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  • I used to post here around about 2015 but drifted away. Recently noticed the site is back though! I'm currently a little bit bored out of my mind thanks to all the latest chaos and need to start frequenting forums again...

    I originally called myself Andy VW because I used to be the owner of a (pretty weird) VW T4 that I used to take on mini adventures in the Lake District, but unfortunately it had to go and I haven't been to the Lakes for over a year now :( The name can stay though - I still have an old wheel trim and the remains of the clutch somewhere.

    I remembered this forum a few weeks ago while I was working in my garden - which is a rare sight - but I've been doing better with the whole self-sufficiency thing just lately and I've turned my garden into a veg plot. So here I am again :S

  • welcome aboard andy. I remember you and your VW

    I lurked as aliceswonderland but what’s in a name. I’m hoping to grow potatoes next year (the no dig method. Just cover the land in straw mulch over winter. Scrape straw to one side in spring, lay seed spuds on the bare earth and recover with straw mulch. If the seasons are average. I might get away without watering here in the flatlands. I’m getting my youngest kid into veg growing this years and having much fun and some success. She now likes eating what she grows. Especially the strawberries. :)

  • Think you may have been after my most prolific posting period. I drifted around 2013 I think (sorry Paul!)

    Even forgot how to use the site and hijacked your thread to say Hi, hence hasty edit... :blush:

    "You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it"

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