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  • Very disappointed with the magpies at a place I often park.

    For many weeks I've sat on my side door step and fed them sweet corn and wholemeal baps with them often less than a metre from me. No social distancing for them.

    Couple of days haven't seen them. Take a wander up the road by the now opened drive through McDonald's and looks like them squabbling by the bins, more rubbish near bins than in them as per usual.


  • Magpies look pretty splendid around the place, but they are said to have some bad habits...

    We have a pair hanging around locally, and they take possession of the neighbour's birdtable on his balcony at times. They are smart; they take a look first to see if anything is on there before they go anywhere near.

  • I worked installing radial fencing systems on a outdoor pig farm. The radial system looks similar to a arial view like a cross section of a orange. The sows live in each segment and the boars are placed in the central ring. This gives the sows the choice over which boar they choose to be impregnated by, As the boars are moved from radial systems around the farm. One day the farmer was out with his shot gun. He had noticed a magpie had been flying onto the backs of pigs and biting the pigs back until it bleed, .and then drinks the blood. Each day the magpie lands on the same pigs and pecks off the scabs to drink more blood. The farmer was angry because over a few days, other magpies around the farm had learnt to copy the behaviour. Sure enough, the pigs were frequently picked on throughout the day. even while we were working on site in close proximity, hammering fence post in with a noisy tractor driven post knocker and hanging fence wire. Humans did not vex them.