Nw CHAZ or Chop in Seattle ~ autonomous air B&B

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  • “Old” CHAZ the autonomous zone’s Self declared War Lord or Leader.... RAZ Simone has his very own studio apartment property in Seattle, advertised on air B&B. :whistle:
    Really.... the self made rapper who is holding 6 blocks of Seattle realestate hostage in this summer of love (with shootings). Has had his hi rise studio apartment advertised on air B&B and it’s been (unknowingly to him) booked for a free house party, by the notorious Comedian/reporter/entertainer Steven Crowder of (Louder With Crowder)...

    Not only that, but the shows crew have given out hundreds of party invite flyers in and around CHAZ, inviting every bum and junkie to the New CHAZ house party..:D They also contacted RAZ sending him video footage of art/graffiti on his apartment walls and a list of demands.. I think RAZ is sending ANTIFA round to his appointment to see what the fooooook!
    I wonder if RAZ will call the cops :reddevil: