Just what goes on in hospitals during a epidemic. Undercover COVID nurse turned Journalist

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  • I wouldn’t be happy if I had lost a loved one in hospital during this epidemic, especially if CODES weren’t adhered to. I expect much more of this undercover reporting to come out in the public realm. Granted this is in the US and not our NHS
    but this is a insight into body factory meets nurse training head on.

  • The law is pretty much the same in the UK.

    Any patient in hospital is 'for cpr' until a form stating otherwise has been completed.

    Cpr is the default action without the form.... during unsuccessful cpr it will be an anaesthetist (critical care consultant) who will pronounce further cpr as futile.

    As an aside, many years ago, I initiated cpr for a patient who had expressed a wish not to be resuscitated. That Poor bloke was successfully brought back to life.

    The paperwork was found to be unclear and my actions were never in doubt.... The paperwork has become much more clear over the years.

    Edit: I forgot to reassure that there is no argument in the UK nhs. If the dnr (do not resuscitate) form isn't properly completed then cpr starts and does not stop until a consultant anaesthetist says so.

    Edit edit edit: the dnr form is always the top page of the notes. If it is not present or cannot be found or is inexplicably lost then the same action as above applies.

  • Looks like the Dollar is King, even in the (US) hospitals.

    "Hike the fuggers through; the more that die, the more we get paid...."

    God's Own Country for you, already.

    Not too different a means of generating money as with those poor prisoners in China, having body parts removed for sale, regardless of prisoner/family consent. I understand the extreme difficulty when dealing with such unknown numbers possibly Needing hospitalisation during a epidemic. But to put a price on their head and view them as a.commodify is a shocking reality of our combined failures.

    Thanks for the reassurance of our NHS zendaze. I see only the best in our nhs Staff and care workers. I’m still wondering what mistakes/mishaps may come to light though. Sending silver heads whom have tested positive, back in to care homes with a bonus of £1,000. Might show top dogs at the nhs to be no more than mongrels

  • I’m hoping lessons will be learned, as I feel there will be a next time. I will forgive all of us this time round. But don’t take on the job if your not ready to take the heat, will be my motto.

    Far too forgiving of you imo RT...

    'Course I am heavily biased in my desire to see gvmt hung, drawn and quartered on this issue.

    My objection to working conditions and health and safety ignorance imposed by gvmt during covid has significantly affected my income.

    Infection control principles are known. They are not something to be learned through the callous ignorance and contempt that gvmt displayed.

  • I agree, all this sit had already been identified AND documented in many advanced Countries around the world. Protocol should have been clear enough to select, process and follow.
    It wasn’t so much the blind leading the blind, more poor navigation trying to evacuate a smoke filled building.

    if imprisonments or bankruptcies for individuals in government positions responsible for making decisions, would result from investigating government, officials etc. I would be more proactive in pushing for accountability. But I fear without, it would just be further paper pushing, media manipulation and distracting from getting this Country back into the black and on track..

  • What do you hope for zendaze? What would make you happy with a internal/external “thorough” review/investigation?
    It won’t just be the gov on trial, it will be the nhs, the compliant nursing homes, Advisors, Consultants. They won’t all get the sack, and any financial compensation will be more for TAX payers to pick up.

    You might hope for a rebellion and a change of government.

    But really what would you settle for?

  • really constructive of you zen. Hung drawn and quartered is not an option. As much as some of us would like to shoot fkers who piss us off, it’s not what the majority of the UK public want to happen to those in charge. In Russia, China folk just disappear . I was going to say, you get to vote them out, at the next election, but you don’t vote, just sigh.

    So apart from this review Going ahead and a possible apology from Boris etc. Are you wanting to be compensated for your personal loss of income too?

  • Do you sigh?

    I understand a sigh to be a pause that replaces calling people out on irony, hippocrasy and unreflective thoughts.

    I'm sighing out of respect to you as a human being who often communicates respect and compassion toward humanity.

    Your last few posts don't show much reflection on your part.

    Compensation, however unlikely, would be great.

  • I don’t sign No, I chunt, I call myself all the names under the sun. A spade is a spade and it’s fooking loud.

    Sorry If Ive taken your sighs the wrong way. ;)
    A sigh to me is a rude or dismissive response when used on social media. Signalling, disappointment, boredom. ( and usually Used by those reaching puberty/adulthood in my experience) Txt “sigh” I’ve no idea what else it could mean, I’ve never used sigh until now. In real-life it has a different meaning, communicating partially With body language and substitution of breath for words.

    The Link to Lansley I found interesting and really how I see it. A power struggle where Lansley had his masterpiece DHSC revoked intentionally by a Government who clearly wanted to take the wheel, where all cogs should function as desired. I don’t expect miracles, but at a time Such as COVID, I expect everyone to bring the best of their training and skillset to the table. Even if it’s not used. Simply for the good of the teams. The government held responsibility for providing resources PPE. NHS was improved on the backs of many Matrons/ward sisters who knew how to pull a field hospital together at short notice. The NHS did that, the gov provided the means. It worked to a point.

    You know far more than me about the internal workings of both health care, social/clinical and the modern hospital environment. I’m just grateful for these systems to have functioned, even though our government was playing catch up. It awarded me freedom to keep a quiet heart. Gratitude is a natural antidepressant, with gratitude I have nothing to loose, it gives me perspective.

  • A much publicised example was of a hca who wore a mask to work on the ward and resigned because she was not permitted to wear the mask. General Mask wearing was against policy at that time.

    All of her experience and training and knowledge of infection control principles informed her decision to wear a mask and then to resign.

    The choice was between overexposure or resignation for contracted staff.

    This particular example raises very interesting questions that need to be answered and prosecuted.

    NHS England, the Hse and health worker unions were all complicit in allowing the policy.

  • That would be a clear example of every day lawsuit and one I would expect a union to pursue regardless of situation.
    I remember in the early 1990’s being shocked/saddened that a growing number of patients were suing the nhs for negligence or wrong doing. It was a time when the notorious American compensation culture looked like it had crossed the pond. I was surprised at £100,000 pay out for someone who was receiving “free treatment” from our financially struggling NHS .

    Then it became popular for compensations claims by teachers/employees for wrongful dismissal etc.
    At the time I just saw it as Tax payers being fined for failing systems.

    Now compensation culture is embedded. Like you, many folk are financially worse off due to this COVID. In a just world and if it can be proved. China should be compensating individuals, governments and our NHS.

  • One would hope that it is a clear example of an everyday lawsuit.... One would though, likely, be hoping in vain.

    Not really sure how it appears simple to anyone other than the hca that resigned.

    The unions condoned the policy that looks likely to have resulted in constructive dismissal.... And probably very importantly and contentiously the hca bought her own mask.

    We now have less proven transmission of covid yet the policy states that masks must be worn.

    It was simple and straightforward that she chose to wear a mask. It was not simple and straightforward that she was not allowed to do so.

    Health and social care staff blew their whistles until they were entirely drained of energy and were told to shut the fuck up..... Nhs staff don't shut the fuck up!

    What it clearly does demonstrate is a moment in time when bottum up politics clearly should not have been subjugated by top down politics..... Crystal clear yet?!?????


  • I have been told by a friend who works in a local A&E that for the last three months things have been very quiet indeed, with all the usual regular customers keeping away, and only some suspected covid cases and accident victims being brought in. The worst of some covid cases were sometimes transferred to care homes, in order to keep some beds clear/

    My friend lost an aunt. When she had difficulty breathing (she had an underlying condition), she called the ambulance, scared she had contracted covid-19. They found she had a high temperature in addition to difficult breathing, so tested her and put her in a covid ward. Two or three days later her test results proved negative. As she had underlying heart and lung conditions, they then put her in a heart ward. Then, predictably, she came down with covid, so they eventually transferred her to another covid ward, where she died as a result of complications about a week later. In the meantime she had infected about half-a-dozen or more in the heart ward....

  • There was a period during covid when an extraordinary number of hospital shifts were available to bank and agency staff... It would be fair to assume that a number of these were not filled. In those times hospital staff were likely run off their feet.

    I can't say how long that went on for because I stopped looking but certainly for the last 6 weeks and probably much longer there are few unfilled shifts within hospitals. My assumption is that this is because of a reduction in services (non urgent surgery lists cancelled) and demand in conjuction with more effective testing of NHS staff with covid symptoms.

    Probably more to it than that but that's all I can think of at the moment.

  • Another well publicised case involved Felix Khor doing the hero thing and filling shifts at Southend Hospital.

    It is alleged that he made multiple complaints about the insufficiency of provided PPE.

    He contracted covid19 and spent more than 4weeks in the intensive care unit. (how many others might have been cross infected by him as a result of inappropriate ppe?)


    And a link to the emotive video of him being applauded down the hospital corridors and trash speak of the hospital:


  • Compensation, however unlikely, would be great.

    Although you’ve criticised them from the beginning, withdrawn your labour, The government (without judgement) have decided to reward you zendaze. It could be seen as a buy off, but it’s remarkably favourable to NHS and Teachers..... Not all Civil servants mind you....Which is a complete and utter fking audacity & liberty. I hardly ever called the useless pricks out over their governments mismanagement of COVID-19....... & I will have to except my annual pension increase to amount to no more than a box of 50 x 3ply face masks costs. :D But it’s only money, & I nor any of my friends or family were harmed during the making of this COVID-19 real-time shake your booty_comedy of errors......:)    

    Almost 900,000 public sector workers are to get an above-inflation pay rise, including doctors and teachers.

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak said he recognised their "vital contribution" during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Labour said the rise would not make up for years of real-terms cuts and the British Medical Association said doctors had hoped for "far better". And would like you give you the virus as well. :whistle:

  • I can't imagine that any of those covered by this pay rise will be particularly pleased.

    I can't be arsed to look up RPI figures but we all know the now familiar narrative of cpi versus RPI....

    State pensions still rise by RPI or 2% (edit: 2.5%) do they not?

    Gvmt says they acted on the recommendations of the pay review bodies/commissions.

    The recommendations will mostly reflect inflation stats and the state of the economy prior to covid19.

    Nurse and teacher salaries kind of compete. The 3 year nhs pay deal (that has now ended) uplifted the pay of novice registered nurses and unregistered staff quite significantly.

    Following this 3% rise for teachers nursing unions will be looking to achieve an equal rise for April 2021.

    (2nd edit: as of today [Inc the teacher pay rise] the starting salary of a teacher is apx £200 less than that of a novice registered nurse)

    3rd edit: it is of tantamount importance to many of society's actors and influencers that teachers are paid more than registered nurses.

    I don't agree but nor would I want to be a school teacher.

  • part 3 of the whistleblower nurse is interesting. She tried to stop a junkie being tubed (ventilated) soon as she went off ward. They rushed to vent this junkie. Over night he woke up. Luckily for him. The sedation drugs that the hospital administer to keep vented patients still/quiet/complacent as well as (tying them to the bed) is to heavily sedate them with drugs like Fentanyl etc. This junkies tolerance was high, So when he woke up, he pulled the vent tube out himself and saved his own life. Worth watching.

  • part 3 of the whistleblower nurse is interesting. She tried to stop a junkie being tubed (ventilated) soon as she went off ward. They rushed to vent this junkie. Over night he woke up. Luckily for him. The sedation drugs that the hospital administer to keep vented patients still/quiet/complacent as well as (tying them to the bed) is to heavily sedate them with drugs like Fentanyl etc. This junkies tolerance was high, So when he woke up, he pulled the vent tube out himself and saved his own life. Worth watching.

    I for one really appreciate the links to this story (I hope its real). Doubt I would have come across this inside view without these posts.

    This nurse presents and represents extremely well.

    I can only point out differences between USA and UK differences between consent to treatment, physical restraint and assessment of what constitutes "best interest" intervention. I'll do that if asked.

    Interesting story that appears to probe the financial limits of state sponsored healthcare in the USA.