Criminalising trespass and empowering the police seize your home.

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  • It had to happen dinit! :whistle: The threat of loosing our vehicle or covering the vehicle storage fees while appealing the charge, will be enough to get most of us on our way, before they issue us with any paperwork. saving Police time and stiffing Police control over individuals. Faking a breakdown isn’t illegal.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are arseholes who don’t pay attention to where/how/when they set up camp. Most of us are extremely conscientious and like to portray the best attitude possible to NIMBY’s. But the policing and avoidance of public discord is always going to be priority. What next? Photo ID cards.....

  • I'm hearing that a ban on staying overnight in laybys etc in Van's and cars is now in place in Lake district and parts of Northumberland due to litter and poo left in these areas, if true this really is the beginning of the end for vanlife hippies!

  • Is this people who have hired campervans because they can't holiday abroad? A new breed of New Traveller - the New New Traveller? Who doesn't get why we are unwelcome and who doesn't care or doesn't want to create a good impression?

    We left 'our' lay-by spotless, now I'm back I see the locals have left bottles, litter, tyres, receipts and general litter.

    BTW I notice that there is always a lot of litter around schools. Ban them! Masses of litter on the beach which visitors have left. Ban them! Rubbish outside houses of student landlords. Ban them! Rubbish left at festivals. Ban them! Rubbish left by football crowds. Ban them!

    But nothing gets said about those groups, only us - you could think there was some political will behind it all...

  • I think education is the only way, it's hard to catch these idiots and hard to ban or fine them so a blanket ban it is!,how about building some decent park ups with bigger bins, loos and water. Create a look after it and you dont lose it attitude?

  • Unfortunately there’s far to many folk, who have no respect for property other than their own. & care less about public opinion. Like us, they want space to do “their thing.”

    Our children don't associate the environmental impact of dropping their sweet wrappers, just like us smokers throw down fag nubs. Education and conveying ownership is a tough hurdle to get over and in need of investment.

    It’s taken years of publicity, public outcry, provision of infrastructure and legislation just to get “otherwise, sensible, otherwise responsible folk to consider cleaning up their dog mess. Yet I still see bagged up dogshit hanging in trees.

  • I think theres been a nail in the coffin for the van life since the criminal justice bill. Wild camping is a all encompassing definition. If it’s intention is to reduce impact on areas like Dartmoor etc, where uncontrolled encampment by many, (including those who don’t give too shits about “leave no trace” ) & now that many have the means to drive to, park up and please themselves. Attracted by endless blogs, vids on YouTube etc. Then there is going to be overspill into the nomadic van dwellers domain. It’s inevitable that laws would be introduced, tightened to protect the Countryside, landowners and public services/authorities.
    I spent most of the 1980’s90’s and 2000 not frequenting formal/legal campsites. Paying to park up was never on the cards with the way of life that appealed. I didn’t need, nor looked for toilets, tap water or entertainment. Joining UKH was a turning point. Folk gathered in lawful surroundings. Although accommodating, it came at a price. The convoy days and large illegal stopping places were ruined by the very tribe I was affiliated to. Now the same is happening to the van dwellers. It’s becoming too popular for the wrong reasons.

    Let’s hope common sense prevails and those who act responsibly are left alone.

  • Yes very wise words, I've also been around and remember the convoy days, I never joined it but could see exactly where that was headed, you only have as much freedom as the man let's you have i guess,things have been tough out here for years now and it ain't improving man.

  • Its a shame most of not all people on here pull up stop a bit and do no harm, just want to be left alone or not, love being mobile,

    leaving no litter, no dung visable, its either taken away or buried,

    but there is a lot have found a lifestyle they love, but arnt really bothered about litter, poo, or being annoying there rebels sticking to fingers up but leaving there life, waste, and often tents behind.

    Why do some always spoil life for others.

    Ive kipped in my van all over the place, never trouble, now i foresee just bother, getting moved on or worse.

    Just wish these idiots could be found and told to clean there crap up, maybe a video or two of animals and heathland getting burned due to bbqs , and animals injesting plastic, etc etc.

    I hold my hands up here as a lad i stoped on campsites got a bit drunk and we were maybe a bit loud as lads, but we got told off and if we kept that up told to leave so we behaved after that.

    I found as a young man you behave badly in a peer group situation you try to get more drunk be louder be more rebelious.

    So make it not cool to crap all over the place, litter and leave cans and rubbish, make it not cool to piss off locals and tourists, and other van dwellers,

    be good if an instant cs order could be served, luminous bibs all round and litter picking duties for a day.

    or a big fine asbo on number plate for this year, if proven you really were out of order.

    other good people good van dwellers, etc just leave alone,

  • I am preparing a little campaign to educate people about us who live on wheels. I hate when i see litter and mess left, but for the sake of balance, let's not forget the mess left at festivals, various beaches, by football fans (who have been known to piss in people's gardens). What about round schools? You can always tell you are nearing a school by the amount of sweet wrappers, drink cans, fag packets on the ground. A documentary is also on the way.

  • I am preparing a little campaign to educate people about us who live on wheels. I hate when i see litter and mess left, but for the sake of balance, let's not forget the mess left at festivals, various beaches, by football fans (who have been known to piss in people's gardens). What about round schools? You can always tell you are nearing a school by the amount of sweet wrappers, drink cans, fag packets on the ground. A documentary is also on the way.

    They wont be happy until we are all in camps Millie, I'm seriously thinking of driving on that ferry and not coming back 6yrs straight this time and I'm tired .

  • I've just written this to a friend:. I am up for a protest, static or rolling road blocks around the M25, other key routes. The success of this relies on numbers, like with the poll tax, there had to be mass civil disobedience, so many bodies that jails are full and courts are backed up. I've been in so many situations before where everyone's for yeah yeah I'll be there, come the day I'm standing there by myself!

  • The Canal and River Trust are selling off land they own to developers. New tenants or apartment owners are given rights of access to the waterway. Scruffy liveaboards are not part of this idyll. Clearance ensues.

    I go into more detail in the thread I started to avoid cluttering this one, but the waterway where I am moored is not owned by CRT. The Middle Level Commissioners claim a hundred miles of navigable waterway which makes it the fourth largest waterway in the country after CRT, Environment Agency and the Broads Authority. The MLC has paid to get a law pushed through Parliament as a Private Bill, entitling them to demand that we register our boats and begin paying them a licence fee. We get nothing extra for our money. It is basically a demand for money from us in the form of a new tax. We managed to get the status of people who live primarily on their boats recognised as a special case and having the same rights to privacy as anyone living in bricks and mortar. The MLC are reintroducing the means to get us to allow admittance to anyone with the right i.d. to inspect our homes through a backdoor in the new byelaws they are trying to get through DEFRA at the moment. The language they have used throughout their campaign has been to clear the less-shiny boats, "river rats" and ne'er-do-wells off the system. Clearances by another name.

  • Yep, they are putting through all sorts of behind-the-scenes laws that would be looked upon as Neo-fascist if enough people knew about them. Coop up your populace, keep them scared with government fear propaganda, and you can change the whole shape of the country's laws without anyone being any the wiser.

  • Bit by bit our freedoms are being eroded. These are incredible times where we have instant access to information and knowledge. Never before have people been able to take actions and communicate so quickly. Yet the majority of the population are living as sheep.

    On a side note..... Come to Scotland. The black and yellow "NO Overnight Parking signs" in Scottish laybys are not legal and not covered by any traffic regulation order.