Auditing the police

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  • Does anyone else watch YouTube vids by auditing Britain, crime bodge, Ash Phillips, Joe public UK and the like.

    In a way the content is really boring but what they are doing is really very interesting.

    Basically they are freedom fighters that expose Police for not applying laws correctly.

    The subtext is that these guys get as much as they can on video and stand to make many thousands of pounds from civil lawsuits against the police.

  • I do watch crimebodge. If the guy has a monetary interest in doing it I don't think he's getting rich from it but he most certainly is providing a public service. If only the public would snap out of their stupor and watch and more importantly absorb the realities of what they're watching.

    Police standards have been dropping all the time I have been aware of them, accelerating somewhat in the last couple of decades.

  • Thanks for the information, zendaze. I'll give them a look when my feet touch the ground. I've been busy writing up evidence for letters to the House of Lords and DEFRA concerning our local feudal overlords who have failed to comply with their side of the bargain on laws they have spent a fortune sponsoring into place!

  • Crime bodge is an expert who will promote others stories of misjustice at the hands of the police... He will also pursue cases and does charge for some of his services.

    Ash and Joe Public UK are quite antagonistic. Ash was recently arrested and will likely receive compensation after suing for wrongful arrest and imprisonment. Joe public UK was very recently paid out from his first arrest and based on his footage must have other cases ongoing against the police for assault and wrongful arrest and imprisonment.

    Seems to me, based on the footage, that there should be a higher compensation for malicious arrest over simply wrongful arrest and imprisonment.... Anyways Crime bodge reports that the first hour of unlawful imprisonment equals £500 in compensation when pursued.

    I guess if police chiefs are prepared to pay that money in order to persecute, harass and exert authority over individuals who lawfully antagonise unlawful police systems and culture then its all a fair game.

  • Having lived / worked in the USA for a number of years I can tell you our police are not that bad.

    We may be critical but inept or overstretched is nothing compared to what happens in USA they are animals answerable to nobody because there no police complaints mechanisms in USA.

    Unless you can afford lawyers