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  • Hey guys, thought i'd say hey! I'm from the West Midlands and am currently living in a house, but am planning to buy a narrowboat to live on at the start of next year. Until then, i'm trying to learn as much and gather as much info regarding living aboard! I used to be on this forum years ago but I lost my login details so i had to create a new account... A bit about me- i'm 30, i have a dog called Bertie and I play drums, cajon and guitar! I like long walks and nice boats :S

    Hope you're all keeping safe amongst the pandemic madness.

    Big love,


  • Hi Tahick, welcome. There is at least one other person who lives a life afloat, I am sure he will be along soon to say hi. There are musical people here too. I live in a lorry, I have a greyhound called Dot, and I ride bikes and am learning to play the recorder (don't laugh, I needed an instrument I could play laying down for when my back is bad, it has to be light, small and cheap).

    I read that the West Midlands is taking a hell of a kicking from the virus so try to keep safe.

  • Hey MillieMercedes, thanks for the warm welcome.

    Living in a lorry sounds interesting, i'd love to see pics if you've posted any? Aww, is Dot a retired greyhound?

    That's great that you're learning the recorder! How are you getting on with it? I tried a few years back- i wasn't very good hahaha.

    Yeah, it's been pretty bad. Thankfully myself and family members have managed to keep clear of it until now! Hope you're managing to keep safe too

  • Hello Tracy, welcome back😉

    Narrow boat sounds a good choice, plenty waterways in the West Midlands...

    I don't got a dog & can't play shit but hey ho, built my own conversion & plan on full timing at some point in the not too distant.... You & Bertie Stay safe & good luck with the boat...👍🐻

  • Greetings tahick, welcome back to this wonderful forum that I have found to be an absolute breath of fresh air. Kind, funny, friendly and clever folks with oodles of talents and skills who want to share. Your live-on-board adventure sounds like it will be a fantastic life journey. I for one look forward to following what you post already.

    You and Bertie stay safe up in the Mid Country.

    Peace and Love, TrippyT

  • :ahoy:

    and welcome back.

    Yes, I have lived full-time on a boat for more than eight years and have been a freelance musician for more than twenty. The recorder is actually my main instrument (I suppose so, anyway. It's the one that put some of the letters after my name :) ), although most of my work is as a monoband these days (guitar, footdrums, harmonica), composer, songwriter, band leader. Of course, all paid work has dried up completely, like so many other people.

  • Nice to see you back aboard, tahick :wave:

    This place has gone through a few changes, but it seems to be getting back to what it was, which is really good.

    It's great that we are getting more young people back here too; kind of livens up the place.

    Narrowboats are a great discipline on the amount of stuff you can carry! We have friends on the canals, too. They get moved on more than they used to, so do take care to look into current conditions in the area you'll be moving into.

    Best wishes and stay safe:peaceman:

  • Hi tachik I’m planning on living on a barge with my girls one day hopefully (not sure about the oh he’s going with the flow and lives in a van haha) anyway funds are low at the mo so don’t know when it’ll be. Good luck on your new exciting adventure