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  • mine comes and goes,the lockdown hasnt helped,but i try to do something,anything and usually get into it in the end..the less i do,the less i want to,but once i get going im a flitter anyway,so tend to have a few projects on the go in the same minute!..i have to be strict with myself or i get restless then moody so im best kept busy..if i find a spare mojo il put it aside for you x

  • Tough one. First, sorry you feel this way 😥. Next I guess make sure it's nothing physically medical - anaemia, fibromyalgia, me, diabetes, menopause etc and get it sorted. Then check if it's something mentally medical, if so a short course of antidepressants perhaps, or the talking therapies, CBT, mindfulness are good. If you have Gaia (a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime) Dr Joe Dispenza has a series called Rewired which I can recommend unreservedly. Dr Joe Dispenza also has a website with various helpful media. If you are grieving you may feel tired and disinterested and of course you might actually be tired and need a rest. Life these days is full of input, phones are always with us and with them constant news, social media, all day, every day, bombarded with information - exhausting! Last thing and then I'll shut up - most of us don't drink enough water. It's a simple thing but if you are even a little dehydrated you will feel tired and listless. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Hun,as jim morrison wrote "mr mojo rising" and I hope that yours is already doing so as I type this.

    We can come up with many posibilities and things to try,some a bit more far out than others but never the less no less valid. However,I always recommend going back to the very basics and rebuilding yourself with a bit of good old fashioned you time and selfishness.

    Firstly the most important thing to get you physically back on top is to follow the simple guidelines of good food,good rest,exercise and positive thinking.

    After this or at the same time a bit of self indulgence is of huge importance.

    Surround yourself with your favourite sounds and smells. Eat the things that you enjoy most. wear your favourite clothes and touch your favourite textiles and do what you want to do even if it feels like you are being a bit selfish.

    Sometimes we have to put ourselves first to take us to a place where we we gain our strengh-spirit-mojo and by that bit of selfishness we have so much more to give afterwards.

    I have used the word simple a couple of times as It really is that and just by following those simple guidelines you can really boost your levels of energy and become a much stronger person.

    If this is not quite enough then please accept some of the love and light that I am sending to you as others are and use that to top your levels up or even go to levels new.

    Being healthy in body makes a huge difference to the health of ones mind and energy so remember

    Good quality food

    Good rest

    Good exercise

    Lots of positive thinking

    And a bit of you time.

    Good luck,stay strong,have fun and I look forward to seeing you on the upside xxxxxx

  • Try out things very different to your usual choices, hobbies and such and you may well find the distraction you need that also opens doors to new things and people. With that can come more productive thinking rather than dwelling on negatives.

    Even those with large resources can rarely think themselves out of depression, if ever. Dwelling on such seems to make the rut deeper.

  • Its natural, to loose mojo, and its defo normal at the moment,

    I ve lost the mojo at the moment, when i was on lockdown i had more go about me, i dug out a couple of ton of soil by hand put a shed up planted spuds.

    I am back at work not interested in anything, my bike is in bits and i cant be arsed with anything.

    Its bad i need to get my mojo going again myself.

    So if this helps i sometimes try.

    less drink,

    early mornings,

    go for a walk or run, or cycle,

    less of this social media malarky and the internet rabbit hole of lost time,

    sometimes i wish i had someone tipping me out of bed on a morning telling me to get up and running, but i dont its tough esp on your own.

  • I’ll give you a early morning phone call if you want mate. I wake around 4.00-4.30am. I love it when I’m so engaged with life, I’m Frightened of missing something. But we are all on a rollercoaster and the dips are just a recharge point, before we hit the highs.

  • when i was on lockdown and got over a nasty cold or whatever it was, i thought right i am going to get up and do stuff, i loved the birdsong first thing one morning i ve never laughed so much i jumped out of my skin on an a really early it was walk it was dark dawn just breaking i thought i giant rat had crossed my path turns out it was a massive hedgehog going like the clappers to hide in a hedge. never seen a thing move so fast i always thought they were slow.

  • I’ll give you a early morning phone call if you want mate. I wake around 4.00-4.30am. I love it when I’m so engaged with life, I’m Frightened of missing something. But we are all on a rollercoaster and the dips are just a recharge point, before we hit the highs.

    I really hope so steve,im struggling at the mo,went to see my kids this weekend,which was great,but since iv been back im on a low..trying to recharge but finding it hard..need to get out me thinks 😊..xx

  • when I’m down or feel it’s just not happening or my vision of my future is cloudy. I think of my dear friends who have died young and don’t have the chance to even be bored or feel down. If you have health you have nearly everything. Everything else can be worked on or worked towards. Time is a commodity far more valuable than we give credit to. But don’t ever feel you don’t deserve sometime to analyse your thoughts or just go with the flow. Celebrate the good bits about you and your life. Dark thoughts are only a shadow of your bright side.