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  • Good day,

    I'm joining from across the Atlantic. I've been a member of a US hippy forum for many years and as I was posting my latest Rolling Stones thread comment I realized that there surely were still some hippies in the UK. It's only logical. What a joy to discover your site.

    Aged as I am, I remember the 60s well. In particular I recall being around 9 or 10 when Mom took me to see the Monkees. I think we were at the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville. We were right next to the stage sitting on a blanket. So the opening act came out, a tall black man dressed in all kinds of colors and making the loudest sounds I ever heard.

    I had my fingers in my ears and his music was still going through my whole body. So when the Monkees finally took the stage, I could barely hear them.

    Several years later I'm in my room with some friends smoking aromatic appetite stimulants and listening to music a little on the loud side. Mom knocks and comes in and asks us to turn it down and open a window (it was 1976). As she's leaving she asks me "Do you remember seeing him?"

    I'm like "Who Mom"? And she points to the stereo, which is playing Jimi Hendrix. It all flooded back and a girl that was with us said I turned white!

    Anyway, I grew up to become a writer of boring shit. I happen to be quite good at it and there's a surprising amount of cash to be made writing corporate shit. But along the way, I got to do some cool shit. I learned to sculpt at a young age, particularly using wood, fiberglass, epoxy, kevlar, graphite and of course foam.

    In the 90s I worked on the Skull and Waves for this little prop:


    And I made composite tooling for this little egg beater:


    And I made the wall with the arched windows for this popular ride:


    It's the Men in Black ride at Universal. Fun work (sort of).

    But writing was always my thing and really boring shit is weirdly natural for me. I put lawyers (barristers) to sleep.

    I'm also part of a group that runs a few pirate radio stations. This part of Georgia suffers the bubble gum corporate bullshit radio coverage. A few stations dominate the coverage and offer about 30 CDs and a truckload of commercials.

    Then there's the STUPID "morning shows" so many stations have. I got sick of it, and West Georgia Underground was born (broadcasting on 100.3 FM this evening). We also have a web station we use as a feeder.

    Thanks for letting me sign up. Charles

  • :ahoy:  WritersPanic

    That's a cool introduction I am very jealous that you actually saw Jimi Hendrix. "Purple Haze" was the first single I spent my own pocket money on.

    In 1967 my mum took me to see The Monkees at the Empire Pool in Wembley, London. It was the first show I had ever asked to attend. I found out later that Jimi Hendrix had opened for them in the USA, but in London we had Episode 6 and ... (fanfare / drum roll) Lulu instead. I thought she was great. She's still great. I saw her a couple of years ago, fifty years later, wanting to hear her sing this time. I'm glad I went.

    Like you, when The Monkees came on nothing was audible, but the visuals were good ... Micky doing his James Brown routine and so on. Roll on three years and I was fifteen. Mum and Dad agreed to me going to the Isle of Wight Festival on condition that they were on the Island at the same time and that I checked in by telephone every day. The official festival ran from Friday to Sunday, but the music actually ran from the Wednesday onwards. I got there in time for the opening act on Wednesday. It was very hot and I knew nothing about keeping hydrated. By day five, Sunday, I was not a well boy. I managed to stagger to the phone box. Dad found me collapsed in a ditch by the side of the road. They took me back to the friends they were staying with and I was out of it for eighteen hours. When I came round at around midnight I said I wanted to go back because I hadn't seen Jimi Hendrix. They wouldn't let me. I let them convince me that he would have finished his set and I would have missed him anyway. Of course I could not know that they were running so late that I would easily have caught him. That would have been my last opportunity to see him play live.

  • Thanks, but I was not exactly pleased with Hendrix at the time. After all, he cost me a Monkees concert. I was just a kid though. A lot I didn't know at the time. What's funny is that Mom didn't know who he was back then and assumed he was yet another "folk" act!

    As for Jimi, around Atlanta the only "Classic" rock station seems convinced he only made 2 songs. I have a few more by him on the underground playlist. So he still has an audience, though a bit on the smaller side.

  • Dad was a GRP technition he also worked on some popular projects he made engine pods for rolls Royce plane engines he was involved with a lot of projects at Disney land paris and worked in team that made the 1992 winter olympics ski jump