External cctv for live in vehicle?

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  • I'm not in the market for cctv but it would be my next comfort purchase when and if funds allow.

    Any guidance for achieving this on a budget and with minimal power drain.

    I'd love to be able to "see" outside at times when parked up and a loop recording function would be a (power draining) bonus.

    Any ideas for a relatively cheap system?

  • Bog standard cheap driving-reversing cameras that can do front and rear view (switched) or multi units, with the option of one screen input.
    I bought a 12volt IR LED rear camera, a 7” x 5” LCD screen monitor and a bag of Cables for £10 at the carboot. I’ve rigged it up in the County for rear vision/observation. It doesn’t have a recording function, but I’m glad I have it and use it regularly.

    I’ve also picked up several 12volt headrest LCD DVD players and a couple of tiny CCTV cameras. I did play around with them, but just use them for kids DVD entertainment.

    What Im saying is all the components are readily available secondhand or new cheap isa. If you can have a larger monitor with camera switching, you might dedicate more time to monitoring screens. It could lead to mild paranoia. Having the choice to view live and view on demand recorded would be best. I would also consider a dedicated battery and charging system too.

    I’ve bought 2 x ex military vehicle glass/mirror/ metal periscopes. Though Ive not butchered any vehicle to instal. These offer a “quick fixed scan” but limited at night.

    It will be interesting where this thread goes.

  • I was thinking of something like Ring maybe, world be useful to speak to the dog or any would be intruder. Then I read that Ring is part of Amazon and is adding info about users. So I won't be getting that particular system.

    I've been looking a bit more at some of what is available.

    It does appear that a 4 camera infrared system (that optionally loop records to an sd card) and is relatively low power can be cobbled together using new equipment and including a 7inch screen for less than £120 exc sd card.

    The devil is bound to be in the detail though. (some potential issues are the bulkiness of the camera housing and a mere 120 degree field of view [proper infrared though with a decent range of infrared illumination])

    Re ring system:I've not looked up an internal camera that would notify and have real time audio/video streaming yet.... I think there are small self contained (WiFi enabled and loop recording to sd card) 'spy' cameras that will do this. Not sure about audio though.... Would require an external battery pack for longer absences and the patchy hope that one has coverage for the 'mobile WiFi modem'.