Tried and tested forms of child punishment

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  • Tonight I watched a kids animated film with my little girl. The parents of these 5 kids didn’t really want their 4 kids plus one adopted baby. They accused the children of eating all the food and wanting too much attention. As punishment the oldest boy was thrown in the coal cellar (house basement, housing the solid fuel furnace). I told my little girl that was what my mother did with me and my older brother if we misbehaved. (Sounds barbaric nowdays) but it was a detached brick built building, out in the yard. No electricity, covered in coal dust and cobwebs. A small gap above the door (for ventilation and let the bats out) My mother would lock me and my brother in there with the threat of “wait till your dad gets back (from the pub) to give you the belt”. We got used to the punishment, but we were temporarily petrified of the threat of physical violence, which never really happened. Luckily my dad was usually in a better mood on returning from the pub. He might send us to bed or give us a lecture.
    Sometimes we were sent up into the empty attic to wait for my dads return. My older brother taught me how to piss in a empty milk bottle, which he then hid in the eves of the roof trusses under the slate roof, accessed by a tiny wooden door. My brother was worried that my need to ask to pee would enrage mum even more and sure as anything, probably make matters (physical punishment more likely for him). it turned out, If we were quiet for long enough, mum would free us from the attic (lesson learned) and not bother drunken dad with any kid unruliness.

    As kids a slap or threats of were enough to keep us in check.

    A older mate of mine was less fortunate. His dad a ex military man with a family of 4 boys. My mate was 3rd youngest and had a bad stutter as a child. Bad enough to embarrass his dad. If he couldn’t ask for food at the diner table without stuttering. The old man would order one of the older brothers to tie my mate up to the drainpipe outside the house (in all weathers) and forfeit dinner. This became a regular thing. My mate learnt to avoid family meals. Preferring to spend time in the local woods, eating birds eggs and occasional birds.
    When older and at secondary school, At night he got into the habit of sneaking the odd biscuit or bread out of his mums pantry, when everyone was a sleep in bed. This didn’t go unnoticed and soon the old man was insisting the older boys glued my mates eyelids closed at night, and they had to be like that the following morning. All true.

    What form of punishment (if any) were you or your kin exposed to at home?

  • I think a lecture with a bit of guilt thrown in was often it for me. There were very occasional slaps and shouting. I don't think I was ever grounded. If I was sent to my room (I don't think I was) it certainly didn't last long.

    I think my siblings and I were disciplined in slightly different ways. I believe/hope this was due to different personalities/temperaments and not any favouritism.

    My best mate at the time could sometimes choose between being grounded or spanked with a pump. (corporal punishment was still practised in Welsh schools where I lived at that time)

  • It was a belt in our house and threat of my Dad. My Mum used to make the boys choose which belt they were to be punished with. Also being sent to bed without tea.

    Nowadays with my boys things are sorted in a matter of seconds, if things look like they are getting out of hand I walk towards the modem to switch the internet off...

  • Wow, Steve, that sounds awful! I think I was occasionally smacked, but I can't remember a single incident of it happening. I can remember being sent to my bedroom while one parent sorted out whatever emergency they thought I'd caused. Mostly though, it was a good talking to. My dad had the voice and the look that was enough to deter. Mum managed to express her disappointment and I didn't like to upset her.

    School was barbaric. If no one owned up to a misdemeanour in class the whole class could be called into the gym at lunchtime, lined up, told to touch their toes and slippered. The head and deputy used canes. The deputy in particular seemed to enjoy a good run up to the target.

  • Omg Rogue Trader that’s sounds horrendous and scary , the thought of being locked in a cellar or and Attic has me quivering ! I was always concerned about my dad knowing if I had been bad mainly because I had such an ace relationship with him and the thought of upsetting him I couldn’t bare that shame , my mum was the disciplinarian but I can never remember her being mentally or physically aggressive towards me or my siblings but we were kept under a strict regime and it was always made and explained very clearly why what ever we had done was unacceptable, I was never made to suffer the ordeal of it being dealt with when my dad got home as mum was more than capable of getting the message across and it was done immediately

  • well my parents were ok to be fair, only the threat of dad walloping me was enough, he had forearms like popeyes, i remember once i wouldnt go to bed so he when he got back from work he chased me up the stairs i was petrified he d wallop me.

    mum generally sent me to bed then left me there id have rather she came and said what id done wrong not just abandon me .

    I often used to jump out of the window i mean she used to say ill be up but often just forgot about me. i buggered off for half a day once came home with a broken ankle and she still didnt believe me. till i couldnt get my trainers off after a day around the shops.

    all the time really mybe why i like bed these days i mean the irony as a bairn your near walloped to go to bed or go to your room then as you got older you were told not to be lazy and get out of bed.

    brother was very good at winding me up till i used to loose my wrag then id get sent to bed. he knew what he was doing.

    i think mum only smacked me once i remember being really angry for that i still think to this day i hadnt done anything that bad it was more why

    I cant remeber it well i can vagely my grandad flogged me with a horse whip for not eating my breakfast which i said was awful.

    strange thing is i can eat anything now even if its awful

  • I just got sent to my room. I was really well behaved as a child. My dad wasn’t about but gave one of my mums ex’s a good hiding because apparently he smacked me. my mums other partners weren’t interested. (And neither was she) my brother treat me as a slave and was beaten up regularly by him.

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  • My father only ever raised his hand to me twice, many years later I figured out that I should have learnt the first time.

    The first was because I swore at my mum when I was about 9..

    Funnily enough that's what got me propelled through the front door the second time he ever raised his hand to me at 15, and told never to return.

    Mum was a constant smacker until I was about 5.. Then one day after a spanking I offered her an apple.. She nearly broke a tooth on it because I had pushed a pin inside.

    My sons eldest boy called his mum the C word in the kitchen when he was 7.. She spun round and smacked his face so hard with her palm he flew 6ft across the kitchen into a dresser.

    Funnily enough his lip got him into more trouble the other night, taking his PS4 away was not working, so when he kicked off, my son picked it up and smashed it over the banister rail multiple times in front if him until it was absolutely destroyed.

    For what's its worth, the kid did buy it with his own money and he is devastated.