Making an income on the road.

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  • Hey Treestump, I was just thinking this was another Drop shipping, get rich from doing nowt, type ebook as peddled all over Youtube, facebook and Instagram,,,,, My curiousity and the fact it's my coffee break time got me wondering what you're promoting !!

    Soooo I looked up the author Simone Kay.. Well, anyone who's name is Twigs, and who is a self styled nomadic, healer, artist, off grid traveller, must have some valuable insights.. So I'm going to buy this one tonight.

    Not because I need an income for travelling, but because I'm interested in creative ways of earning a living.

    On the subject of "Making Money On The Road", that's something lots of people would love to be able to do. To have a lifestyle of relative freedom and live simply. To escape the shackles of the 9-5 and jump off the hamster wheel.

    My offgrid lifestyle looks pretty mainstream. I run creative businesses, yet I last was an employee almost 30 years ago. Thinking outside the box is vital.

    This would be a great place to exchange ideas and thoughts on earning a living outside of what the late Stuart Wilde called The Tick Tock.

  • Aaahhh LosingBaggage,, come on now!!!!! Get writing, but don't hold hold your breath waiting for the Renault Master !

    Somebody has gone to the effort of producing an ebook. There's a facebook page for off grid country living UK. It's got around 17,000 members and judging by a lot of the comments, some peeps are in dire need of figuring out how they are going to keep a roof over their head and a set of wheels under their feet.

    We both know that being open to the thoughts and ideas of others is a pretty good thing. Even if it's just to say,, " ok, I've read ****** and it's crap".

    But there's generally always something of value to learn. Even if it's figuring out the way NOT to do things.

    So can I please ask you what advice you'd have for folk who want to quit the 9-5, but still need to pay the diesel, road tax, insurance etc??

  • Thank you Lesley and I see you are In North of Scotland So am I. Between Aberdeen and Dundee...

    I just popped on for two ticks, I would love to stay longer but I have 101 different jobs to do before I set off for pastures new :-)

    If you do decide do buy the book I hope you enjoy.

    Take care xx

  • Well for tuppence worth here goes on what you could possibly do to earn a few quid.

    I will be honest, earning money on the fly depends on your skill set, how much you need and any resource like tools, computer or truck ect.

    Collecting scrap and skip diving is nearly always a winner. Scrap can be sold locally, (i.d needed now) and other goodies sold on eBay.

    A trip to the Pound Shop for household cleaning products, box em up and go knocking on doors, easy double up for a small investment.

    Car cleaning is always a winner on a weekend.

    Window cleaning too.

    Generally any cleaning.

    Rubbish clearance too.

    Gardening especially as most people have tools you can use.

    Ebooks it would seem are indeed a popular way now of generating cash, but you have to get involved in networking and marketing and develop something worth reading.

    Etsy for selling crafts online that you make..

    For the musically gifted, busking earns you a few quid.

    Balloons on a stick are a good little earner in the high st at weekends and market days or along busy seafronts.

    Flog wrapping paper at Christmas.

    Holly Wreaths too.

    Go find the local vicar, explain your passing through on a bit of a Pilgrimage and does he know of anyone who needs a little help or assistance for a morsel.. They always know !!

    Buying food in jars and soaking off the labels, then putting your own Bio Home Made sticker on always earns a buck at the farmers produce market..

    The list is almost endless.

    Talk to people, talking and communicating is key.

    Offer a little help for free and doors open. When people see you are capable, polite and honest, they will normally find you a little paid job.

    Living in the UK is the gift that keeps on giving, you might not get rich, but you will never starve either.

  • Some good advice on there,but the soaking off the labels from Jars and putting an organic homemade produce one on should not be encouraged as that will only help encourage bad karma for its level of dishonesty and bad karma and dishonesty will not help in the long run.

    Lots of other good advice on there though xx

  • Well with an estimated 700,000 peeps thrown on the scrap heap this autumn alone ,thanks to this terrible virus, I'm thinking that a lot more peeps will be living in Van's etc and looking for any work that they can find.

  • I have my own business, I work with words. I create beautiful Word documents from garbled audio files. I keep digital records. I produce spreadsheets. Most of my work is done remotely via the wonders of the WWW, PV panels and unlimited mobile broadband, but sometimes I go to a client's place of business and conjure piles of receipts and screwed up bits of paper into neat piles and then enter the result into documents or spreadsheets. I also produce content.

  • Mmmm an increase in doorstep tat sellers, produce fraudsters,. man with van flytippers et al. What about lucky heather, a 10000% increase easily achievable. A bit more of this and we can apply for charity money aimed at third world nations. If not already we can't be far off qualifying.

    Those wannabe nomads who so lack imagination they need to desperately attempt to buy ideas to tell them what to do would be best suited to staying in the matrix and continuing to take their orders there rather than drag the existing down.

    My vanlife prosperity does me just fine and the last thing I'll be doing is sharing it with strangers and breeding competition and the future drop in living standards for myself. I will continue to be guided by my evolutionary instincts, they've served me well for nigh on six decades.

    The increase in economic van dwellers will bring the voluntary and thriving of us yet more negative attention from the state. The downhill trend is accelerating and no brakes to be seen.

  • If you spend today worrying about tomorrow then you will not of enjoyed today and really it is today that counts as it is the only given certainty !!

    The amount of campers on the road in France has gone up what would appear to be ten fold this year and it shall certainly bring with it some probs for future vehicle dwellers,but all we can do is accept what is happening and carry on living and enjoying our now by adapting and rising to the new challenges.

    Mark twain - The only constance is change

    And that was not a recent comment !!!!!