm hoping to spend some quality time with my new partner in either mine or her bed all warm and snuggly :wub: in our Van's.

    I disagree with the first bit of that comment as I can not say that this winter is not looking too good !!

    I shall use the same formula this winter as I do in any season,albeit with a few more items of clothing on ( more than mr and mrs bold anyway :-) )

    Keeping a positive mind and just doing the things that I enjoy doing when I want to do them and keeping away from dickheads is my winning formula no matter what time of year :flowerpower:

    Nice to read that the new relationship is still going well Boris and your snuggles sound like a nice way to get through any hard weather days,though do remember to get up everynow and then and enjoy Nature. Wouldnt want you to get bed sores :eek:

    Like Paul wisely said " keeping away from news and tv " is advice worth considering too. xx

  • I like being on lakesides and in forests on cold and wet winter days with a beautiful view,a nice fire burning away in the stove,soups and veggie stews simmering away on top and lots of cups of tea and infusions.

    Its always nice to get back the van after a nice brisk walk and stepping into the warm and knowing that the water in the kettle on the stove will be ready to pour.

    I listen to lots more chilled out music when I am reading in the winter too.

    Fresh air, good food and nurturing are just a few of the things tnat make it one of my favourite times of year ;-) Oh yeah,no mossies or wasps either xxxx

  • As I'm recently single I haven't got anyone to snuggle up to apart from my cats who I love to bits soooooo on my list to keep happy this winter:

    1) Yoga

    2) Homesewing- I'm still relatively new so hopefully making some clothes for the parents & grandparents by Christmas

    3) Meditation

    4) Listening to some vinyl's (I'm on the look out for some vintage shops in the Midlands or websites for clothes or vinyl so if you know of any let me know :D)

  • I used to spend all my pocket/ milk round money, record shopping in Brum but it was years ago . I think Reddingtons Rare records is still about. Everywhere else I used to go - Don Christies for reggae , The Aardvark centre and Tempest records for trance have gone. Used to be a couple of good record stalls at the flea market.

  • I think I'm going to learn SQL and Python and play around with my software defined radio. And other thingies. I'm going to bake an acre of pizza

    I have bought pizza by the metre in Italy , but an acre sounds like a good challenge ;-)

    I would get confused and not be sure if I was supposed to eat it or mow it !!!!