Where to find a partner

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  • Dude,if you are not fatally ill,then chill out and look forward to all the beautiful experiences that you have left,if you are fatally ill then please accept my sympathies and I hope that you find someone to spend your last days with,though the first phrase still carries. Make the most of your time at all times as life is a beautiful gift and we need to profit everyday irrespective of how many days,weeks,months or years we have left :-)

    I have had friends dying from cancer who have made the most right upto their end.

    We are all dying but its more the living that counts in my eyes :-)

  • This will come over as harsh but you sound needy. Needy people are very hard work, they have to be constantly propped up and supported, they are often jealous and possessive due to the low self-confidence. Instant turn off for me.

    I would suggest building your confidence, making some friends, do a hobby, join a club, do some voluntary work. Be you, find out what you like to do, become friends with yourself. A partner will soon show up when you radiate those qualities.