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  • We need a new kettle,at the mo we have a copper fast boil,its all carbonising round the coils around the bottom,it must be 20 plus years old and had some uses and travels..but..i cant find another..its got to be stove top,to be used on wood burner too..anyone bought 1 recently,copper or cast iron..links ,prices,reviews welcome,thanks

  • I have a selection. The cast iron are more practical and I’ve two sizes of these. You’ve probably seen how I use my cast kettles. No good getting drunk and leaving a aluminium kettle over a hot fire to boil dry for too long. I’m on my 2nd go to cast kettle. This last one is over 26 years of my use. It needs a new tin lid, but works well. The cast kettle before that was ancient, it was also caked up inside, so got it shot blasted to clean it out and blew the bottom out of it. If you drop your cast kettle, chances are your fkd. But worth the money longterm. I bought that secondhand when in Wales. Buy off eBay. Look for a name in the cast iron range, do your research. £30 to £50 inc postage. I’ve bought my smallest cast iron kettle off eBay £10 “pick up” But it will be an investment. I have a selection of mogi metal kettles that are bulletproof for stove tops and gas. But only buy them when cheap at carboots. I’ve also got a selection of spare cast iron kettle lids of various sizes, none fit any of my kettles though. Check ebay, be patent, buy the best quality (named, stamped, made in England or USA)

  • I bought a really small (cute) antique cast kettle (with lid) two years ago at the carboot for £1.
    I bought it knowing the hoop handle had separated at the front end. Cleaned out the inside and considered getting it welded or drill and bolt/rivet it back on. I probably won’t get round to fixing it, as my cast kettle will see me out with a new lid “oneday”.

    I’ve got a set of 3 antique brown enamelled kettles, the largest holds a gallon approximately. These are ok for open fires, nothing to melt or burn.

    One feature I do like on a wagon kettle is a whistle. Often I put a kettle on the gas to make a brew, then I go outside and get distracted. Not only wasting gas, filling the wagon with moisture, but often have little enough hotwater left to make the drink.

    Once I went out to work for the day and forgot I’d put the kettle on for a cuppa in my DD bus.

    I returned after a 8 hour shift. The copper bottom on a stainless steel “posh” kettle had completely separated. Ruined the kettle, but taught me a big lesson. I still had my DD bus for a home.

  • I would still suggest monitoring Ebay. It may take a few weeks, but if your not watching a dealers item, you can try doing a deal with a seller or score a good auction price. If you were closer by I would lend you a good kettle till you found “your bargain”. I wouldn’t post cast as it’s vulnerable in postal transit and the weight makes it expensive. Trust me a month watching eBay, you will catch a treasure and get your money back in years to come if you were to sell it. Just don’t pay dealers prices.

  • I went down the flat bottomed kettle rabbit hole and ended up with a tiny, aliminium trangia kettle for a tenner. Pick your poison I guess:blush:.

    On the upside I can take it with me when my van falls apart and I'm living on the streets or in the wilds (it's light and small and can double as a cook pot)....and can be suspended over a fire... It will take a beating and can then be reshaped.

    On the downside it's probably a bit more poisonous than copper or cast iron.

    Stainless steel would be better in some ways but finding such in kettle form with a flat bottom proved too much for me and my budget.

    Thin Stainless Steel camping style pots and pans and Billy's have the upper hand in my opinion.

    Hope you find it🙂