White lives don't matter ?

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  • it’s all fuck-loops throwing a tissy about Jake’s statement. Ok he used a banner towed by a plane (graffitiing is illegal) so no crime there.

    Jake took it upon himself to declare white lives matter, following the murder of 3 x white people in Reading.

    In a healthy world BLM would not only agree with Jakes protest, but would support it too.

    This is all heading into dangerous territory. If Jake can’t make this statement, then a lot of people are possibly being racist, hypocritical definitely.

    “Don’t drink the white guilt” seems to be the moto going about on social media, referring to the BBC trying to make a bigger issue out of it.

    Manchester City was just the better side and the score proved that.

  • If we were to judge the world by some of the oiks that play football and lots that follow it,then we would deam the world to be screwed !!

    I will also say that there are many good people that play and support football too and will only take people as I find them as with white and black there are also good and bad people in any part of life including those who follow sport.

    Quite enjoy a bit of rugby myself :-)

  • Apparently not according to Burnley council and the "outraged" football club players attired in blm shirts and on their knees.

    Judging by the final score Burnley are better at hypocrisy than football.

    it’s often interesting to hear it from the horses mouth, the why’s and what for’s. The judgements made by the media and Subsequent public hanging that happens all to often, resulting from poor/bias journalism and media censorship.

    Having listened to Jakes interview and the subsequent destruction caused to not only jakes home and work life. But the sad reality of life in the UK when agendas are fixed against free speech and free expression.
    watch jakes interview. I feel sorry for this lad. Having Had his life ruined by woke folk who refuse to listen to anything that doesn’t fit comfortably with the vision they are selling us.