Is it safe to come out now?

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  • Not that kind of declaration. Most folk know where I stand with my sexuality. Focused and to a point willing. :)

    l’ve kept away from news bulletins where possible. I gather the world turned to pot shit while I’ve been grooving in my headphones and yo al tuk it upon ya sel’s to swap our historic monuments for graffiti or Banksy themed icons and define the colour of mud to be the new true blue.

    I’m asking if it’s safe to go out now (in public) because it’s more busier than ever on the lane and summers here. Is 6foot still within spitting distance or are we rolling to a different measurement. I’ve had notification from farming gangbangers that there’s panic in the fields. The virus is wiping out veg pickers and we need to double down on washing any bought in veg. The Countryside now needs even more of you, but it comes with a heightened risk. You could get more than a stiff back, minimum wage and muddy wellies. ;)

    I’ve discovered audio books when music could only distract me so far. My County bus ran into mechanical problems and being a corporate cut, shut, weld and bolt production line across the pond. Ford never made replacement parts. it would appear 20 years is enough time to deplete any spare parts contingency. Luckily Ive located a County enthusiast who can supply parts from his lock up. So can we go out now?


  • iv applied for these farming positions on a few sites and they say applications closed,no response or wanting all my details,ie ni number bank details(i dont think so,not till i know you re a real peopley person)..even up here in farm world theres nowt local,and in a persistent lil sod when im bored and wantbto work! for going out..i thouhjt the new support bubble thing might apply to me,but just heard someone on the radio say its within a 5 mile have to look into it as i need to see im missing them especially xx

  • It was never not safe to come out for those possessed of common sense and practicing competent general hygiene.

    Those who have completely surrendered their liberty to a bunch of incompetent condescending twats posing as leaders have irredeemably embarrassed themselves and best get to grips quickly that nobody who they are awaiting their further orders from gives a shit about their whining.

    Oh for a virus that would target bipedal invertebrates.

  • we ve been carrying on as normal ish,no work as the place i was working at has closed perminantly due to the virus and no business sense well before less often,and just me going as im the stronger health wise..but no masks,just as said common sense really

  • A bubble you say! I would like to see my mother now 81. She has been stuck in one bedroom with her 91 year old husband. She flew in from Spain early March. Having booked and paid for three flights back to Spain (which the airlines cancelled, keeping their money) she has booked flights for the fourth time to leave 15th July. They outstayed their welcome in the one bedroom, so have moved to somewhere near Birmingham with more choice for flights. I have a mate whom I consider vulnerable for health reasons. So I’ve played it safe and stuck around in the fields. But I really want to take my bubble and spend a bit of time with my mother before she jets off. It has been a shambles. So much costs, so little direction.

    I understand those who say fk it, use common sense. If your healthy enough and not around Vulnerable folk, you can take your chance. even if you are unfortunate enough to pick up the virus from the environment. Rate this bollox has been handled, I’ve a good mind to go catch it. Get it over with before winter sets in and wagon life gets tougher. Being badly and freezing cold can easily turn to something worse.

    Ive remained in contact with my kids, but it’s taken all of us to work together. Let’s hope the Chinese are working on a chav virus for new time.

  • If I had elderly parents I wanted to see and they themselves wanted me to come I'd be there in the blink of an eye.

    I'd put on clean clothes, gloves and a quality mask. avoid coughing and sneezing to the point of discomfort if needed and wipe down whatever I touched before leaving.

    Fuck what the halfwits in Westminster spew out. Sadness and depression lowers people's immunity, pleasurable contact raises it. When all the extra suicides, domestic assaults and self harming get laid at the governments door they will trot out their usual garbage " we were following the science" and the scientists didn't tell us that would happen.

    People are being scared into missing potentially last chances.

  • My missus went to see her mother, 91, whom she hadn't seen in a couple months, to take her some plants and do a few little jobs.

    I was taken along because there was something wrong with the old dear's laptop, which I was able to fix. It was nice to see her again, and while we were there the missus' brother turned up, so the old dear got us a family dinner! We sat around the table as of old. Safe social distancing was sort of practised, but down to about a metre at best. We washed hands before dinner, but then we always have done.

    So I guess we were kind of doing the bubble thing in advance. And I guess a great many other people have been doing this sort of thing, in small family groups, for some considerable time. They certainly are around our way, these last few weeks. Family garden parties or barbies, and they don't all live there at the houses where it's going on.

  • true, people are being scared. Two extremes, that or being blasé about the whole virus thing. Those of us who are trying to be conscientious and minimising exposure are being fed mixed messages (science based, but still undeceive).

    The Spanish government have been really heavy with returning citizens. They’ve talked about mandatory quarantine and testing on arrival, with forced quarantine following positive testing. A month ago ish, the Spanish gov were only allowing those returning from UK to enter Spain, and only if they could prove residency. For this they've requested provision of property deeds. My mother said “who takes house deeds on holiday with them”. Now they want to promote tourism again, its much more relaxed. However airline companies haven’t been onboard with scheduled flights. A UK citizen is entitled to a full refund for cancelled flights. But most EU countries have agreed not to offer full refunds, only a rebooking service at a alternative (future date).

    It will be two years before she visits the UK again. I have spoken to her on the phone and suggested I take my little girl to see her next year. Something magical about holding your kids hand the first time they paddle in the med. :)