Gas meters just got to get this off my chest

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  • Can't believe the aggravation I have had trying to get a gas meter. We moved house end of January to North Wales...between Caernarfon and Porthmadog. Previous house owners for some reason had the gas meter taken, gas is live to the on/off lever in meter cupboard but no meter to connect our new pipework to (could have simply bypassed it but didn't fancy jail.)

    Easy... previous supplier to the house was Scottish Power, give them a call and gave them every piece of information they asked for including MPRN No (for those in the know!) and the live/dead check Number. Did all that middle of March for them to fit a new meter (half an hours work for one man in the garden as it's an external meter). Also reminded them we were priority customers due to good lady's MS and my cancer which they were already fully aware of.

    Fast forward to today...14 phone calls later, each one lasting between 45 mins and 1 hour and even today nobody could give me a day for fitting the meter. I ask to raise a complaint which the 'advisor' duly did and I was told someone from complaints department would ring me to help with complaint in 14 days.

    Steam coming from ears, I rang Eon and spoke to a nice guy called Dave (Eon don't know me from Adam). Spoke to Dave at 2.45 this afternoon. He called me back to confirm meter ordered at 3.15 this afternoon and an engineer had turned up and finished fitting a meter by 4.20 this afternoon. Is this some kind of record by Eon??..2 hrs 35 mins from first contact to finished job on property.

    I can't wait for Scottish Power's complaints 'advisor' to call me in 14 days, looking forward to that with relish!!

    Apologies for rant but I feel much better now for sharing the stress this has least we can have a hot water wash and boil an egg now

  • I have a spare gas meter somewhere. I once took the opportunity to run the gas meter clock back. They were installing a new pipeline from the road, upto a cottage we were renting. I put the hoover on the supply side, the clocks spun really fast, so I Left it running for as long as I could. Then I forgot all about it. When we left that property, the new tennent (a friend of my partner) got a gas bill for £500, this was in 1990. I don’t know what went wrong to this day.