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  • With increasing talk of a second wave of this awful virus, what is the general view on here?

    Do you think we in the UK will see a similar situation with runs on shops, shortages in supply lines?
    Is another lockdown less of an option for our government, without the equivalence of declaring Marshall Law.?

    Are book makers taking bets on 2nd wave this year? Like they do with White Christmas, World Cup winners.

    What are your main worries now regarding the present situation and potentially the winter months of 2020?

  • Yep, I reckon there will be a second lockdown. Supermarkets I think will be prepared, the government will not. I will continue to distance and take general precautions. Worried? No, aware, yes. I was initially worried but now I have accepted the government are inept and dishonest I am fine and have worked out ways to protect myself (and others from potentially me).

  • Unless the state is going to dish out shedloads of gifted money it doesn't have again to placate a majority it's got no chance of enforcing a second lockdown.

    I suspect one of the reasons the current situation is being so drawn out is that the current idiots think that if this so called lockdown is never fully lifted before winter it gives them opportunity to just reimpose restrictions rather than being seen to have claimed crises over only to have it re-emerge in short time exposing their supreme incompetence to a few more blinkered souls.

    I can't help but have this vision of the current wannabe Santa Claus chancellor running around a casino with a bag of other people's money placing bets on every table like an addict thinking one of thems bound to come up good.

    I think it's further down the toilet for the UK till it reverts to GB where the slide will slow a little before returning to England and Wales but will unfortunately by that time have already hit rock bottom.

  • I’ve been to a supermarket today. I visited the local coop 3 x since lockdown was first called. After my last experience in the coop (empty shelves. Total chaos with public wandering in all directions with no respect for social distance criteria. I said fk that. It’s a 2 mile bike ride away but having the electric trike with the huge rear basket fitted. It made sense to frequent that local store.
    Since then Ive been asked by friends if I need anything tagging on to their shopping delivery order. That took any pressure off going out in public shopping. But today after visiting my dentist. I pulled into Sainsbury’s. Shelves stocked. Very few shoppers, massive bags sacks of rice/pasta etc available. Tesco which my friend uses had given notice of some items being restricted on amounts purchasable. Sainsbury’s had no such restrictions. I realise I’m now dangerous in these large establishments with loads of temptations and “offers.” on, I can easily get carried away with their temptations. But the little amount of prepping I had taken on board over the years, certainly paid off during lockdown, especially if price increases are taken onboard.

    So now in prep of a potential future lockdown, Im in a better place, fortunately this was the original plan in light of a Brexit date. Fk what the government do or don’t do over the next six months. We have proved as a neighbourhood/community, we are not only supportive and competent, being rural & somewhat isolated we just need to bunker down and see where it goes.

    Luckily the nhs dentist have acted promptly. I’ve been waiting/receiving treatment now for two years, due to most appointments being cancelled last autumn and winter onwards and then lockdown. I’ve had several dental issues. During lockdown I broke a tooth and had to file it down the remaining tooth with a flat file out of the tool box. I then lost a crown and our daughter accidentally snapped one of my front teeth while play wrestling. I was pleased to hear dentists were starting to reopen. But knew children and chemo patients etc, would take priority. So I resided to not expecting to see a dentist this year. Yesterday “out of the blue” my dentist phoned and offered me the appointment today.
    I can’t say it’s business as usual and obviously it’s very restrictive for the dental practitioners. They can no longer keep/store consumables within the same surgery room. Now the dentist tells the dental assistant what is required as and when, this message is then passed on verbally to a 2nd assistant outside the room door, who then goes and gets it, before returning to transfer items through the closed door. No air con or fans allowed. Airborne contamination is a big worry for the foreseeable. If you need any dental treatment, my advice is to get on it now, as they could end up not able to practice.

    Stay safe and Stay Free.

  • I order anything I need from a supermarket online and go and collect it from their vehicle in the open air car park. Distancing measures are in place. The system is barely holding together, though, and I have to remember to order stuff three weeks in advance in order to get a slot to collect my shopping! I buy fresh produce from a farm shop and my seeds, nuts and pulses from a whole food chain store in the same town. Three shops, one trip out every two or three weeks. The small whole food store seems most on top of the masks, distancing and cleaning regime.

    The supermarket still imposes limits on the number of items I can buy and something I want is invariably out of stock. I specifically request the picker not to substitute stuff, but today, for some reason they did. What they substituted contained milk, which I can no longer tolerate, and was packed in plastic tubs, which I refuse to buy.

    As I walked through town to the whole food shop there weren't many others about, but I was still the only person wearing a mask. I waited for people to pass before I walked through a narrow archway, but when I slipped through, others pushed past me. I don't get it at all. It's unlikely that I am covid+ because I rarely speak to anyone in real life, but I take care to minimise the risk to others in case I am. What does everyone else know that I don't?

    Given this experience I think a return to lockdown is inevitable. The winter prospects look quite bleak. Two weeks ago the county education officer informed governors at a nearby special school that the town was "this close" to a local lockdown like they have in Leicester.

    Strangely, or maybe not, if I see someone wearing a mask it is usually a woman. If I see a couple out together the weirdest thing is to see the woman wearing a mask and the man not. How does that work? Is the virus on holiday until the 24th only to pick up where it left off when people are required to wear masks?

  • I found the same in Sainsbury’s. Very few shoppers wore a mask, Probably less than 5% of all public shoppers wore a mask. 100% of employees/staff did however, even those Staff deployed in the carpark. I wondered if it’s was like a final revolt, but surely if it’s a risk next week, it’s a risk today worth considering. I wore my mask as I have since 15th March anywhere in public places, eg. shops/chemist.
    It was funny when I asked the dentist if I should take off my mask. As if he could do any dental work with it on. What I ment to say, was “shall I completely remove it from my person” on entering the surgery room. The dentist laughed and he explained new guidelines to me. They have developed a mouth shield for certain dental procedures. It consists of a stainless steel wire, square frame, size of a adults open mouth, and some rubber (like a burst kids balloon) stretched over this frame. Apparently a single tooth can be protruded through this rubber skin and work carried out on that tooth. It just wasn’t practical for today’s procedure, and the assistant had to stand holding the frame above/behind his tools. Is wasn’t very effective as I often felt spray land on my face.

  • So far as the next year or so is concerned, I see this government just trying to bluff it out, with precautions like wearing masks, (which should have been implemented at the start several months ago), and social distancing, merely being employed as show devices to slow down what will be happening behind the scenes. There will be an occasional clampdown on local spikes, to make it look like they are doing something.

    Behind the scenes they will be letting this particular corona virus run its Darwinian course amongst the population as a whole (as they intended in the beginning), perhaps killing off another 50K or 60K or more of the most susceptible of the population. As most of these people (aged, ill) are costly to the government in one way or another, this will be a bonus run that will be let play itself out.

    After that, they will bring out a vaccine that very probably won't work, but will make very big money for their friends in the pharmaceutical companies, worldwide. But it won't really matter that it won't work, because most of those surviving by then will have some degree of immunity, just as most of us today have some immunity to the several other corona viruses we have to live with every winter. Occasionally these viruses carry us off, but folk are used to that, and this covid-19 will take its place alongside them, eventually not much worse than the rest.

  • Old, sick and Ill folk will inevitably die. Fortunately the young appear spared this time. If we consider the population is exceeding sustainability, If this virus could have been modified for the purpose, Then researchers would be aware of the longterm probability of a fertility crash crisis predicted 2100. Almost text book perfection in a Manmade virus

    Fertility rate: 'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born

    By James Gallagher - Health and science correspondent

    The world is ill-prepared for the global crash in children being born which is set to have a "jaw-dropping" impact on societies, say researchers.

    Falling fertility rates mean nearly every country could have shrinking populations by the end of the century.

    And 23 nations - including Spain and Japan - are expected to see their populations halve by 2100.

    What is going on?

    The fertility rate - the average number of children a woman gives birth to - is falling.

    If the number falls below approximately 2.1, then the size of the population starts to fall.

    In 1950, women were having an average of 4.7 children in their lifetime.

    Researchers at the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation showed the global fertility rate nearly halved to 2.4 in 2017 - and their study, published in the Lancet, projects it will fall below 1.7 by 2100.

  • Is another lockdown less of an option for our government, without the equivalence of declaring Marshall Law.?

    It's Martial, pal.
    Who knows what's going to happen. Lockdown does work though as we witnessed. Where I live nearly everybody took the thing seriously apart from a few whackjob friends of mine who yell "CONSPIRACY" when the wind blows and in fact new cases have disappeared, the last one was 10 days ago. But there are some studies suggesting that novel SARS-COVID19 could only induce a temporary immunity so we are still in deep high sea. Too many variables to make a guess, ours are bets and wishful thinking , at best.

  • It's Martial, pal.
    Who knows what's going to happen. Lockdown does work though as we witnessed. Where I live nearly everybody took the thing seriously apart from a few whackjob friends of mine who yell "CONSPIRACY" when the wind blows and in fact new cases have disappeared, the last one was 10 days ago. But there are some studies suggesting that novel SARS-COVID19 could only induce a temporary immunity so we are still in deep high sea. Too many variables to make a guess, ours are bets and wishful thinking , at best.

    Cheers. I came on here in 2006. At the time I wished I had gone to school more and paid attention on those days I was made to go to school. I knew I have been held back with written communications with the world and could have easily achieved much more, had I acquired that skill. Having full confrontation with grammar police hippies on here. I realised I had to, Buck up, shut up or sod off. A member on here gave me a few tips, spelling, punctuation and a list of local schools/collages offering evening classes in basic English. Believe me, I was tempted for the good of mankind to enrol at the local school on Wednesday evenings. But I stuck it out, hung around and soon realised, though many on here can memorise word structures and make full use of the program. They can’t shag for shit or make fire rubbing sticks. But I thank you for the lesson. Todays teaching will stay with me next time I’m doing kung fu with soldiers on the streets. :):thumbup:

  • I see that you are making no judgement about it. I was a bit surprised to see these stats finding their way onto my Google news feed at this time.

    The statistical projections are being challenged by some ? experts? in the field.

    Who knows what is going on. Maybe you have some thoughts about it?

    I'm in favour. Wish it was happening sooner. And would provide my own experience existence as evidence that populations should reduce. Those are some of my minimal and reticent thoughts on the subject.

    What are some of your thoughts about it?

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  • My thoughts are, what will be, will be. I’ve planted forests while seeing vast swathes of tree species wiped out By disease. At a time in the UK when we could/should be thinking of making use of this wonderful burning wood “ash trees” We are banned from burning it in our stoves. We are too many bodies on the planet, still stretching to the corners of the world. Warned we will increase populations further by 2050. I expect as in nature a population to collapse. Just as it does when foxes reproduce to a climax and outstrip food availability. I prefer natural causes to be the leveller than slight of mans hand.
    We have had some devastating world wars and plagues to keep populations in check. But we are prolific breeders and excellent defenders of life. We can not win when the sun goes out and we must strive to not make life on Earth not worth living.

  • it’s all included in Agenda 21. Decrease human population, concentrate populations. Reduce human involvement in parts of the globe. Plug us in, and recondition us to want less and stay put. Turn on- tune in and shut up, (unless in agreement with the rhetoric). One mind, but not our own. ;)

  • It is interesting how NWO websites talk about world population and depopulation, but have very little to say about how exactly this will be achieved.

    War has been proven to be ineffective in controlling population growth.

    So far, pandemics have been proven to be ineffective in controlling population growth.

    Starvation works, but only in limited areas, and for a limited time. And like pandemics, mustn't be seen to be done deliberately.

    Religion generally greatly encourages population growth, and is and will continue to be a major problem.

  • Maybe they hope to achieve this by education, indoctrination, re-programming, re-education and further central control. With background pollution (drinking/food prep, water based hormone interference) playing a significant role in the industrialised cities.

    Rosa Koire seems to have opinions around how this is to be incorporated/achieved.
    I don’t have a direct article/doc link to support this. But she has much to say.

  • Interesting stuff.

    It seems obvious that the idea of concentrating people into limited areas gives you far more control over them; what they do, where they go, what they eat, and even who they see. It also makes it much easier to reduce their numbers by introducing some kind of epidemic, as we have seen in care homes over here, in the States, and in Sweden.

  • I was right there with her, agreeing, yes, the plan is to control us (more than now) ....

    And then they show me pictures of contrails and aircraft jettisoning fuel. The first; contrails are essentially little tiny clouds caused by the action of the aircraft wing on moisture in the air. If the air at that altitude is still, eg no high altitude wind, the contrails hang around awhile. The second; while not at all desirable, is aviation fuel being dumped prior to landing. At the start of a flight pilots have to estimate how much fuel they will need, if a headwind or sidewinds are expected they load more fuel. There are rules on how much fuel an aircraft can have on board when landing, if there's too much (because it wasn't windy after all, or the aircraft has been re-routed to a nearer destination) the pilots jettison the excess. It's not fantastic for the planet or folk living underneath but it's not a conspiracy.

    As soon as I see this I think this person has not done her / his homework - what else are they wrong about? It calls the whole thing into question.

  • Yes, I felt the con trails were a curious intrusion into the relatively believable body of the talk....

    Nobody is going to say that weather experiments aren't taking place from time to time in the western world; some planes are especially modified for this use.

    However, so far as the 'poisons from the sky' idea goes, it would be difficult to see why this is being done in some particular areas and not others. And only occurs under particular weather conditions, as Millie points out above. A few con trails can spread very wide across the sky before they disperse under certain conditions of no wind at that altitude, giving the impression of 'blanket coverage' over a huge area. If some people are not aware of this, and maybe feel a little paranoid, it is only a few steps to imagine clouds of unknown noxious substances descending.