Defund the BBC petition

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  • Many a true word spoken in jest... The BBC is the propaganda unit of the government in power, and probably the only one in the world that is paid for by a separate licence fee levied on most of the population.

    Less people are watching the Beeb, so look out for the Beeb trying to expand their licence demands to include any Internet devices at some point in the future.....:reddevil:

  • I am sick of the bbc I nearly doen with news and the media, there all useless, and just dont get me started on that bloody morgan bloke on itv, he just rides a media storm and works peoples emotions, left or right.

    Like at the moment things are sensitive race relations are on a knife edge,

    so lets blame years old comedy a 2 minute joke as it is deemed offensive, ok ill go with that for now as again things are tender at the moment.

    But hey lets pour petrol on things, on bbc four lets air a program on enoch powels rivers of blood speech and bame comunties reaction to it all (the program was made and shown in 2017 iffs)

    Lets do a docu and show it on the windrush scandal maybe pur a bit more petrol on already volatile relations.

    yes the windrush is a massive massive mess but sort it legally, democratically

    God skake bbc get a grip!!!!

    Yes we need to sort all these things out but just think of the the handgrenade your throwing into race relations.

    What next programs on slave owners or britain in the 18th and 19th century,

    I predict hatchet docu jobs on baden powel, churchill, whoever else can be ripped from the history books.

    Divide on conquer,

    Its whats happened through history and its happening again were just to gullable to realise it.

  • How can we make a sweeping sloppy statement that "racsim" causes more covid deaths in the bame comunity.

    Poor poor rubbish journalism.

    If i worked at the bbc i would be hesistant in saying things like this especially how things are at the moment.

  • If the bbc want to pull all dodgy racist stuff, i dont find this offensive myself and i did find it funny the first time a saw it all the years ago.

    as the context was current lots of peed up ignorant brits used to go for a curry after a night out in a town, but if the bbc is going to pull out material deemed offensive like lets say there was no context to this and you look at face value is this not a bit racist, and flip the roles its most definatly racist.

  • I’m sure Alf Garnett “Till Death do us part” has no real place on todays BBC. But hasn’t the piss been applied to all of us at some time. Irish, Germans, Jews, Honkies, Pom’s . My concern is they can remove some Symbols, images from the environment and our private life. But the underlying issue will remain imbedded in this generation and possibly the next, due to awareness raising. I thought they had gone way overboard when we could no longer save up jam jar labels for badges.

  • I guess we do need to move on in comedy, like said above alf garnet no way thats acceptable,

    but i am afraid most of the funniest comedy is about laughing at others, i ve been mocked and laughed at somtimes id laugh with things and sometimes not and yeah sometimes on physical appearance, like going bald etc not nice but mny jokes are offenseve to others.

    been called stupid northerners thats it really.

    but offense seems to be fine for say

    ginger people, now thats ok and i ve seen all comedians mock redheads dont know why the gags are boring now but it seems redheads yep fair target, if your black comedian mock a redhead, its kind of a clever way of mocking a white person, so could a white comedian mock say curly hair on a black person id think not, and rightly so if it causes offence

    So in a way is comedy finished a lot of comedy is laughing at another person,

    i trip up and fall over people laugh kids laugh its a natural thing,

    i bet if i got sunburned and went red on my bald head in a hot country id be laughed at and called a gammon or something.

    loose argument i know but the gist is the media cant panic and go hardcore bame, as the fallout of that will cause offence

    We are in offensive times