Extra Terrestrials

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  • I overdid it with my back and have had to rest it over the weekend (boring and frustrating but there it is). I watched Truth Hunter with Linda Moulton Howe. I've seen Ancient Aliens and Ancient Civilizations (sic) and am happy to accept that we had visitors from another place a long time ago, hence the myths and legends that are told in all the religions. The flood myth for instance is told in religions and peoples across the world (not just Noah and the Christians). Certainly makes more sense than a white-haired old geezer anyway.

    I believe we are visited today by beings from other places. I kind of thought they would be benevolent... my Polyanna outlook at work again.

    The programme went through the details of the event at Rendlesham Forest in detail. Ms Moulton Howe presents her findings in a very authoritative manner and adduces what certainly looks like compelling evidence.

    Apparently there are five different kinds of ETs, one of which are friendly and helpful towards us, one of which is an insect-like species who are aggressive and dislike us. Apparently the friendly ETs are known to the military, have helped with technology and are on our side - however, they are outnumbered by the unfriendly ETs.

    The season concluded (and I have heard this elsewhere) that we humans are in effect a social experiment being undertaken by beings from somewhere else, who are much more advanced in terms of technology and science (which is why I think (hope!) they are benevolent). And apparently the experiment is continuing... (not sure I feel so happy about this).

    It is posited that the dinosaurs (also an experiment) were wiped out by a large asteroid hitting the earth - the dust would block out sunlight, it would be very cold, nothing would grow. And then it goes on to say that the ETs could have stopped the asteroid (blown it up in space presumably) - but didn't. So I'm wondering if all this is true and bearing in mind what a mega fuck up we are making of everything really, if another asteroid comes, will the ETs let that one land and wipe us out?

    As I say, all presented in a very believable format, with each segment supported by documents, eye-witnesses, whistle-blowers, miltary staff and so on. It has certainly given me pause.

  • Hmm i think we are not alone, but i also think other life is millions or billions of light years away, i dont think there "locals" in our solar system, but maybe by chance some have been either spotted in ufos, or have actually landed on earth, but we prob killed them and kept it quiet.

    As for ufo s in the usa i often wonder if nasa or the us military experimented with there own flying sourcers and people did see them, but where hushed up or deemed mad.

    as germany was developing a flying soucer during the war its plausable. pasted-from-clipboard.jpg


  • I preferred when the term "alien" was in use. Much more metaphorical and easily applied to the fecundity of being abjectly disgusted by humankinds existence.

    I'm open to the idea that ETs are living on this planet. Equally though open to the idea that we might exist as the most intelligent form of life in the cosmos. The latter makes me want to say "God help us" yet I believe I am atheist.

    Good old 'Aliens' were/are much easier to discuss. 😉😊

  • Interesting thread, not the first we've had here on extra-terrestrials, and certainly won't be the last.

    ('Aliens' probably isn't used so much now, as some may consider it to be politically-incorrect, as it might be seen as a right-wing reference to immigrants, refugees, etc.....:whistle:).

    Re the Dinosaurs being part of some advanced extra-terrestrial experiment, I rather think not. They were here for around 180 million years, maybe longer. By all accounts they did not evolve into intelligent beings in all that time, and were wiped out by an asteroid strike, as stated above. No advanced race of extra-terrestrials is going to wait that long for signs of intelligence to emerge!

    By very stark comparison, we - the human race - have probably been here for less than 10 million years, yet in that comparatively short time we have evolved an 'intelligence' sufficient to threaten our very future on the planet. There is apparently a great biological mystery here. We have not been here nearly long enough to have evolved this way naturally, not if the laws of natural selection are anywhere near correct. (Name me just one other terrestrial species that have evolved anything like such intelligence in 10 million years. Or even 500 million years!).

    So it follows that at certain periods in our history here, there has been biological intervention of some kind. Whether it is still continuing is an interesting point. I have little doubt that we are - or were - the subjects of some kind of experiment, but at the present time it looks as if the lunatics are in complete charge of the asylum. The object of such experiments might be very difficult for beings at our level of intelligence to determine, much as the bacteria in the Petri dish probably have no idea of why they are there.

  • Yes, it seems that our ancestors woke up one morning and said, 'Enough with this wandering round looking for berries, let's build (what is now known as) Gobekli Tepe and plant up some food'. There is no evidence of a progression towards this new behaviour, rather that it just suddenly appeared, which would suggest outside intervention. I wonder why, who and what are they thinking now? I wonder if they will step in and save the earth, or will they let the experiment play out until we either poison everything or blow ourselves up?

    Prepper, what we understand as near or far is informed by our current technology and ability of space travel. I believe it is possible to use the folding of space to jump from one place to another and this is part of how aliens can travel long distances quickly.

    We use propulsion that pushes us along - and alien craft apparently create a void ahead and roll into it. The explanation I saw was if you put a bowling ball on your bed and push down in front of it, it will roll into the depression.

    Fascinating and unsettling in equal parts.

  • Theres got to be life out there, billions of planets and other solar systems, be nice if there was a planet just like ours in better shape, and the other people on that planet had done things differantly, got on and been as green as possible.

    maybe they had an industrial revolution but it went down a different route and found tech that was zero polluting and good for fellow planet dwellers and nature.

    Maybe they could advise and help us,

    nice dream

  • One of the interesting questions raised about extra-terrestrials is the Fermi Paradox, with which some of you may be familiar. This postulates that if our galaxy has been in existence anywhere near the period of time we think it has, in that time intelligent life should have evolved in a myriad different places, and there has been more than plenty of time for our galaxy to have been explored and colonised, over and over, even at speeds which we could achieve. If so, where are they all?

    Are they keeping away deliberately? Is Earth out of bounds? Is it a kind of asylum for mad souls and those who would try to care for them?

    Or is it in fact some kind of dubious experiment that has so far gone wrong? And if so, under whose crazy tutelage has it gone so far wrong?

    Some of you may be aware of some of the ideas of certain sects of early Christians (Gnostics), who were eventually hunted down and destroyed by the Roman Catholic Empire, because they held beliefs that the world was run by an imbecilic Overlord, a Demiurge, instead of the approved Lord of Creation. These ideas came from a very long time before Christianity, of course, and were no doubt created from personal observation that the world, so far as human affairs were concerned, was a mad and dangerous place, with clearly no benevolent Overlord in charge.

    Enough for tonight! There are always more questions than answers, but it is always interesting to discuss the origins of this place in which we find ourselves, and the history of the human race.

  • Like I already said I am sincerely open to all ideas/ thought experiments with regard to ETs.

    It does not matter what any person or persons think about this subject which is part of the beauty of the topic.

    I'd not be overly perturbed by any extra terrestrial entity that had power and intelligence enough to enslave the whole of humankind equally..... Some of humankind would deserve it and most are already accustomed to such treatment.

    But it matters not what I think.

    Beautiful topic.