Police shaming videoers of Brixton unrest

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  • The press are going through a strange time. Those on the right are being denied freedom of press. Those on the left are encouraged to play the tune of media bosses.

    Those civilians using mobile phones I don’t class as press. I understand anyone can be a journalist, More film footage of any incident or event can be invaluable when it comes to revealing the truth or to secure a conviction. Posting videos for likes or street cred isn’t journalism/press.

  • I read both papers "goadian" and hate mail and whatever else i can to try and get a balanced view on news and journalism and opinions.

    What ive found is the goadian
    seems to have fallen into a trap the hate mail did in the past it seems to fire out divisive news weaponizing the hard left and shaming the public on beeches, shoppers, etc while remaining strangly silent on blm protest with lower social distancing and of course shaming one idiotic man peeing on a memorial.

    The hate mail does this as well but it does shame both sides with equal venom.