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  • I have mentioned ldvdirect many times before and have over the last six years ordered most things from their catalogue and have always been very happy with paying a bit more for original parts and a quick and efficient service.

    I have been awaiting upon a camshaft seal to arrive for quite a while and it turns out that they had tried using a new delivery service (TNT) which insist that they have delivered the part and had it signed for to a friends address in Burgundy yet still no sign of the part.

    Having had to chase up the whereabouts of the part as I only have use of an address when I am working in any specific area for a couple of weeks I have just received this message from the chap whom I deal with and am very happy with it as in france they never admit they are wrong or when things have not gone as they should. viva good british customer services. Here is the email I received this morning -

    " I hold head in shame, this is the first time we’ve used TNT to send your parts and they’ve failed miserably. They are still insisting that it was delivered and, if it had been anyone else, I would have gone with their information. But, because it’s you Jamie, and the relationship we have, I trust your responses and have argued fervently with TNT, but to no avail.

    So, what I have arranged to do is get the item sent today, for delivery on Monday by DHL.

    Hopefully you can appreciate that I will still have to send it to Mr Warren, otherwise that would open a whole can of worms if we sent it somewhere else.

    I hope this proposal is acceptable and in future we will only use DHL for your deliveries.

    Let me take this opportunity to sincerely apologies for the treatment you have been given by myself and TNT and hope we can still do business together in the future.

    Kindest regards, "

    This problem with the delivery has been a very rare problem and I shall certainly continue to use this company who have pleased me with 99 percent of my transactions. I pay a bit more for original parts and quick delivery but as a rule I find that it is money well spent.

    We are often quick to slag off a company when they have not given us what we want,but good words should be shared equally as quickly.

    Love and light to all

    fly xx

  • that’s really nice of him to not only apologise, but to respect you as a customer.

    Just the other week here in the UK, a well known delivery/courier company had a computer malfunction. Over a weekend they lost (I’m guessing) 3,000 or more parcels belonging to customers.
    customer services was even then refusing to compensate some customers to the full value of items lost. It’s a disgrace when this happens.
    My mother has bought and paid for flights for her and her husband on four occasions to return to Spain since March. Airlines are refusing a refund. She is booked to fly mid July, but there’s no guarantee the flight won’t be cancelled. They are pensioners who are careful with their money in order to live independently in Spain.   

  • Sorry to read that the olds are being treated so badly my friend. When my van broke down last year and I was on my way to the uk,brittany ferries kept all of the nearly 300 quid that I paid them even though I contacted them a good few days in advance to let them know. It hurt me having to just throw away a few hundred squids like that and I will do my best to never use the bastards again.