Marcus Rasford letter and free school meals

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  • Soz for singling you out but you are expressing opinions held by very many people who are similarly contrite and don't care to walk in the shoes of others.

    Do you even attempt to imagine yourself living the life of those that your words and accompanying actions might victimise?

    Again. You are representing unthoughtful opinions held by the many...

    Your expression is useful to me and its just possible that you and I might learn and teach a thing or two by continuing this thread.

  • I guess i maybe do come across as contrite, maybe arrogant but i am guessing you chose your words wisely not to offend.

    Maybe I have become those things, maybe i am the result of years of being held back bullied told i was no good, at school and then college,

    god i hope that didnt seem gas lighty but i guess it was

    Maybe my comments are offensive and thick at times, like the fre school meals in my unresearched comment i assumed parents get vouchers then either they have to buy kids meals, or kids buy meals themselves, as a kid myself i only wanted chrisps, chips, and junk food, however i had the fortuneate upbringing of my mum who made well balanced meals.

    So my assumption was many kids on low incomes and parents on low incomes tend to eat bad easy convenence food.

    ,y heart sank once in co op, i saw a man buying 8 cans of beer he then said to two small kids with him will these do for tea, they were two pot noodles, he looked pretty pissed as well, maybe it was a one off but my heart sank.

    now in a better world id see another low income family being all virtuous buying nice green food cooking healthy meals ,

    I just hear opinions and they influence me there bound to

    however i am learning to respect others opinions of all types and accept

    hope your ok zen

  • I'm about as OK as I'm ever likely to be. Thanks for asking. You seem OK and in your right mind to me.

    So, from my point of view, the words that you have used and the meaning attached by joining those words into paragraphs do incite bullying on both a small and large scale:-

    Those meanings lay within the enforceable boundaries of the powerful and you have chosen to express them.

    I'd love to change your mind.

    Surely you have more examples to share than the beer and pot noodles one. Something more substantial must be evident to underpin your assertions and assumptions.... Surely?

    Does bad, easy, convenience food taste good to you?... I find that some of it appeals to my palate but usually not the cheap food.... You missed out the word 'cheap' or in new wave parlance "affordable".

  • It’s going to cost UK tax payers £120million to provide £15 per week food vouchers to qualifying school children over the summer. No help for the thousands of home educated children (many who would be considered eligible if registered in a DofE school) reeks of discrimination. If this Covid bailout takes 20 years to pay back. Many homeschooled children will possibly be paying tax at some point, for something they were denied when vulnerable. :whistle: