Two Country System ~ Post Brexit Civiil War ~ Pick a Side

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  • Looking in to the immediate future, chances are we will be in a B&B with the US, amongst Canada, Australia, along with many international trading partners.
    Our system will probably closely mirror that of the US with a two party polarised political. Struggle. Leaning left opposing leaning right. Gloves off, diplomacy fails. Either Country goes to war with itself. We’ve watched the foreplay. It results in a Civil war. Each of the Countries supporting the others struggle. Tories and Republicans have the police force and the military.

    Which side You going to take?

    I really think (unless I backdown & retire my head) me and the missus could be fighting/at war with each other.

    I’ve already decided I must continue to vote in UK general elections (which I also wanted to retire from) just to Counteract/cancel out my missus vote. (We both maya swell stay in bed on poling day) I asked her a few months ago to tell me about the future she sees. I wanted to put faith In others. No vision yet, but I couldn’t handle the white supremacy guilt if that was to be the icing on my retirement cake. Silence isn’t condoning, silence isn’t racist in my book. I’ve shouted louder than many in my time, but now I just wish to be at peace with myself, my surroundings and my environment. Do activists ever retire? or do they move on to another Issue?

    Do any of you see eye to eye with your partner on the political spectrum? She once told me I couldn’t vote UKIP. :whistle:

  • Good gracious, you do have a polarised view of the future....:)

    As for partners, my O/H and me are both on the left. She's maybe a bit more liberal-left than me. She figures I'm a bit more authoritarian left.....:whistle:

    We like talking politics sometimes, but not for hours.

    She's for the EU, I'm for out, although I don't think we should tie ourselves to the Yanks. Blair and company did a lot of that, back in the day, and we got dragged into wars not of our making. One thing about the left, if they are running the country they won't get dragged into American wars.

  • I’ve never had a partner who shared my political views. Closest was a ALF activist and that lasted near on 20years, but no guns or bombs and when fists, bottles and tables started flying, she had already run away. I opposed the Gulf War in 1990, much to the dismay of my then partner and our circle of friends.

  • I don't think my partner and I are very far apart. I suppose I am a bit further left and a bit further south than he is on the scale, but I doubt we'll need to argue. I always understood politics to be the art of compromise. To be able to do that we need to be able to listen to the arguments and work out whether there are points where our arguments can meet. Having said that though, we are facing some big issues where compromise is becoming increasingly less an option. Since the age of twelve I've been an activist of one sort or another. I don't suppose that's going to change much in the time I have left.

  • Id find this bloody hard, as stated i hate right and i aint to keen on left either,

    For the last few years ive been central in the middle hating both sides and there useless ideas leadership and just utter garbage that they do or say.

    So i m forced at gunpoint to pick a side.

    Right .. we still have clueless pillocks in power sticking it to europe and losing a vast trading block on our doorstep then said idiots cow tow to the yanks and we buy american bad food, and out up or go bust.

    Left we have a middle ground which appeals to me but what get my goat its the clueless hard left in that party with crackpot agendas.

    but if the left could be hard they could tell america to stick there junk. and if they belive in democracy they have to stick to the vote on the eu.

    So crap or bust hmm.................................................................................................................................................................................................

    So its a proper civil war pitchforks sharpened pick a side angry mob situation.

    Well as i hate mob rule id brick the windows up and defend myself and independence of left right idiots till the end

    but year 1 or 2 i am getting hungry short on supplies and need to pick a bloody side. sod it i guess i go left, but just

    The left would be, trade with rules on imports, a working week with everyone on the same pay, and everyone had to work, very low taxes just minimum national wage for everyone,


    sod it 4 day week low productivty and just getting by,

    I d resent intially this movement but eventually get used to it.

    but i prefer it to the mob rule of the right and letting market forces ruin the uks food and standards.

  • Right .. we still have clueless pillocks in power sticking it to europe and losing a vast trading block on our doorstep then said idiots cow tow to the yanks and we buy american bad food, and out up or go bust.

    but if the left could be hard they could tell america to stick there junk.

    So crap or bust hmm...........................................................................................................................................................................................

    What do you know about this “bad food” Prepper?

    Are you referring to “chlorinated chicken?
    The EU is apposed to chicken being washed in chlorinated water to kill pathogens that could be present on chicken carcasses during production. The EU‘S preference To clean these chicken carcasses is cold air and water. However the EU is happy for fruit and veg to be washed in chlorinated water. Bad food could be referring to animal husbandry and quite rightly standards should always be improving where/when possible. By fixing exceptable levels of chemicals/toxins/pollutants in our food doesn’t necessarily make the food safe, but safer.

    Interesting article about chlorinated chicken.

  • off topic, but bad food.

    hormone produced beef,

    cholorinated chicken is required because they are still reared in the us in a filthy cramped factory farmed way so there full of pathgens before processed,

    and processsing plants are a little bit laxed compared to eu standards as us is used to chlorinating chicken due to long miles across states.

    gm crops currently banned in the eu, because of fears over cross contamination with native plants and weeds (gm crops are immune to roundup and some crops come back whe land is required to grow other crops.

    Imagine gm cross contaminated black grass?

    enethical farming methods, ie beef and ranching in prevoius rainforest areas,

    and of course vaccination eu and uk standards deem against the law or bad practice to send animals for food if still vaccinated a record book has to be kept and its illegal and bad management to treat animals to vaccinate deemed for food

    in the us not as tightly regulated so dairy full of medicines vaccinations, drugs, hormones and pork is worse they hormone the pigs to fkk making them massive and full of god knows what.

    so does that answer the question.

    and look what its done to Trump, hes a massive numb thing that says silly things.

  • I’ve never had a bear. Although one Christmas in the 1970’s I remember getting a Evel Knievel 2xAA battery operated chopper motorbike and rider. That Christmas while staying over at Grandads, I wanted to swap toys with my younger sister, so I could play with a little brown bear she also got for Christmas. To this day I don’t understand my reasoning. I pestered mum and dad for that motorbike, it certainly didn’t live up to my expectations. I wanted real power and control and bypass my imagination. My brother had tin and plastic soldiers which he would later paint some. That chopper was crap. It fell over under power, it was too limited in Grandads kitchen to run it any distance or the batteries didn’t last. It wasn’t built for crashing or falling like the crank up Evel Knievel stunt cycle sold in the USA & probably the UK.
    My sister didn’t except my offer to swap and looking back, I must have been a real disappointment to those adult Male relatives in the kitchen at the time. :D

  • back on topic.

    Civil War or Civil unrest..... Ive watched a few news feeds over the last few weeks with BLM protests, riots, Chop/Chaz, Gun confiscation legislation, defending 2nd Amendment, looting and da shooting. Claims of ANTIFA being driven out of Districts in the US by vigilantes, assisted by motorcycle gangs.
    Police working In partnership with armed citizens to deter rioting/unrest etc.
    It seems to have quietened down now, but many of those Americans not living in large Cities were seriously talking of a potential Civil War. Defunded/demoralised Police Developments considering “blue flu”. Talk of scrapping Independence Day celebrations, Election fraud concerns.
    Here in the UK blm protests, Veterans defending statues, illegal street parties, failing economy, COVID dismay.

    With US elections and Brexit on the horizon, increasing migrant movement within the EU, sanctions with China. Hong Kong, Israel, Iran energy pipeline etc etc: a tinderbox with little spark protection.

    So a Preference for a side or slide off radar, shutter up the windows and prep for recovery? [panic]:shrug::surrender:rtfm::handbags::shitfan::couch::weed::suicide::rip::S

  • God some of the worst building i ve ever seen not half bond, having to do stupid cuts in middle of wall, cant beleive how slow they are even when its speeded up, they would have gone quicker if they had started right,

    As the saying goes if you start right you finish right.

    I always was slow as hell the first tow days setting out blocks for bond etc then when you get started above 2 /3 course you then crank the speed up.