Shall be looking for a new van/home soon

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  • Bonjour mes amis ( hello my friends )

    I shall be looking for another van/camper soon and thought that I had best get the ball rolling now so that if any of you lovely people know of anything that fits my criteria then you could let me know.

    As nice as my ldv is looking and really without mechanically not too much to do on her apart from a new gearbox at some stage (hopefully not before I find a new van) she is starting to rot a little underneath and she is not getting any younger. The rot under the drivers seat is fixable as well as a few other small rust spots appearing in the body work but the bubbling rust on the chassis near where the shocks are attcahed to it are certainly going to be an mot failure and rightfully so. The bubbling is fairly advance on both sides of the vehicle so time to start looking out for another van. The sticker collection on mine is nearly full anyway so it is just about time to start collection number four :-)


    In the next vehicle,not that I want much but I shall be after a good solid vehicle with 3.5T maximum weight,standing room inside ( I am maybe about 5.9ft ) and Lwb. Ideally a similar size to the ldv convoy. A tad bigger would be fine but not much smaller.Also like twin wheelers !

    I want something that is pretty rust free and is in very good working order with a full mot or close enough,not lots of miles and one previous owner would be nice especially a vicar or careful lady driver !!

    Full service record also would be nice. New cambelt also would be great or at least proof of when it was last changed.

    Albeit an option White would be the last colour of choice and would prefer it to be a tidy looking van with a nice colour and a shine to it that I can keep it looking tidy with my old friend mr T helping me out ,mr T-cut that is. The cops are often friendlier when the van is tidy.

    A big window in the left hand side is also important as it makes life much safer when driving on european roads especially at junctions that come out at an angle. Window not essential though as can always take mine out of the ldv and put them in,as with the sun window.

    Price from 0 pounds to Maybe 4 to 4 and a half thousand quid, but ideally something around the two grand mark. I am quite good at realising the value of a vehicle and know when it is too expensive or even too cheap !!

    Will consider one already converted or a camper,but will also consider a decent base van as will be able to take out the materials used in mine and use them in the next van. I will make the layout pretty much the same as it is in this one and will certainly have the Julian burner in it meaning that it will of been in all of my vans :-)

    I will keep on ticking along happily in the flying dragon for the time being and it will hopefully get me through my next few jobs until late winter spring and then I will be able to come over to the uk (covid dependant ) and hire a car to look at any vehicles that may suit. Ideally a vehicle between the south coast and west wales would be great,but will consider anything all over the uk,france,northern spain,west germany,italy or switzerland. For my needs it must be uk registered with brit plates on it and I do prefer Right hand drive but not essential.

    Please keep your eyes open for me lovely people from now onwards until I find one just in case I need to urgently get over to find a new home quite soon,though as I said late winter to early spring shall be my hope.

    I have been out of the uk for close to twenty years so am not so clued up on places to look other than fleabay,gumtree and auto trader so
    any links,idea's,advice or general comment and help will be very much appreciated on where to look or on anything related to this post.

    Thanks in advance

    Love and light to all

    fly xxxx

  • The link does not appear to be working but no worries I will have a look at getting into their site of the rugby finishes. Thank you kindly for sharing that,as that could be very helpful. xx

  • That one works fine thank you. I do like the look of the newer transits though they often look a little low heightwise. Has anyone had any experience of any of the newer models and know if it is possible to stand up in any of them?

  • Thank you kindly first mate Boris :-)

    Just having a cuppa then off on da road for a few more weeks around the languedoc mountains and all going well the dragon will survice,though even within the huge bounderies of positivity that I have I will admit that I shall be surprised if the gearbox does not inplode before I get back to work here in the Aveyron.

    Lots of noises coming from the bowels of the box and the inlet bearing protesteth very stronglyv!!

    Worse case scenario is I get a tow to a nice place and order a box on line,will not be the end of the world or not even worth worrying about :-)

  • That one works fine thank you. I do like the look of the newer transits though they often look a little low heightwise. Has anyone had any experience of any of the newer models and know if it is possible to stand up in any of them?

    Im 6ft, & cant quite stand straight up in a semi high mk6/7 but plenty headroom in a high top. Fwd models i believe have a lower floor which helps...