Robbing Tesla to hybridise our Live in vehicles in our near future

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  • I’m becoming increasing interested in chop and hack electric vehicle conversions.
    it’s early days for secondhand electric vehicles, but 10 years in the motor industry produces a abundance of scrap, donor vehicles ripe for transplanting into any old box truck, subject to vehicle axel weight etc.

    I’ve been toying with converting the pinzgauer to battery/electric drive, as it’s payload potential and unique tube chassis design would render it easy for electric motor drive to main gearbox, apposed to a drive motor on each wheel/axel.

    I think a time in the future will permit vehicles to park up for over-night, at charging stations and if the occupants live in the vehicle, it could be a cheap nights accommodation. Although rules may stipulate “no Vehicle occupation during charging.” Which would bugger that up.

    I’ve been following this guy, who has been challenging Tesla with their restrictions on none appointed/approved garages/mechanics carrying out repairs and servicing to Tesla vehicles and his passion for salvaging Tesla parts for reuse.