Marcus Rasford letter and free school meals

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  • I had free school meals myself when I was a kid -- we used to get tickets that we'd hand in, in return for some grub.

    When I look back that singled us out for attention somewhat, but in fairness nobody ever got laughed at or ridiculed for being poor -- pretty surprising considering how evil kids can be to each other.

  • I never had free school meals, or for my kids. but me and my mates loved them so much, we always stayed for seconds. We often bought the meal tokens off of kids who did get free school meals. They preferred sweets or chips or fags. The guy does right to raise awareness, same as Katie Hopkins. It all depends on the issue and where a person stands on each issue. Free speech aside. None of us can agree on everything. Any help kids get towards a basic diet is a good start in my book.

  • I just think its a difficult one. normally childrens free school meals aren't subsidised through the holidays, but things are different this year. But then do people get used to it and expect it all the time?

    I am baffled where on earth the Government are finding the money as well.

  • Actually kids are subsidised through child allowance from birth to leaving school. This covers for holidays too. Your right it is a difficult one. The workers of today, tomorrow and the years ahead will pick up the bill for all government assistance due to this unfortunate viral outbreak. They were already burdened with increasing pension responsibilities, which looked daunting for the next generation. Add all the extra dept from 2020 and something/one has to give.

    Having braved Twitter again. I read what Katie posted! Are Free school meals free! Simple enough question. Our boy before home schooling took pack lunch. He had tried school meals in infant and the first few weeks of junior. He didn’t rate/like them. The one day he had a school diner and ate It (That I know about) was when it was dads day at school. I didn’t want him picked on, so I GLADLY attended. Dinosaur nuggets and fries. What a crap meal served on a flight tray that was and it cost me (can’t remember) Too much ££.
    About time the whole deal was discussed at high level with public input. Make better meals available and subsidies for all struggling parents. These kids aren’t at school this summer. Some struggling parents are still not working. They too need help. Instead of shutting down debate/questions (on Twitter). Folk should speak up and positivity contribute for “all kids” at home or soon to be returning to school, to have help getting regular balanced meals. Not divide and conquer with only a token win for those who already qualify to have their family food budget subsidised under normal circumstances. These times are every bit not normal and hard working parents, who usually don’t qualify for subsidised/free meals are struggling just as much, if not more during this summer.

    School meals are essential for kids when parents are struggling. I know some parents won’t go without fags, even if they say they can’t afford school meals. Equally this summer, Theres working folk (stopped from working) who can’t afford rent, school meals and don’t smoke.

    A call for extra food income support for all struggling parents is more important than point scoring (valuable publicity time and editorial space) than how Katie presented a question. Yes it’s all fking free... We wish. It grows in the fields, the sea and on trees. Some folk can afford to have it delivered, prepared and served. Some can’t. Iets Start with facts and move forward, hopefully removing some worry of struggling parents and kids with empty bellies.

    The kid who “the press love” happens to be from a (now popular) ethnic group. Would such publicity be given to a average kid with the same message or less fortunate circumstances. I doubt it. But it makes headlines and when a target rears it’s head (Katie H) Folk like to shoot first, without caring about questions or solutions.

  • Jamie Oliver put a lot of time & effort into cheap but good quality meals for schools, the upshot was very few were interested. Mums were taking fucking rubbish like burgers & other junk & passing it through the school fences rather than have their kids fed proper meals. Great idea in theory but too many people don't want/recognise a healthy diet....

  • our little girl started nursery before homeschooling and took a little lunch box for the days where lunch fell in her timetable. The school put restrictions on what we could include in her lunch box. It made sense to limit crap products temping the other kids away from healthy food.

  • Would be good if supermarkets could get on board and just provide decent dietary meals for vouchers, ie fresh fruit, veg etc and maybe healthy ready meals or packed meals instead of selling junk food.

    This year its a must really, many out there will have sod all, and there kids will have less, especally if your parents a have no work income.

    My gripes will be parents buying kids junk, kids buying junk, everyday.

    In an ideal world this is a situation on the ration book model of the 40s and 50s

    and a really good thing would be for supermarkets maybe to do meals at some of there cafes for kids that were healthy.

    only thing in inner cities these could become flash points for trouble with teenage kids maybe but not necessarily, and of course older and vulnerable staying away for this reason and of course being scared of virus.

  • I know from experience kids won’t always eat or want to eat what parents deem to be healthy food. As a parent you can easily get to a point of compromise. A choice between buying, preparing food and our kids just not eating it, or allowing/providing food we know they will eat.

    We didn’t really get that choice as kids and went hungry if we dared to refuse to eat what the family meal was. I hated pigs trotters unlike my little sister and every other day (apart from months with no R in them) our kitchen sink was a bloodbath of skinned rabbit. Beef dripping never seemed to run out either. So school diners offered us kids much needed variety.

  • We didn't leave nowt on the plate as kids in the 50's. If you didn't like greens or such, that was tough. Because you got them first at the next meal, served up on an empty plate. If you didn't eat them you got beggar all else that day.

    So nowt was left on your plate, unless you were badly ill. At school dinners, if you left anything on your plate and went to plate hatch, you were turned back by the teacher on duty, and told to eat it before you came for seconds or 'afters'.

    We still clean up plates these days, but at least now we can decide what's on it.:)

  • Reading this thread is only marginally more challenging than reading the daily mail newspaper.

    Just don't have kids and definitely spread the word that having kids is a very bad idea.

    Once born those kids (many of whom would rather not have been forced into existence) deserve every chance. Nutrition is fundamental to development.


  • Just don't have kids and definitely spread the word that having kids is a very bad idea.

    Once born those kids (many of whom would rather not have been forced into existence) deserve every chance. Nutrition is fundamental to development.


    Feed the kids up when possible, eat the kids during lean times. That should put potential parents off breeding. :D

  • . I get that you are probably being satirical but it really isn't anything to smile about.

    what eating kids or putting folk off breeding? I’m for neither. Being a prepper I’ve fed the missus up.:) Just incase we run out of neighbours and lorries stop delivering to shops. I’ve bought a 2metre sword off eBay, I can’t run after them these days. :reddevil:

  • Sigh. Again.

    Moving on. I had free school meals throughout my schooling and don't recall being hassled about it by other kids.

    Spunk and then deny financial culpability for the resultant offspring was my father's philosophy.

    He bitched about paying taxes for the whole of his miserable (well above average income) life but got a kick out of his kids being benefit supported.

  • Yup. Its a bummer.

    Humour takes many forms. Self critique is usually more funny than trying to ridicule the opinions of others and often subverts attempts at ridicule.

    Living, learning, loving, hating and reflecting on one's own hippocrasy can all be humorous.

  • This is offensive in so many ways. Are you being innocently and naively offensive or is it intentional?

    Some parents will providr more veg than others. Some kids will tolerate (eat) more variety of veg than other kids.

    Is your assumption that all parents whose kids qualify for free meals are incapable?... Why is it any of your business anyway?

    Should society dictate that benefit recipients can only buy healthy produce when the financially indepent can and do buy any old shit they like?

    Its an educative process. If you force it too much it breaks people.... Broken parents struggle to parent.

  • didnt realise i was being offensive, if i was i guess i owe an apology,

    but considering especially amoung the bame community which have factually been stated are on lower incomes and need support and there is a high amount of diabetes, high, blood pressure, and poor health so surly it would a be reasonable an measured point to offer

    (if the scheme is state subsidised),

    food that would be beneficial to health.

    I guess that will cause offence as well now.

  • Growing up we had to eat what we were given no arguments. If you didn’t finish your tea it was served up for breakfast no exceptions. I dreaded meal times, they were not a pleasant experience.

    Now I have children and one of them in particular is a fussy eater so I cater to what I know he will eat. I do give them vitamin supplements and try to encourage new things but its a struggle.

    On a brighter note Katie Hopkins has been permanently suspended from Twitter.

  • Oh god i just had a look at what banned her and to be fair maybe she was trying to insite racism.

    however if you change her tweet to this is this racist?

    Try being a black male in britain, lawrence, back of the line minority with no rights.

    now if this had been posted would said twit person be banned?

    dam read rest she goes on a personal rant to him and a bit nasty really,