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  • I was told on Saturday night that Equinox will not go ahead for this year 😭😭😭

    Sad for myself personally but also for all the people who enjoy it and the people who make a living from it. It's going to be a long cold hungry winter for an awful lot of people. I'm sorry.

  • Equinox can not be cancelled as it is a time of year and not a gathering. We can all link together from whatever site we choose and do not need to be part of a crowd to feel the togetherness that comes when the sun rises on the first morning ater the end of the season and the start of the next one that we are celebrating.

    Same goes for christmas,its nice that people can celebrate what they believe in and what makes them feel good.

    I agree that the commercial side of these events detracts from their true meaning,so maybe it will be a good year for the followers of whatever to enjoy their celebrations in a more pure way.

    I have not looked at the date for a while and did not realise that Equinox was on the doorstep so thanks for the heads up xxxx

  • And christmas was of course stolen from the Pagan fellows anyway hippies

    Not quite old bean. Solstice stayed solstice,but the head honcho's of the church decided to move christmas nearer to the winter solstice so to make it appear to be moreso a christian holiday. They did not so much steal it,just muscled their way in !!

    We can not judge people on what happened the best part of a millenium ago and we should let people enjoy and celebrate what works for them.

    I have mentioned this story before but shall repeat it-

    When spending a night on the drove at stonehenge one winter solstice , I took a christian friend who really enjoyed himself and felt and shared the love with my druid friends and got pleasantly drunk and started wishing everyone a merry christmas,to which a fair few so called open minded pagans gave hime grief insisiting he was wrong to do so as it was solstice !!

    I do not see that he was wrong as it was his belief and with a pure heart he wanted to share that with people.

    When people wished him a happy solstice he did not correct them !!

    Who was more correct ?

    There are good and bad and open and closed minded people that follow all religions and for me the ones that are more correct are those that accept others.

    The current dalai lama said " practice your religion " and I loved that :-)

    Anyhow,went off on one there but the point being is that solstice,and equinox is not better than christmas or easter. If people believe in it and want to celebrate it then good luck to them !!

  • There is no religious justification for Christmas at all being in December, it was as others have said overlaid onto the solstice but the tradition never died.

    Evergreen christmas trees? Holly? all pagan symbols of rebirth

  • Like mick dundee said " its like two flea's arguing over who owns the dog " !!

    Solstice is solstice and christmas is christmas and we can look to history to see why but why look to history when we can look to the now and accept things for how they are.Sometimes we have to let things go and move on especially when those things do not achieve anything positive by bringing them back to light apart from maybe making a few christmas haters happy !!

    Solstice is still solstice no matter what date the chuch decided to do with the date of christ all those years ago.

    Let each enjoy their holiday as one does not really impede on the other nowadays !!

  • I have always found the idea of devil worship quite ironic. As far as I know the devil is a creation of christian rhetoric and therefore to worship the devil means that one is following the idea's of the church !!!!