Nazi Hippies!

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  • Stumbled on this interesting article about hippies and the crossover with the far right (and far left).

    Some people are astounded that New Age hippies could have any overlap with extremist conspiracy politics. But it happens. This week, I want to look at another period when the New Age overlapped with far-right politics, with disastrous consequences for the world — Germany in the 1920s and 30s.…ight-overlap-d1a6ddcd7be4

  • The rationale linked with the occult is that you are getting something the other fellow has not got, and preferably for free. Therefore you are superior.

    Much like religions, of course. They too promise New Ages of enlightenment.

    Nazi mysticism is well documented, there are several different studies of the occult and the Third Reich. The linked article is necessarily superficial.

    Like all mysticism, it failed when it met the physical reality of war with superior forces.

  • The allies also attempted to use occult powers -

    " Gerald Gardner and New Forest witches got together near the town of Highcliffe-by-the-Sea to cast a spell on Hitler to keep the German military from invading Britain. The ritual that was performed that night became known by the sort-of-military-sounding code name Operation Cone of Power."

    Full article -…ches-hitler-spell-4134250

  • The nazis were into the occult and mysticism but I wouldn't call them hippies.

    Of course not, but a lot of the 'new age' type hippies, often the ones who were previously into the Law of Attraction and crystals etc. are now also very much into conspiracy theories -- a lot of the people now blaming 5g were previously invested in chemtrail conspiracies etc.

    It's almost like a cosmic hippy bipolar ...

    New ager: "I create my own reality, what I hold in my mind manifests -- I raise my vibration and align with divine forces!"

    Also New ager: "they're all out to get us and we're doomed unless we stop them immediately!" :D

  • I think that it's fair to say that some hippys were always drawn to some elements of mysticism - tarot, I Ching ,astrology, paganism , ArthurIan legends, pyramids, ley lines , ancient monuments , secret societies etc.

    Indeed my favourite musicians - The Grateful Deads lyrics and artwork are rich with such mystic symbolism and imagery.

    Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Sheas - Illuminati trilogy and associated books have been popular with hippys for years.

    The Nazi leadership and intellectual thinkers of that persuasion were drawn to secret societies that also had some interest in such things - societys such as The Thule Gesellschaft or the Vril Society with the enigmatic psychic Maria Orsic and the Vril maidens. When Hitler banned secret societies in 1941 Thule and Vril were documented under the SS E - IV unit.

    For the most part I think that it would be fair to say that your average hippy interest in mysticism, secret mystic society's or conspiracy theory is not going to turn them into goose stepping Nazis .

  • I can certainly see the "They are all out to get us" aspect showing up from time to time