Other People's Smells....

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  • Well, here's a nice topic, particularly in the present hot weather....:whistle:Phew!

    Sparked off by visiting another new neighbour the other day, a nice young lady, to do a little DIY the O/H had let me in for. (She knows I'm pretty harmless, these days...:)).

    Anyway, this gal had just moved into a bedsit, and apart from a bed on stilts, there was no furniture in the place. So I just asked, what are you doing for furniture? And gave her the details of a couple of local charities who give poor folks secondhand furniture for free, or just for the cost of delivery.

    "Oh, I couldn't have secondhand" She said. "I'll just buy bits when I can. I got a bed and a deck-chair, and a laptop, for now."

    "But why not secondhand stuff?" I asked, about to leave, a bit mystified. (Most of our stuff is secondhand, or picked up in the street and mended).

    "Oh, I couldn't!" She said. "I don't like other people's smells...."


    So this set me thinking. We've never been bothered by other people's smells much. Like, obviously, we wouldn't pick up a piss-soaked mattress, or settee, but most furniture is made of wood, or pseudo wood, and doesn't carry smells for more than a day or two. Upholstery might, but a bit of cleaning soon puts that right. Both our easy chairs are s/h, and I can't recall either having any particular smell to them.

    I have worked in several jobs that took me into other people's houses, and sure, they all smell a little different, and some might smell a bit objectionable, but hell, who cares, that is just people.

    (About the worst place I went into, everybody in there, even mum and dad, although quite nice as people, all smelled like they had taken a crap and only used the one slice of toilet roll, if you know what I mean:reddevil:).

    So what's your take on Other People's Smells?

    It's a topic I don't think I've seen on here before. Maybe, being smelly hippies anyway, nobody ever thought to mention it?

  • not sure about what others think of my smells ,,but on a regular basis ,I cook a homemade curry ,normally with mutton ,so its a long cooking time ,about 3 to 4 hours ,during the cooking process ,I just have to open my front door ,which is a small block of flats ,and let the curry smell ,drift around in the comunial hallway for a few hours :D iv noticed on a couple of occasions ,one of the other residents in the flats ,spraying air freshner into the hallway ,does this mean he doesn't approve ? or isn't a curry fan lol

  • I understand smells are really important to some folk. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I don’t seem to have a good sense of smell. Or should say, it’s not a important sensory tool for me in everyday life. I like to smell roses/herbs etc and I can really appreciate what I consider to be pleasant scents. I was surprised a year ago when I walked into Lyndseys bathroom and the strangest most awful pungent smell was coming from the toilet area. It smelled so bad that I had to investigate. (Had our little girl crapped/pissed and missed the bog?) No, the toilet bowl was clean too. The day after again I smelled it again. Asking what the fowl smell was I got strange looks and Lyndsey even investigated. Nothing was found. Later that day. I found the cause of this vile smell. It was a pot of Jasmine.
    it turns out that some people have a genetic dislike to compounds in jasmine. While it’s one of Lyndsey’s favourite Smells. It’s totally repulsive to me. There’s a lot of science online about jasmine smelling like poo to some folk.

    Anyway, back to smells. Smells are really important to Lyndsey. Make or break with a partner if she doesn’t like the smell of them. Luckily for her, she adores my natural smell. Seriously. She will sniff and drool. She even laid on my side of the bed when I wasn’t in there, just for the smell. I’m really lucky in that I don’t ever worry about what I smell like and she just loves it even more.
    She is like a blood hound with smells. Brilliant/useful for lpg gas leaks and alerting me to smells

    For me the smell of my partners genitalia is important. If I’m lunching out, smell, taste and looks makes a difference and I don’t care what other folk say. For me it’s a package that gets better with all three and I wont avoid if two are right on. I might not walk away if one of the above is right. If there all wrong I become a Rastafarian and won’t eat anything that bleeds and doesn’t die.

  • Interesting post, RT.

    Winter box flowers smell like piss to me, but the O/H puts them in vases around the place, and says they smell spring-like. Air-fresheners she doesn't like, partly because we'd be breathing the chemical content, and she isn't keen on commercial deodorants, either, for the same reasons, but also thinks they smell artificial.
    So bunches of garden flowers scent the place when available, and we generally use natural oils, subtly mixed with carrier oils, for personal use if necessary.

    Yes, the smell of people becomes interesting, I think, in all sorts of situations, not just intimate ones. It must be a very tribal thing too, particularly to animals. Dogs that don't initially like a new pet brought into the household are soon happily playing with them once the newcomer has picked up enough of the household scent after a few days.

    Smells are very evocative and bring back memories vividly, just like music does. The first time I came across the scent of patchouli, in the 60's, was on a gal I was taking home after some event we'd attended. It was winter and she had a coat on, so I just thought the coat must be smelling a little mouldy through hanging in a damp wardrobe someplace!:). (Plenty of damp wardrobes in damp bedrooms in those days).

  • I’ve got loads of car airfreshners. All sealed for now. But if I put one in a vehicle Lyndsey just complains. To me if it needs an airfreshner, most airfreshners smells are better than the smell Im trying to mask, even though they are chemical or artificial. Lyndseys other top pick is frankincense. I’m not really impressed by it. I don’t see what the fuss is.

  • Noted Old Keith thinks winter box flowers smells like pee.

    I like all sorts of 'nice' smells but Jasmine...oh no! To me it smells like cat pee, yet many people love the smell of Jasmine. Perhaps it's just me! Perhaps winter box flowers has the dreaded Jasmine in it?

  • Seems that certain scents can react with the human skin bacteria, and therefore these bacteria produce gases that smell quite different to the original scent...:reddevil:

    As well as some scents smelling quite different to different people as they are, whether on the flower or in the bottle.

    A bit like looks, perhaps? Some people find the way someone looks attractive, while others just don't see it, or find the same looks unattractive...:flowerpower:

    A good thing we don't all look and smell the same!

  • Smell was once a very important sensory skill. I’m not sure I would want to be preoccupied sniffing the wind, walls of buildings, trees or the people around us, only to be confused and overstimulated in today’s cosmopolitan environment. Being able to detect the likelihood that the roadkill pheasant isn’t worth picking up to later feed the family or avoid having to throw our morning cuppa down the drain because the milks off, is really still a advantage to saving time and effort.

    If we had poor eyesight and no sense of smell, we might be serving up poisoned food. Being able to tell if our undercrackers have been washed or not isn’t so life threatening. But I’m surprised the number of times I’ve witnessed my partners “sniffing their nickers.”

    interestingly we often all react to the smell of smoke drifting into homes.

  • Having lived in the land of B.O and over the top perfume ( France ) for many years I have very much develloped a large dislike for other people's smells and do my best to stay in my own happy space where I can smell the flowers and the occassional bit of nag champa :-)

  • i think i have a good sense of smell,and there are smells im not comfy with..a car that smells of dog,a smokers house,altho i dont notice it in the van..other smells comfort me,old beery,smokey pub smell(was bought up in a pub)creosote...i know,odd,lol..but dont like dirty body smells,like really bogging when people have poor hygiene ,but like lindsey i love ujs smell and just snuggle up for a sniff..chemical smells are a no no,we hardly use chemical products so somewhere like my old neighbours house,where plug ins were everywhere,i could ever smell it in the garden ,are stifling..supermarket washing powder aisles urgh! x

  • I just moved house recently. The house had empty for some time So it had a bit of the “empty house” smell though thankfully no damp. Plus it wasn’t terribly clean and the previous occupants had been smokers. There wasn’t a massive tobacco smell, but overall it wasn’t a nice mixture.

    I spent the first 2 weeks scrubbing the bathroom and kitchen from floor to ceiling with bleach, sugar-soaping every wall, and getting the carpets professionally shampooed. And then started redecorating.

    I didn’t really start to feel at home there until the old smell had gone. I could smell it every time I walked into the house and it just reminded me that it was someone else’s smell. Probably the best thing for changing the smell is new paint.

    I certainly remember coming in the front door, and noticing that the old smell smell had gone, and that made me happy!

  • My so called mate dropped his :vomit:guts:vomit: in the truck today as we drove home from work. My revenge was to slam on the brakes to a full stop and his potato for a head nearly hit the windscreen. I fell out the truck and pretty much retched. Which seemed to take his mind of the sudden shock of a hard stop.

    He was laughing so much he was crying. Its hard not to laugh along too and so I joined in.

  • Many years ago, in the 70's, a mate of mine had a little Mini-van. He would cram his mates from the village in the back and they'd go off for a drink on Saturday night. After, he'd take them home, with the van veering about badly, back-heavy. I only did a couple of trips; the ride back scared me.

    One Sunday they decided to go out again for a drink before Sunday dinner. But they had all been on the Bass the night before, which was notorious. First one let rip, then another, and another. There were about six or seven in the little van, farting like bar stewards. They wound down the windows, but it was bad; too bad, and he had to pull in at the nearest layby. The rear doors opened and they all staggered out, belching and farting and laughing like idiots....

  • I have a good sense of smell, some of my friends are a bit whiffy, and I try not to recoil when they first get near - after a while my nose must shut down, or surrenders, and it's not such an assault on the senses.

    I love the smell of my dog's feet and her smell generally.

    My mother died before I was two, of cancer, don't know much about it or her, the subject was verboten. When I was 25 l was in hospital, just waking fully after an anaesthetic. The girl opposite was dying of cancer, the smell immediately took me back to the smell of my mother (same cancer). Smell is apparently the most powerful memory trigger.

    I always smell of Patchouli, every day. My horrible stepmother used to say it smelled of mouldy chestnuts. Well, up yours love, I'm still smelling of mouldy chestnuts - and very happily too, despite your best efforts to the contrary.

  • If were off down fart avenue,
    as it is quite funny, we once years ago had a labourer on,

    who ate all sorts of rubbish that made him crap about 4 times a day and fart on the way home the most deadliest awful noxious silent things.

    Anyway back in the day me and him took turns to go home in back of escort van not really illegal then but on the borderline.

    on one trip home the labourer started chuckling, a deadly wretched pong drifted forward, dad who never lost his wrag much said you dirty sod, and preceeded to open van window, his chuckles soon turned to a pleading i am cold, bugger you wont do that again, it was only 2 miles he got out shivering and cursing. He never farted when dad was driving again.

    Another situation we were working in a church vault an old lad i worked with silently dropped his guts, dad who was deaf started sniffing are the drains blocked, in here, to which a chuckle off the old lad preceeded in you dirty old b.... so we retreeted to fresh air, for dinner, met by some japeanese or chinease tourists, they went into vault the old lad laughed they wont be in there long he was right they came out fairly quick.