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  • Do it ourselves 5G, design and roll out!

    I get the spook conspiracies about everything from mind control to virus spread. It’s bullshit in my view. I except that concentrations of these waves in close proximity can effect cells and possibly bio systems. But but but, we want better, faster, cheaper communications and internet coverage. It’s only going to increase in demand and uses.

    This standoff with Hewi chewi and “any CCP” connections, is really poking my NIMBY button.

    So why don’t we, UK, USA, Australia, Europe etc join forces and develop/pay for our own/into a joint 5G network.
    I’m looking at the UK contribution. Could We/ the UK government on date of licence renewal or through Parliament. Revoke licences for internet providers immediately. Making UK wide internet access Nationalised and subsidised. This would generate income to finance the rollout of 5G when developed. If other Countries did the same, nationalised their internet services, until a time (2 years) time. When we could all share the system or link systems to give virtual world 5G internet without the risk to security or Chinese influence.

    Can we/UK afford to wait two further years to develop a 5G system and possibly another two years to rollout a nationalised network or are we against the clock and too far behind in this race?

    I don’t mind sticking with 3G 4G for the foreseeable. I didn’t envisage getting 5G in this remote area for another 5 to 10 years anyway or paying a premium. But Im not dependent on the internet or communication for business or sustainability, unlike many these days.

  • I am undecided as to whether 5g or earlier incarnations cause medical issues but I do believe there is a sound/pitch out there that could be very disabling for humans. If or when, assuming not already, it's discovered it's bad enough huge organisations have it let alone meekly handing it over to the Chinese government for potential transmission to billions.

  • To begin with, a faster connection via 5G is quite unnecessary. There are other ways of ensuring total coverage of cellphone networks, if that is what is required, without resorting to 5G.

    There is no 'race' for 5G. That is a simplistic concept sold by the 5G salesmen, just as any other salesman will try to reduce his sale to simple concepts, most of which may bear no relationship to reality.

    Why can't the UK be like the USA and give the finger to Huawei ?

    The main reason, as you might expect, is the money. A great deal of Huewei technology is already in the preceding 2G and 3G, 4G networks, and it would mean taking these down and rebuilding them with 'our' stuff in order to make them compatible with the coming 5G also made with our technology. The government is loath to spend that sort of money, especially at the present time.

    The idea of making computer/internet users pay a licence fee is a bad one, and has been cautiously talked about for some time behind the scenes in the EU, and in the UK. The BBC would love to get it's hands on such a magnificent amount of dosh, and has made inquiries of the government in this respect. The process of trying to enforce such licencing would go over the border of civil liberties, and would likely be only possible in the hands of a totalitarian and authoritarian state, such as we see in action in state capitalist China.

  • maybe I’m getting ahead of myself Oldkeith “making folk pay for a internet service” isn quite what I meant. Offering (at a subsidised, incentively priced, “patriotic” secure, in-house or partnership network.) One to be subscribed to, pay as you go, a not for profit based way for reinvestment in the internet system and service.