Government Plans for Mass Vaccination...

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  • Some of you may not yet be aware that the UK government is proposing to change the medical regulations and the laws to enable unlicensed vaccines to be administered by unlicensed persons....The so-called "Consultation" documents are here, and this 'consultation' ends in a couple of weeks time. They seem to be in an almighty and unholy hurry to get this through.

    For those of you are are not aware, 'Unlicensed' vaccines means vaccines that have not been properly and scientifically tested over a given period of time. 'Unlicensed' persons means people who are not registered medical practitioners, nurses, or other registered medical personnel.

  • One more interesting point about these legal proposals, is that they aim to change the law so that nobody ordering, manufacturing, distributing, or giving these new vaccinations can be prosecuted if anything were found to have gone wrong.

    I think this law may presently only cover medical personnel who administer vaccines and treatments. Under these new legal proposals, it would cover government and both manufacturers and distributors (big pharma) as well. So if something went wrong, you could not sue big pharma, even if you had the means to do so....

    As supposedly scores of millions of doses of these vaccines will be prepared, this won't be done in Sheffield or Slough, but in countries far away, which may not have the same standards of hygiene inspection, but are just knocking out as many as possible as quickly as possible. So even if no conspiracy is involved, there is the serious matter of unlicensed production in dodgy and probably unhygienic places, the product of which is to be administered by unqualified people. Against the possible ill-effects of which there is no comeback.

  • Astra Zenica, Pfizer, J&J and others wont supply to the west unless the govts sign an agreement to indemnify them from any and all legal action taken by people negatively affected by the vaccines. In fact, the agreements state that any govt accepting the vaccine HAS to provide a slush fund to meet the liabilities and is ratified by the WHO…countable-vaccine-effect/

  • IMO this is the slippery slope towards other vaccines and potentially nanotechnology.

    I will be relying on my Immune System.

    And talking of immune systems and the vaccine, vaccine, vaccine mantra. Well I have a little terrier. She'll be 14 yrs old in a few months time and got vaccinated at 8wks and 10wks old. She hasn't had a vaccination since them. But last year she got a Titer test; an antibody blood test to tell if the original vaccine is still protecting her. And YES,,, it was!!

    So her body hasn't been subjected to 13 extra vaccines. Living proof that she doesn't need a vaccine every 12 months.

  • Current law (UK) and protections therein would not allow vaccination by needle without the consent of the target🙂

    At the extreme, whereby a person is sectioned for mental health reasons, every potential physical abuse (such as injection and physical restraint) has to be justified as being in the immediate best interests of that particular individual.

    Vaccination - quite obviously- is not necessary treatment that could be justified even if a person were held under section.

    The law (UK) does not allow medication to be used as a substitute for safety measures that could otherwise be met by increasing personnel numbers or adapting/changing/expanding the environment.

    Anyone can be trained to give an injection (its not difficult to do) but having the confidence to tell any powerful fucker that you will not do it and will report them if they do it requires some further degree of knowledge and education.

  • Hi Zendaze, I wasn't talking about vaccinating by physical force, but citizens not qualifying for certain privileges if they aren't vaccinated!

    This could happen. As for current laws, well who would have forecast in early March we'd all be under house arrest within a week? Laws can change very quickly. We are living in very unusual times.

  • It certainly is Draconian. We have been under virtual house arrest. Our movements controlled. Families separated. Lives turned upside down.

    If we stand back and look at the news footage since lockdown as if we are watching a fictional tv drama, then the whole Covid period looks like a dystopian nightmare.

    Yet, we blindly obey without question.

  • Escape is a pipe dream.

    Seems to me most people in society are too proud and so convinced by their personal enigma that their overwhelming positivity and mental fortitude will bite them in the arse.

    Gotta stay positive to overcome being shat on. Right? 💣🤮

  • Escape is a pipe dream.

    Seems to me most people in society are too proud and so convinced by their personal enigma that their overwhelming positivity and mental fortitude will bite them in the arse.

    Gotta stay positive to overcome being shat on. Right? 💣🤮

    That's too much like deep thinking for me Zendaze. But I'm trying to figure out what you're saying... But what if "Escape" isn't a pipe dream, ,,, but the middle ground,,, another way,,, an alternative. Isn't that the ethos of being a Hippy, or Hippyish, or Hippydom??:flowerpower::flowerpower:

    I'd say being a bit negative is the best way to avoid being shit on ..... or dodging the pile of shit! The shit is everywhere. We just need to find ways of dealing with it.