Spares for Compass caravan merit reflection 430/4

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  • I'm having a bit of hard time finding some spares - first caravan!

    Bought this old Reflection Merit 430/4 but have a broken skylight come vent. Plan is to plant this in the side garden and let the kids paint and art it up as a play room etc.

    More than happy to pay for the spares but does anyone know a good place to start looking?

    Many thanks


  • It's probably a standard size from a standard manufacturer. If not you might have to saw the hole to make it larger.

    Google is your friend.

    You should find something with similar dimensions that will fit but the only failsafe way is to remove (or partially remove the inner fixing if possible) the skylight and measure the part that passes through the roof.

  • I’ve used one in Castleford, but that was years ago.…IAE,lf:1,lf_ui:10&rlst=f#

    Do you need the whole unit? Often replacement plastic tops are cheaper than full secondhand units. Using breakers you might need to email loads of breakers to find the model you need. Sizes are pretty standard. So measuring up and seeing what’s available at breakers can get one that fits.
    ifyou don’t really need the skylight or one that’s operational. budging it with suitable waterproof tape or sealant can work or sheet over with aluminium, glue/rivet and seal it off.

    Older/secondhand skylights can become brittle,

    I bought a (new) boxed a Fiamma vent 28 crystal off of Wolfe for £15. Ebay often comes up with bargains too. These are 28cm hole footprint. I bought this as it can be motorised and accommodate a electric fan.