World repositioning

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  • US - Venezuela. US - China, India, Turkey, Libya, Iran, Israel, Palestine etc : it goes on and on.
    Are we seeing a new alignment of power? of Nations/Countries leaders? Are leaders flexing their muscles and grabbing world attention or hoping that it’s too big, too costly, too risky to intervene?

    A time when we are all up against the wall with health and economic crisis.
    China sees it as “a last chance” to take land and new trade access routes to further the belt and monopoly! Do they envisage that the world will eventually prevent this type of takeover and the rule of law and respect will conquer?

    Will we first see conflict between India and China. What’s to stop nuclear exchanges between those two a Countries taking place?

  • I was hoping nations would come together... Also hoping that folk would set more store by happiness, health, helping, preserving the environment, cycling etc... And less store on how big your house is, how expensive / new your car is and so on. Hoping that Covid-19 would change how people think.

    I can't honestly see China fighting anyone, as I've said before on here, why would they? They already own us and others, they sell tons of stuff to us and others, why would they want to kill their customers? That wouldn't make sense.

    Israel and Palestine bothers me, but does not surprise me. With American backing (and UK) they can over run the Arab population (to whom, by the way, the land belongs... but that's a whole other story and totally on us).

    Turkey, I'm not sure what's going on there, seems more like in-fighting than world domination.

    Iran Iraq, they have a legitimate grievance with us IMO. We have royally pissed them off and although I don't want them to kill me, I can't honestly say I would be suprised if they wanted to.

    I prefer to focus on my rose-coloured-glasses view of the world, and hope that as the planet warms, resources shrink and Covid-19 ravages populations that we begin to put aside territorial and philosophical differences and work together.

  • I love the rose specs, just like pushing the plunger on a hit of smack. It’s all warm and cosy until reality kicks back in. :) I’m at an age when It shouldn’t really bother me in the longterm. However, my kids have a chance to see a beautiful world without the specs or gear use. Hopefully we won’t be too quick to look away from wrongdoings and stand together.

    We are advancing so quickly in time and space, we will soon stand at a threshold. A time when only AI can be claimed to have full consciousness. Allowing A1 to become judge and jury maybe. :whistle:

    China has set its goal on world dominance by 2050. A important milestone is 2025. They don’t want to be snubbed, slowed down or prevented from this at any point by rival, competitive players eg India and USA. They will go all out to defend and execute plans leading to the 2025 celebrations.
    What should worry all of us, is the censorship and exploitation of all of our freedoms or rights, if China cannot change its intrinsic evil nature.

  • China could easily be overtaken by India as the purveyor of cheap goods within a decade or less, if other countries decided to invest in India's huge population and resources.

    (Within a few years India's population will have overtaken that of China, and on present figures, will continue to increase well beyond).

    This means that China needs to be careful about offending other nations, especially those who buy a great deal of its production. While it has a large home market, it would be disastrous to the Chinese economy to lose much of its export markets.