Controversial as fuck! Whites are born racist

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  • I love this messed up world, that we all seemingly fought to make a better place. I fell into the media news trap tonight. What da fook has been going on these last 7 days. Smash, loot, burn, fight, shout....dictate. nowhere to run, plenty of ways to hide. Folk kneeling with as much sincerity as receiving a cheque presentation from littlewoods for 50quid

    I’ve just heard a spokes person declare that white folk are not only “privileged” but they are born racist. Saying, “racism is inherited”. White kids are born racist and if you declare you are not racist, that proves your racist! What the fuck.
    Didn’t we evolve from primates and emerge from African (location) ancestry ? Wasn’t the given skin pigmentation that of the local gene pool, and over millennia and many migration roots, evolution resulted in breeding out both skin pigmentation and gene pools? So am I to believe the original ancestors were themselves racist (superior) or did racism result from those emerging from ground zero turning our backs on their/our ancestry? Were homo sapiens (superior) but not racist with it, towards homo neanderthalensis. Were blacks racist before whites came along?

    Can someone explain why our Caucasian children are born racist? Never a dull moment. :reddevil:

  • Also, the social justice definition has been changed to suit an agenda -- in the past 'racism' just meant hating or judging people from a different race, nowadays the same woke people believe that the only kind of racism is institutional, and because of the divide in power, white people can't experience racism. (which somehow seems to dismiss centuries of Jewish and Irish prejudice).

    I hate the woke sjw liberal types -- all they do is throw people under the bus who could otherwise be on the same side.

  • All creatures are probably born/hatched with a genetic predisposition to favour their own kind/genre which seems a perfectly natural evolutionary practical process to me.

    Forcibly trying to reverse such a process most definitely does not seem natural yet that is what the global controlling societal system is about and has to be if it is to be dominant.

    I like Darwinism but do not feel the need to blindly accept every statement it offered.

    Almost all existing primates are pale skinned under the hair so I fail to see why one should automatically assume pale skinned humans are descended from dark skinned humans. I see no reason why the different races could not have descended from different primates over different timelines. The discoveries and "science" around the human timeline regularly move and no doubt will continue to do so, sometimes well meaning sometimes not.

    The races are different and to say otherwise is a denial of the facts but the current spiral into a dystopian future of the human race becoming a homogenized jack of no trades serves to benefit no one, not even those seeking financial gain over the masses unless they have no care for their future progeny.

  • it is very divisive and maybe that’s just what they want! I can only imagine the amount of genuine hatred being created in otherwise simply judgemental characters. I’ve been listening to a lot of history audible books. Regime changes being nothing new, usually achieved through (conflict) wars and extreme violence, imposed by the dominant side. It’s a numbers game and we now have the opposing media’s, including social media, recruiting soldiers and cannon fodder. On the one hand it’s important to see the views of the many sides. Free speech has never been so important along with the truth.

  • Someone explained to me that we subconsciously look for or recognise our 'tribe' because that person is presumably an ally while someone from another 'tribe' may not be an ally. Makes sense. I suppose it's what is done with that information that makes a racist, sexist or whatever.

    I like that we are different. I think it's interesting, and stimulating. How boring would it be if we were all the same? I was going to say that I do think we should treat all people with the same respect and given the same rights and privileges, but then there are scumbags of all kinds who do not deserve respect but that would be based on their behaviour, and not their appearance.

    I don't like that people who do the same job don't get paid the same.

    I don't like that people who do the same crime get different punishments.

    I don't like that any group is penalised for being different.

    It should be borne in mind that white folk do not have the monopoly on racism. How about Hutus and Tsutsis for example? Or the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia? China? And so on.

    It kind of feels like it's just white folk who are persecuting everybody else and clearly that isn't so.

    Divide and conquer. Governments love it. I know I say this often, and it should be said often. We must try not to fall into the trap of hating one another, we need to rise against the crooks in government, not against each other.

  • A lot of elementary truth there, MM. It isn't just tribes or races or colours or creeds, either.

    If we've ever gone into a new scene where we don't actually know anybody, we kind of look around, sizing people up, seeing who we feel we can maybe get along with. Whether it's a crowded gathering, or meeting a new class, or joining a new club, we all subconsciously seek out those we feel drawn to in some way. So this is some very natural thing.

    The tribal thing is very strong, of course, and probably evolved through possession of territory. In Africa, for example, there was constant warring for land and resources, long before white folks got there. Same in ancient China and Japan, if you look at history. Colour is just a way of easy recognition of enemies and friends. And if the Treens have treated you and your people badly, all green-skinned people are enemies until proven different...[alien]

  • A lot of truth there about mass indoctrination. I did psychology once, and part of that course was on indoctrination - brain-washing it used to be called in common parlance - and it was pretty interesting. Used by everybody from cults to the advertising industry and politicians to the military, in some form or other. And still is, of course. It follows much the same pattern as a sales formula.

    Make the sucker feel bad or deprived or out of it in some way.

    Offer your product as the solution.

    Get the sucker hooked on your product, to the exclusion of all others.

    Religion, of course, works exactly the same way.....:reddevil:

  • Racism is just a word used describe one of the personality traits of a narcissist. We premote racism or at least stimulate that area of a narcissists peronality in every day life. The standard narcissist will happy punch crap out of someone becuase they wear diffrent colour football shirt regardless of thier ethnicity. We dont have a racist problem we have a narcissist problem. Untill people can recognize that our society is a breeding ground for narcissistic behaviour,as most people with this type of personality are also a victims of not having thier basic human needs met at an early development stage in thier lives leaving them with a peronality developed as a defense mechanism. As long as society fails to provide v

    Basic human needs to its children then we will never see an end to racism.

  • From what I gathered when studying discrimination in psychology, racism is basically a neurological through back from our primitive tribal days, when man had to be weary of those who looked different from other tribes and being a threat...I guess some of the more limited in society are still working with this logic...Nothing a more equal social structure wouldn’t solve - so I guess we’re stuck with it! 🤯