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  • Hey yall! :hippie: I'm Esper (they/he), from Oregon, US. For the past few years I've become increasingly motivated to join a community that values harmony between the Earth and her humans. 💚 Today I heard about the Peace Convoy/New Age Travellers, and I'm thrilled that researching them has led me here! If anyone has any information on how I might join the New Age Travellers or any other communities like them, I'd be very grateful 😊

    I'm really into spiritual inquiry, self-sustainability (homesteading), nurturing relationships and empowering folks, the psychadellic experience, challenging cultural norms, and probably a lot of other things too! 💚🌎🌍🌏💚

    And I want to ask you, "What are some things you love about yourself?" 😍

  • Hiya Esper, good to have you aboard!

    You'll like it here, we got all those qualities you list on here in the threads someplace, and lots more besides.

    New Age Travellers get a bit of a raw deal in some - most? - areas of the UK nowadays, and tend to keep under the radar. We have some folks on here who were in the New Age Travellers way back when, 1980's, who can probably tell you some interesting stories.

    Don't know that I actually love anything about myself particularly, but I like that I always try to be fair-minded, try to see the best in folks, and try to share when I can.

    I also like that I have become a persistent bastard over the years.....:):reddevil::)

  • Hello Esper,wishing you a warm and wonderful welcome to the forum :-)

    I was part of the new age scene as a few other members on here were,but nowadays most of us have gone off and done our own thing.

    Back in the eighties and nineties there were new age traveller sites all over the uk and indeed their was often a great sense of community with most of us enjoying a good chat,cup of tea and a nice bit of something to smoke to pass away our days.

    I personally left that scene when smack ( heroin ) started sweeping across the traveller scene in big waves and a lot of the sites that I lived on started losing the love and the hippyness that existed before.

    I went alone in my truck into the countryside and discovered myself and the british countryside and have kept alone travelling around europe living in vehicles ever since.

    I often meet other cool people on the road who are similar to me and there are always a lot of festivals or parties to be found if you keep your ears open where you can meet like minded people.

    Anyhow,I and we look forward to chatting with you soon and again welcome to the virtual traveller community.

    Love and light

    fly xx

  • Thank you, folks, for the wonderful welcomes to my intro

    And, OK 'n IC, thank you for the helpful info

    'Spose I'll look for a nice hippy commune

    To find and dance to a sweet new tune

    Or maybe I will give lonesome travellin' a shot..

    Not sure yet, that'll require some more thought

    But for now, thanks again, lovely friends

    'Spose this is where my lil' rhyme ends 💚😉💚😊💚😘💚

  • we have no idea how our future in the UK unfolds. Brexit might bring fresh government thinking, and then it might not. Looking at it from 1982/3 the traveller scene was on a roll. Very much the feeling some of the folk in the autonomous zone (chaz/chop) must be experiencing. I remember 1982 at Stonehenge festival. The kids would follow the chief inspector of Wiltshire Constablary and a few police officers around the site. Shouting “fuck off” and making them aware their presence wasn’t “needed or welcome” onsite.
    following the victimisation of the “new age travellers” and nomadic folk in subsequent years 86/7/8 and resulting battle of the beanfields, many of the crew “convoy” moved away to Spain, Portugal, India or bought their own land like me and just dropped off grid. Travelling in small groups made it possible to continue a way of life. only meeting up at festivals. By this time the festival had changed and was now well established as a capital fundraising enterprise for more folk than travellers.

    We all grew older and many of us managed to work a way out to pursue the free life that we thought we were entitled to at the start of the 1980’s. Travelling, working horsedrawn. (I Live in a tent and pay no rent) mantra. Eventually raising families on the road became a real challenge, following the passing of the Criminal Justice Bill and restrictions on number of vehicles, people travelling or gathering together at any one time. We came, we saw, we were beaten and we survived, retreat and stealth became normal. Vehicles painted Nato green and low profile subsistence living was only temporary. One law added to the last and a 12 month potential ban from Counties, drove many into the sea.
    Tipi valley managed to stay in full view. If you want answers or insight into your quest. Pay them a friendly visit. Don’t expect room for accommodation, just honest advice and friendly opinions.